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Generation 2 | Chapter 3: Making Friends

I walked around Sunset Valley, enjoying how beautiful the town was. But I knew I was a homeless, orphaned 17 year old who needs to settle down and find a place to live.

The local supermarket hired me as a cashier. I needed a job to make money for a place to live.

Work would start the next day. I was anxious to get my first job. But then I thought about the baby challenge I wanted to do. It doesn't seem possible to start with my current situation.

To kill time a joined a 2 hour painting class. I met a girl a little bit older than me named Terra Wilder and became friends with her. After class Terra and I agreed to meet at the park.

Terra and I sat down on the swings and talked about her life.She told me that when she was 15 she was almost kidnapped but someone fought her to-be abductor off with a knife. Unfortunately, the person missed the abductor and accidently stabbed Terra in her eye, leaving it scarred and blinded. She had surgery last year on it because it had wandered and she wanted it corrected. I told her my story; My mother completed the 100 Baby Challenge but a few years afterwards she had breast cancer but ended up being killed by a gang for no reason. My father and other siblings he had with my mom were killed in a car accident and I dealt with survivor's guilt and stopped eating, eventually turning me anorexic. I was in the hospital for four months before escaping and fianlly ending up here, but now I want to do the 100 Baby Challenge in my family's honor.
"Well," Terra started, "Having a hundred babies on your own will be quite tough."
I dug my foot into the dirt, "Yeah, I just don't know when to start. I don't even have a place to call my home anymore."
"My suggestion for you is waiting a few years when you're older and really ready. And if you're interested, I have a guest room at my house you can stay in once you're ready to be completely on your own and start your challenge."
"Thank you," I say "Its probably too dangerous for me to sleep outside here in the open."

Terra took me to my new "home" and showed me around before we settled on watching TV for the evening. She was quite the cook when she made cheeseburgers for dinner, they were really one of the best I've ever eaten.

Sleepiness set in and I crawled into bed. I took one last glance of my new room before falling asleep and realized that my life didn't suck so bad. Terra cares about me and is willing to be of my assistance and for now, that's all I need.
Maybe she's my new motherly figure... I don't know yet.

Generation 2 | Chapter 2: Lost it All

Author's Note: Lol I guess I've decided to write chapters on here every now and then until I get bored. So enjoy!

*7 Years Later* 

I lost everything. My father and siblings unfortunately passed away in a car accident caused by a drunk driver two years ago. The only reason I survived was because I wasn't in the car. To forget, I moved to Sunset Valley and changed my last name to Shepard. Celesta Shepard was a name I somewhat enjoyed. But the memories stood. Every day I stood in the mirror and hated myself for living with the people I loved most dying. Watching myself get thinner and paler slowly as it killed me a little inside. The mirror was my enemy but in a way I couldn't live without looking into it, as if it was an addiction. I knew I wasn't supposed to be here, but somehow I was staying. Now there is barely anything on my body one could call fat. Each day was now a sickly struggle. I was exhausted every day but not able to fall asleep.

It was difficult to get my frail body out of bed. Someday my body would give in to this disease they call anorexia, but it's not yet. A faint, white light gleamed in the corner of my eyes, and I knew that my body was ready to give up on life. Somehow I managed to get up and go to the kitchen to swallow a whole lot of unnecessary medications that I had found.

I started to feel more cold and the faint light grew stronger. Something told me that this was the day I could finally be free of all pain and guilt and be with my family again. But an unnatural instinct knocked me to the ground along with the landline phone. The fight or flight instincts I had kicked in and managed to dial the emergency number as I went limp and coughed heavily.

While the line rung I felt my lips go numb. The end was almost near for me. But when an operator finally picked up I coughed out softy "Help.... I'm dying" before going completely numb and limp. Nothing could save me and and light shone in my face. Slowly, I closed my eyes and let my soul go and be free. No more pain and torture. It was done. Life was over.


Slowly, I opened my eyelids and looked around. Monitors around me beeped and I quickly was aware of the tube connected to my stomach. Somehow somebody managed to save me even though I was about to die. A nurse walked in and asked me if I needed anything. A quiet "no" escaped my lips. She sat on my bed and told me that I had to be resuscitated five times but still managed to escape death's grip. I was going to be here for quite a while, but the nurse rubbed my hand and told me as long as I cooperated I could get out in less time and be healthy.


The hospital made me start going to a support group for people with eating disorders as soon as I was able to sit up in a wheelchair and walk a bit. The two hour long sessions every Tuesday felt longer than they actually were. I didn't talk much in group, besides introducing myself as a 17 year old girl who's family died and now dealing with survivor's guilt.

When not in group or anything, I usually sleep, since there's nothing to do at all in this stupid hospital full of stupid people.

Enough was enough and I decided escape from this hellhole. Quickly, I threw on a pair of clothes that once hung off of my body, but not anymore. The hospital was small, with only two floors, and I was on the first. Using what strength I had, I pushed up the window and climbed out. The smell of fresh air was exhilarating after not being able to smell it for months.

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O hai dere

Yeah, I kinda don't have Celesta and the others anymore. Something happened to my Sims game and now the only sim from this blog I have is a backup of Kristine I put on the Exchange. But in the meantime I have made a Simblr (I'll put the link on the bottom of this post) and if I can make a new Marley and Celesta and others I'll put updates of them on there. Celesta may or may not do her baby challenge IF she's brought back. It just might be a legacy, I don't know. I'm going to start my simblr by doing a speed 100 baby challenge (no plot or anything, just babies and maybe fathers)
So yeah.

Friday, January 3, 2014

The End

Okay, I'm getting this out at 12 am on a Saturday night. Everyone knows this blog ended back in July. My laptop screen got severely damaged and needed to be replaced, but I never did get to that. But then I discovered I didn't really like blogging. I found something better I wanted to do in my life but I never really knew I really wanted to do it and I was meant to do it until a few months ago. I want to become a musician one day. Anyways, I'm more busy with school and sports and stuff now more than ever, and it will probably be this way until after college. I kinda started to get bored of blogging in the middle of Kris's challenge, so that's why she had so many sets of quads. I thought that once I got some change in my story besides her just having babies after babies, I would actually enjoy blogging again. But I didn't. I'll still leave this blog up so people can read it and enjoy whatever crap I wrote 2 years ago. I've definitely changed since then. I'm not even a good writer anymore. I like music and playing instruments more. I'm better at it anyways. I don't even talk to even half of my friends that I made on this community anymore because they quit as well, and I'm sure it's for the same reason. I've even forgotten about this blog, but I do kinda miss writing to be honest. I miss Kris and Celesta and the others, but they're all on my broken laptop. I rarely ever play Sims anymore. I just have better and healthier things I like to do in life than sitting on a computer all day. I guarantee that I won't get my laptop back anyways. I have a sim  facebook still (Melissa Sims) but I'm rarely on if you want to add that.
So this is goodbye forever </3

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Generation 2: Chapter 1: You Don't Know Me

If you are 12 years old or under, please get a parent's permission before reading this blog. Thanks!

Author's Note: Yep, I'm back to blogging after disappearing for a few months ^-^ I just needed some time away from Sims to focus on school and stuff. But now it's summer where I live and I'm bored.. so yep. Also, I'e made quite a few changes to this blog, like changing their last name to Vilas, because I liked it more. So enjoy anyways and stay awesome ;)
*Celesta's POV*

So, I guess I'm heiress for my dead mother's 100 Baby Challenge. Great , just great. To be honest, I really don't want to do this. But I have to do this, my mother asked me to do this for her and it'll be what she always wanted. I'm not really sad that she died, though...

I just am not sad, though. I've got Dad, July and Elizabeth, and Viviana and Sean. And my family is practically filthy rich owns the island that my mom's friends "gave" to her. Dad owns the island now, technically, and I know I'll be next in line for it when I grow up, because I "am the heiress to the 100 Baby Challenge after all" said my mother. I just want to leave this island, I know there is a world beyond here. We can't be stranded on this island forever. 

"Daddy," I jumped into my daddy's arms.

"When can we move to a new town?"

"Well, I like it here."

"But daddy, I'm tired of living here!"

"Sweetie it's nice though! You wouldn't like moving to a town anyways. And plus, it's bedtime. You have your first day of school tomorrow- remember?"


School. A nice place. To meet friends, learn and eat lunch. A friendly place. Or so I thought.

"Hey, newbie!"

A girl with blonde hair and sea blue eyes appeared in front of me out of nowhere with another girl with brown hair and blue eyes.

"My name's Jordyn, and that's my best friend, Skylar." the blonde remarked.

"Listen, settle a bet, don't your parents own the island?"


"So, then you must be rich?"

"A little bit, why?"

"Well, your parents may rule this island, but WE rule this school. So don't take this from us, you pathetic rat."

"I-I didn't say anything about controlling the school!"

"Just scram, you worm-infested weasel!"

"Nice one there, Jordyn."

"Lol, thanks Sky."

"Since when did that louse think glasses and dresses were cool?"

"Those were NEVER cool! Only losers would wear that."

I knew that Jordyn and Skylar were just being immature jerks. I like myself the way it is and nothing can ever change that. So they can go suck on eggs.

When class began, I chose a spot next to another girl who has green hair and silverly eyes. She seemed shy, so we didn't talk, at first. The classroom was pretty bland, with boring wallpaper and carpet, barely any decorations, and not even a chalkboard could be found.

"I... I like your pencil holder." She pointed to my pencil holder, which had a dog on it.


"...My name's Cheyenne, what's yours?"


I looked over at the table that had Jordyn and Skylar at it and they both made faces at us. How the teacher didn't catch it, I don't know.

"Look, the two ducks are actually getting along!" Jordyn whispered to Skylar.

"You knew it was gonna happen, Jojo!"

"C-C-Celesta... t-t-they're talking a-a-about us.."

"Cheyenne, don't listen to Jordyn and Skylar. They're just jerks who think they own this place. We'll take care of them after school."

"Alright, class, my name is Mrs. Farmore, and welcome to your first day of school. We have a lot to do this year, so let's get busy by opening your history books to page 35, where we will begin to learn about the history of our USA by starting with the pilgrims."

I whispered to Cheyenne, "She sure does talk a lot."

"Yea. And fast."

The teacher kept going on. "Now, class, the pilgrims sailed to New England, also known as the northeast part of America, on a ship called the Mayflower in 1620. The ship carried 102 pilgrims. When they reached New England, the pilgrims met the Indians and they had the first Thanksgiving a year later in 1621. However-"

I looked over at Jordyn and Skylar, who was already staring into my soul.

"War." I mouthed to her.

Skylar stuck her tongue out at as and then whispered something to Jordyn. They giggled and whispered again.

After school, Cheyenne and I got to the local park where Jordyn and Skylar were waiting.

"You're here."


How would you feel every time you go to school
Someone's looking at you weird calling you a loser
All these girls wearing bubble-gum pink
Guess I didn't get the memo
Cause they're laughing at my blue shirt
Well I hope you feeling good about you treating someone you know like a perfect stranger
Cause it's easier than standing by my side
I won't let it get to me no more
I don't wanna feel this way
I can't believe I let it go so far
No no, it's not okay
What do you know about me?
Do you wanna know what I think?
Mean girls, mean girls
I'm a just comb you outta my curls
Mean girls, mean girls
You no longer run my world

Mean Girls- Rachel Crowe

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Gen. 1, Chaper 10: Odds and Ends

If you are 12 years old or under, please get a parent's permission before reading my blog. Thanks!

*Marley's POV*

The past several weeks have been nice, actually. Kristine's condition was a lot better, and she even got sent home with us. However, they said that they want Kristine back in the ER right away once she goes into labor, in which she is not due for another month and a half. Recently, tests have shown that she is having twins, and the doctors are saying that she has a very good chance now of surviving the childbirth with her type of illness because our luck has sky-rocketed. And even the triplets are doing well. Celesta is a total "band nerd," even winning top 100 young percussionists in the country. I often find her in her room, jamming on her drum set as if she was in a totally different world. She also has excellent leadership skills and loves babysitting, which is making me think that she would be the best as the Generation Two heiress of her mother's 100 Baby Challenge. I haven't talked to her yet about it, since she's only 14, but I plan to soon.


"MARLEY!!! I'm in labor..." Kristine came out into the living room, clutching her stomach.

"But.... you're not due for another month and a half."

"That doesn't matter right now. We need to get to the hospital."


Some hours later, Kristine gave birth to a girl and a boy, Viviana and Sean, and we got to go home a few hours later.

*Kristine's POV*

Viviana and Sean were the lights in the darkness. Since my cancer diagnosis, I was depressed often times. But since their birth a few hours ago, something felt wrong. Like a tragedy is waiting to happen. I brushed the thought off, but it would come back.

After about a week, the thought has driven me to almost insanity. I have had enough, so I decided to take a walk around town, to get the fresh air inside of me and for the sights and sounds to wash the evil thoughts away. It's a bustling city. I smiled at the buildings overhead and the thought of how a little island can go such a long way. My island and the town I owned.

However, when I walked past the graveyard, something seemed off. There was dead silence and the atmosphere of it seemed to have pulled me in. I walked around the graveyard, looking at all of the tombstones of the dead. I heard faint whispers nearby and I looked around for the sound. There were a gang of guys circling a grave, whispering and laughing. Swiftly but silently, I hid behind a bush. There was a sound of footsteps, then arguing, and finally, gunshots. Panic rushed through my veins and I wanted to scream, but I didn't, for fear that I would be found and killed. Quietly, I dialed Marley.

"Marley, help... I'm hiding in the middle of a gang shooting."

"Stay there and silent! I'll call the cops!"

When Marley hung up, I got even more frightened. More gang members were coming closer to my hiding spot, and I needed to leave before I got seen. I crawled out to freedom until I heard,

"Hey! It's a lady! Get her!"

Shit. I got up and ran for my life. But I was tackled down and had a gun put to my face.

"Were you spying on us?!" A member asked.

"No..." I winced in fear. "I was just here..."

I wormed out and tried to run again. But now I was grabbed by the neck and put into a tight chokehold. I tried to tug away and gasp for breath, but I was too weak to. There were police car sirens screaming in the distance and I heard, "She called the fucking cops! Let's get outta here!"

The gang member holding me in a chokehold grabbed both sides of my head fiercely, and I fell to the ground a few seconds later.


I got up from the ground, dazed and confused. Everything was bright and the wind was swirling around. The clothes that I was wearing were replaced with a white dress spotted with blood. My hair had grown back and flowed down to my shoulders, which was now my natural color. I looked around and a young girl appeared behind me, about 18 years old.

"Hi, Mom." she whispered, but it was a loud whisper and echoed around. She looked similar, and she even wore the same dress,  but with no blood stains.

"It's your daughter, Alana..." I smiled and gave her a hug.

"But if you're not alive, how are you here?"

"I'm not alive, Mom, and neither are you. The gang member snapped your neck and it instantly killed you. But don't worry, we can watch over our family."

She motioned me to follow her, but I refused.

"Come on, mom. There's no other way. You'll be safer with me."

I grasped her hand tightly and lead me into a void. I knew easily that it was the beginning of the end.

~End of Generation 1~

Author's Note: OMGGG I AM SO SORRY IT HAD TO END LIKE THIS AND NOW YOU GUYS WILL HATE ME FOREVER. But don't worry, Generation 2 is next and I have BIG plans for it! And, of course, the Generation 2 heiress is none other than Celesta, and I know that you guys will love her and her story (:  

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Gen. 1, Chap. 9: Triple the Luck

If you are 12 years old or under, please get a parent's permission before reading my blog. Thanks!

*Kristine's POV*

No matter what, nobody could change my mind about the surgery.

I was released from the hospital for a week, and my doctor prescribed chemotherapy pills to take when I'm there and I wasn't allowed to get pregnant any longer, otherwise I could kill myself or the baby during childbirth.


Often, I laid down on my bed at home, in pain. I took Morphine a lot, but it didn't really work. And I knew I would feel guilty if I didn't spend time with my family, so I put on a fake smile and played around with my family downstairs. And other times, I was short of breath, so I just took a few deep breaths at a time and carried on with whatever I was doing. Then there was one night that changed everything.
 Then, it came back.


I lied, naked, in the bed with Marley, with no clue what we were doing. Marley held my face up to his. Sweat gleamed down my face, and I was running out of breath. I flopped down and gasped for breath.

"Marley... I-I-I can't do this anymore..."

Marley, with a worried expression on his face, called the ambulance and I was on the bed, my head pounding like a drum and everything swirling around me. It was easily noticable I needed oxygen quick before I passed out, but why? The cancer couldn't have spread to my lungs... but what if it did?

"Marley..." I gasped, "Don't leave my side."

*Marley's POV*

I kept my promise to Kristine, I never left her side. But until the paramedics came, she needed a good source of oxygen. But, then it came back, I used to be a paramedic as well! I got the box that had the stuff I got from being a paramedic from under the bed and searched for the bag valve mask. It was easy to find because it was so large and took up space, and I used it on Kristine until the paramedics took over. And I was with her the whole time, from the ambulance, the E.R., and finally the hospital room. The doctors agreed to do an MRI on Kristine tomorrow. And that night, my eyes never strayed away from her face, and it was about 2 in the morning when her eyes fluttered open.

*Kristine's POV*

"What happened?" I asked. My eyes met Marley's and I smiled.

"You  passed out yesterday, but I kept your promise."

"What promise?"

"You told me to not leave your side."

Marley stroked my face and smiled.

"Time to get some rest, you have an MRI tomorrow."

The next day was my MRI. It went very smooth and the results would be given to me later. Meanwhile, Marley brought the kids and some food back to the room. Celesta and Kyle cuddled next to me and all was well until the doctor came in with devastating news.

"Kristine, the cancer has now spread to your lungs, decreasing the ability to breathe on your own. We aren't taking the chance, so you'll never beathe on your own again."

I slumped back and sighed.

"Oh, and there's something else... We took some blood samples from you and it turns out you're pregnant."

The words "you're pregnant" floated around in my mind. I felt guilty.


The next day was as usual, Marley and the kids came to visit, and I started to throw up every meal now from the chemotherapy I was receiving. But later that night was when things were going haywire.

*Marley's POV*

The night was normal. We sat in Kristine's hospital room as the kids watched Adventure Time, their favorite show. I went to the vending machines down the hall to buy some chocolate for me and the kids when there was a loud scream, sounding like it came from Kristine's room. The nurses ran on panicked feet and forgetting about the treats, I rushed to Kris's room to see if everything was all right and it was just for a neighboring room.

But it wasn't.

"I'm sorry, sir, but no visitors are allowed in this room at this time." Dr. Royale shooed me out of the room.

But if the kids weren't in there anymore, where could they be? I walked up to a nurse that was just about to enter Kris's room.

"Excuse me, miss, but I'm looking for my kids. Three twelve year old girls and a four year old boy?"

"I just took them to a playroom down the hall. They said that they were looking for you."

"Oh, and can you tell me what happened to my wife and what condition she's in?"

"I can't tell you right now, but in a few hours I can send the doctor to you in the playroom."

I walked into the playroom the nurse pointed to and almost immediantly, Celesta, July, Elizabeth, and Kyle got up from what they were doing and almost tackled me to the ground.

"DADDY! Where were you?" Elizabeth shouted fiercely.

"Shh, baby girl." I picked up Kyle and held him in my arms. "I'll watch over you for a few ours while you guys play, all right?" I took a seat next to a young woman watching her girl play with my girls.

"Hi." The woman turned to me. "My name's Wenda, yours?"


Wenda smiled at her daughter, "My Kianna and your girls have become quite fast friends in such a short amount of time."

I pointed to each of them. "July, Celesta, and Elizabeth."

"Their pretty girls. They deserve a nice friend like Kianna."

"Triplets." I said.

"Triple the luck, then. Maybe they'll make Kianna's leukemia heal faster?" she joked. I laughed as well.

"Why are your daughters here?"

"They were just visiting their mother and things went wrong. I'm not sure what happened, though. I was never told, but their mom has cancer as well."

"Awh, they told Kianna and I about a month ago that she only had two weeks left to live, but she's still alive and better today. Maybe the same will happen to your wife..."

"Maybe..." I sigh. I looked over at Kianna, who was pale, skinny, and had deep bags under her eyes, but still she was strong and kept a big grin, as if she was saying, "HEY WORLD! I'M ALIVE AND WELL!"

"Mr. Vilas?" A nurse came in and called my name. I stood up and walked over to her.

"I want to speak to you alone for a moment." I walked into the hall with the nurse.

"It turns out that your wife had a tonic-clonic seizure, if you know what that is."

"I was an EMT before, I know what it is."

"It was pretty severe, so we had her put in strict isolation and she's in unstable conditon, but once she's stable she'll be moved to the ICU and have an MRI done.

"Can't I just check on her through the window?"

"You're more than welcome." She smiled.

I walked over and caught a glimpse of Kristine through the window. She looked in terrible condition, and she looked much skinnier and paler than usual. Her doctor and a couple nurses were inside, watching every breath she took. For a moment there, I thought I felt her pain.

The next few days weren't any better. The first few days her condition went terribly down, but afterwards she shown much improvement and was moved to the ICU and was put off of isolation. The MRI shown that the cancer cells were moving to other parts of her body, and it reached the brain stem and spine, causing the seizure. But by now, she had a seizure at least three times a day, but the doctors said it wasn't going to be worried about anymore. She was often in deep unconsciousness from the chemo and pain drugs, and if she did wake up, it was at least a minute or two before she was pulled back under. And it was like I was feeling her own pain.