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Gen. 1, Chaper 10: Odds and Ends

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*Marley's POV*

The past several weeks have been nice, actually. Kristine's condition was a lot better, and she even got sent home with us. However, they said that they want Kristine back in the ER right away once she goes into labor, in which she is not due for another month and a half. Recently, tests have shown that she is having twins, and the doctors are saying that she has a very good chance now of surviving the childbirth with her type of illness because our luck has sky-rocketed. And even the triplets are doing well. Celesta is a total "band nerd," even winning top 100 young percussionists in the country. I often find her in her room, jamming on her drum set as if she was in a totally different world. She also has excellent leadership skills and loves babysitting, which is making me think that she would be the best as the Generation Two heiress of her mother's 100 Baby Challenge. I haven't talked to her yet about it, since she's only 14, but I plan to soon.


"MARLEY!!! I'm in labor..." Kristine came out into the living room, clutching her stomach.

"But.... you're not due for another month and a half."

"That doesn't matter right now. We need to get to the hospital."


Some hours later, Kristine gave birth to a girl and a boy, Viviana and Sean, and we got to go home a few hours later.

*Kristine's POV*

Viviana and Sean were the lights in the darkness. Since my cancer diagnosis, I was depressed often times. But since their birth a few hours ago, something felt wrong. Like a tragedy is waiting to happen. I brushed the thought off, but it would come back.

After about a week, the thought has driven me to almost insanity. I have had enough, so I decided to take a walk around town, to get the fresh air inside of me and for the sights and sounds to wash the evil thoughts away. It's a bustling city. I smiled at the buildings overhead and the thought of how a little island can go such a long way. My island and the town I owned.

However, when I walked past the graveyard, something seemed off. There was dead silence and the atmosphere of it seemed to have pulled me in. I walked around the graveyard, looking at all of the tombstones of the dead. I heard faint whispers nearby and I looked around for the sound. There were a gang of guys circling a grave, whispering and laughing. Swiftly but silently, I hid behind a bush. There was a sound of footsteps, then arguing, and finally, gunshots. Panic rushed through my veins and I wanted to scream, but I didn't, for fear that I would be found and killed. Quietly, I dialed Marley.

"Marley, help... I'm hiding in the middle of a gang shooting."

"Stay there and silent! I'll call the cops!"

When Marley hung up, I got even more frightened. More gang members were coming closer to my hiding spot, and I needed to leave before I got seen. I crawled out to freedom until I heard,

"Hey! It's a lady! Get her!"

Shit. I got up and ran for my life. But I was tackled down and had a gun put to my face.

"Were you spying on us?!" A member asked.

"No..." I winced in fear. "I was just here..."

I wormed out and tried to run again. But now I was grabbed by the neck and put into a tight chokehold. I tried to tug away and gasp for breath, but I was too weak to. There were police car sirens screaming in the distance and I heard, "She called the fucking cops! Let's get outta here!"

The gang member holding me in a chokehold grabbed both sides of my head fiercely, and I fell to the ground a few seconds later.


I got up from the ground, dazed and confused. Everything was bright and the wind was swirling around. The clothes that I was wearing were replaced with a white dress spotted with blood. My hair had grown back and flowed down to my shoulders, which was now my natural color. I looked around and a young girl appeared behind me, about 18 years old.

"Hi, Mom." she whispered, but it was a loud whisper and echoed around. She looked similar, and she even wore the same dress,  but with no blood stains.

"It's your daughter, Alana..." I smiled and gave her a hug.

"But if you're not alive, how are you here?"

"I'm not alive, Mom, and neither are you. The gang member snapped your neck and it instantly killed you. But don't worry, we can watch over our family."

She motioned me to follow her, but I refused.

"Come on, mom. There's no other way. You'll be safer with me."

I grasped her hand tightly and lead me into a void. I knew easily that it was the beginning of the end.

~End of Generation 1~

Author's Note: OMGGG I AM SO SORRY IT HAD TO END LIKE THIS AND NOW YOU GUYS WILL HATE ME FOREVER. But don't worry, Generation 2 is next and I have BIG plans for it! And, of course, the Generation 2 heiress is none other than Celesta, and I know that you guys will love her and her story (:  

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