Wednesday, November 21, 2012

My Day- Babies 77, 78, 79, and 80

If you are 12 years old or under, please get a parent's permission before reading my blog.

Note: Sorry this is out so late. If your wondering why Kristine's hair is still pink (even though it's not October anymore) this post's plot takes place in October. Don't worry, I haven't died, and this post is my proof. And, happy Thanksgiving to the in the 'States!


*Kristine's POV*

First, I aged up the kids.

I sat alone in the doctor's office, waiting for Dr. Sunshine to come back inside. Then, there was a knock on the door and Dr. Sunshine opened it, tagged along was a nurse, with a tray of wires, tools, and such. I was excited, because today would be the day I would finally talk again, and my 22nd birthday party, which would be held in Starlight Shores later today. The nurse set the tray down and grabbed the pair of pliers and a thin, black wire with a tiny chip on the end and handed it to the doctor. "Tell me if I hurt you, okay? There should only be a stinging sensation." he reassured. The wire was carefully shoved into my ear and then the doctor took the end of the long wire and looped it around the back of my ear. "Ow!" I reacted to the stinging sensation inside my ear. Then, everybody's face lit up. I smiled, "It's about time!"

That afternoon, I fancied myself up for a night out at Starlight Shores.

"MOMMAY!!!" Ashley ran up behind me, holding a cupcake with a candle planted into it, with Roman tagging behind, and then all the others, including Marley. Ashley gave Roman the cupcake and held him up to me. "Make a wish, it's your birthday!" I said out loud, before bowing out the lit candle, "I wish that I would be surrounded with more loving children like you guys until the day I die!" Everybody cheered, and the piled onto me.

I got into the limo to take me and my guests (my friends) to Starlight Shores. Everybody smiled once I got sat down, with Marley beside me. (yes, he is a guest that I invited to this party!)  "So, what's new?" I cuddled up with Marley, trying to get comfy. Calista Smith rose her hand, and on her finger had a wedding ring on it, "Well, Adam recently married to me!"

"I bet he makes a great husband." Chloe Moreau giggled.

"You dyed your hair...." Ande Langly reached over and patted my soft, pink hair.

"That looks, like, super cool!" Serenity Rose blurted out. I couldn't help but giggle.

When we arrived in Starlight Shores, our first stop was a place called Rodeo-Go-Go. I decided to try out the bull, but Addy Mcknight decided to be sneaky and set it to the maximum setting. "Oh no. Oh, no, no, no, no no no no no no." I say as the bull started to spin. Serenity seemed to have gotten a good laugh from it. Soon, it was tossing my around like I was a rag doll and then the bully finally had it's scoop of me, and threw me off. My stomach hurt afterwards, but I just walked it off and had a drink.

 Another guest at the party, Alina Taylor, had a round of drinks made and held up a glass of the stuff. "I propose a toast to Kristine. To her and to make sure she has the best birthday ever!" Everyone else grabbed a glass, raised it, and we all drank together.

Next stop was the karaoke bar! However, Natalie Windfield was already so drunk that we had to drag her out of Rodeo-Go-Go and into the limo!

When we got to the karaoke bar, I immediately went over to the bar area, and ordered a drink. Skye Everard sat next to me and ordered some food.

"Hiiiii" Serenity came up to me, "I got you something, Krisssss. It's a cat, but I'll give it to you after." I decided to name the cat Kawaii (japanese for cute) and I easily know that Kawaii will be a great mate for Twix back at home. Later, the party ended, and I found myself on the ferry back home to my island.

A few days later, Calista called me up and exclaimed about how awesome the party was.

Then, she said that her son, Seth Smith, recently donated his sperm at the local hospital. I decided to go there and check it out.

During my pregnancy, I mastered the cooking skill, learned the recipe to making Ambrosia, and started on the fishing skill. Then, I gave birth again.

Baby 77:

Anna Rayenne Bell
9 lbs, 8 oz
22 in.

Baby 78:
Valerie Shayda Bell
8 lbs, 10 oz
20 in.

Baby 79:

Raphael Arwen Bell
10 lbs, 1 oz
23 in.

Baby 80:

Becca Clementine Bell
8 lbs, 12 oz
21 in.

After that, I went out to the mailbox. Water bill, electric bill, you get the point. But there was one letter that stood out. "COURT ORDERS" were in block letters on front of the envelope. I opened it up and read the letter.

'Dear Ms. Bell,

You are summoned to the Twinbrook Courthouse for the murder trial of  Mark Bell vs. City of Twinbrook, for the murder of Alana Kailee Bell, your daughter. You are ordered, by law, to arrive at the courthouse at 8:00 AM sharp on October 30th. Thank you.'

I put on my most sophisticated outfit and traveled to the courthouse. I sat down in the front, and what I saw was a surprise.

"Hi, Kristine."



  1. OMG, I loved Calista's outfit!!!! And Seth, he's so handsome in that hair! :D :D :D I can't wait to see what the kiddos look like!!!

    ~Calista Smith

  2. Love the outfits everyone was wearing. :D Everyone looked so cute.

    (aka Dawn)