Friday, July 20, 2012

The Planning of a Dream Wedding

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*Kristine's POV*

I took Sparky with me on a little stroll around town, so I could get some peace and quiet so I could think of how I wanted my wedding to be.

Once I got home, I decided to plan out the bridesmaids and maid of honor. I decided that Della Wriner-Langly would be my maid of honor, with Ande Langly Vanessa Wood-Hutchen, Dawn Turner, Chloe Moreau, Becks Best, Love Sierra-Winfield, and last, but not least, her daughter, Natalie Winfield.

Later that day, Ashby Lemi, Dawn Turner, and Della Langly came over to recieve their kittens. Della really bonded with Bliss, so she decided to take him in. Ashby had her heart set on Ace, and took him home, and Dawn took home her favorite cat, Storm. I got a call from another person who wanted to adopt Telphus, so I drove over to her house to deliver the last cat. Once I got home I sighed in relief.

 "Okay... No more distractions... LETS PLAN A WEDDING!!!" However, I was disturbed once again by Denver and Masey.

 "Mom...." Denver asked, "Can we move out?" "Oh..." I say, "So you're in a hurry to leave?" Masey shakes her head, "Oh, nonononono, Mom. It's not that. We were just... wondering. We found a nice place to stay." I sigh. The very first babies that I had with Draaier are moving out into the cold, cruel world. "Fine..."

Draaier walks in, "So, my babies are leaving without saying goodbye to their father?" Masey hugs him to death, "I would never do that, daddy!" Denver also decides to hug Draaier goodbye. They soon left home forever.

I called up the girls that I wanted to be bridesmaids (and my maid of honor) and asked if they could do it. They all agreed that they could be bridesmaids/maid of honor for my big day :)

After a bit of planning I decided to go to bed because tomorrow I would be fitting wedding dresses.

We grab the family and drove to Barney's Salon and Tattoo. Soon, Della and the bridesmaids were there, along with Draaier's friends for the best guys. We rushed to find dresses that looked amazing.

"Okay, I think this one will do." Vanessa said, handing me a large, white dress, "Try that on." "Hmm.." I say, "I like  this one, but it's way too heavy. I can't imagine trudging around in this all day..."

"Maybe this one," Dawn said, handing me a beautiful, skinny, silky dress. "I like this one." I compliment Dawn's skills,"But I might get hot in this. Maybe a shorter dress?"

 Love quickly rushes back and finds a very beautiful dress that was my ideal length. "I'll take it!"


Next, it was Della and the bridesmaids turn to figure out their outfit. We giggled as we went through the store finding the one that they agreed on. Soon, we picked out the flower girl's outfit, my little Lady Bell.


"BYEEE EVERYONNEEE"  I yell as we left the store, all of us happy. The wedding is in two weeks and I'm certainly not dreading it. We've spent pretty much the entire day, from 10 in the morning to 10 at night, planning outfits. Once I got home, I headed straight for the bed. I probably slept for a whole day, it felt like.

Soon, I heard some giggling. I just thought that it was Lady and her friend gossiping, so I went back to bed. It wasn't long until a bunch of women dressed in badass biker clothes grabbed me and threw me over their shoulders...

Note: Early this morning, while I was on a whim writing this post, something happened, about 2k miles away from me. That was the disaster in Aurora, Colorado. The shooting at the movie theatre has recently changed many people's lives. Nobody-and I mean nobody- will ever forget this. I'm sorry to all of the families affected by this and deeply saddend. May the victims that died rest in peace.

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