Friday, January 3, 2014

The End

Okay, I'm getting this out at 12 am on a Saturday night. Everyone knows this blog ended back in July. My laptop screen got severely damaged and needed to be replaced, but I never did get to that. But then I discovered I didn't really like blogging. I found something better I wanted to do in my life but I never really knew I really wanted to do it and I was meant to do it until a few months ago. I want to become a musician one day. Anyways, I'm more busy with school and sports and stuff now more than ever, and it will probably be this way until after college. I kinda started to get bored of blogging in the middle of Kris's challenge, so that's why she had so many sets of quads. I thought that once I got some change in my story besides her just having babies after babies, I would actually enjoy blogging again. But I didn't. I'll still leave this blog up so people can read it and enjoy whatever crap I wrote 2 years ago. I've definitely changed since then. I'm not even a good writer anymore. I like music and playing instruments more. I'm better at it anyways. I don't even talk to even half of my friends that I made on this community anymore because they quit as well, and I'm sure it's for the same reason. I've even forgotten about this blog, but I do kinda miss writing to be honest. I miss Kris and Celesta and the others, but they're all on my broken laptop. I rarely ever play Sims anymore. I just have better and healthier things I like to do in life than sitting on a computer all day. I guarantee that I won't get my laptop back anyways. I have a sim  facebook still (Melissa Sims) but I'm rarely on if you want to add that.
So this is goodbye forever </3

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