Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Generation 2 | Chapter 3: Making Friends

I walked around Sunset Valley, enjoying how beautiful the town was. But I knew I was a homeless, orphaned 17 year old who needs to settle down and find a place to live.

The local supermarket hired me as a cashier. I needed a job to make money for a place to live.

Work would start the next day. I was anxious to get my first job. But then I thought about the baby challenge I wanted to do. It doesn't seem possible to start with my current situation.

To kill time a joined a 2 hour painting class. I met a girl a little bit older than me named Terra Wilder and became friends with her. After class Terra and I agreed to meet at the park.

Terra and I sat down on the swings and talked about her life.She told me that when she was 15 she was almost kidnapped but someone fought her to-be abductor off with a knife. Unfortunately, the person missed the abductor and accidently stabbed Terra in her eye, leaving it scarred and blinded. She had surgery last year on it because it had wandered and she wanted it corrected. I told her my story; My mother completed the 100 Baby Challenge but a few years afterwards she had breast cancer but ended up being killed by a gang for no reason. My father and other siblings he had with my mom were killed in a car accident and I dealt with survivor's guilt and stopped eating, eventually turning me anorexic. I was in the hospital for four months before escaping and fianlly ending up here, but now I want to do the 100 Baby Challenge in my family's honor.
"Well," Terra started, "Having a hundred babies on your own will be quite tough."
I dug my foot into the dirt, "Yeah, I just don't know when to start. I don't even have a place to call my home anymore."
"My suggestion for you is waiting a few years when you're older and really ready. And if you're interested, I have a guest room at my house you can stay in once you're ready to be completely on your own and start your challenge."
"Thank you," I say "Its probably too dangerous for me to sleep outside here in the open."

Terra took me to my new "home" and showed me around before we settled on watching TV for the evening. She was quite the cook when she made cheeseburgers for dinner, they were really one of the best I've ever eaten.

Sleepiness set in and I crawled into bed. I took one last glance of my new room before falling asleep and realized that my life didn't suck so bad. Terra cares about me and is willing to be of my assistance and for now, that's all I need.
Maybe she's my new motherly figure... I don't know yet.

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