Thursday, July 12, 2012

Halfway Surprise- Baby 50

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*Draaier's POV*

"Hello may I help you?" was the first thing I heard when walking into the jewelery shop. "I'm just looking, for now." "Oh..." the cashier said, "what exactly are you looking for?" "An engagement ring." I began, "I'm hoping to pop the question to my beautiful girlfriend this weekend when we go to Lucky Palms." The cashier pullet out a small, black box and opened it. Inside was a gorgeous, glitzy ring, encrusted with tons of diamonds, with one huge one in the middle. "I think she'll like this one. It's expensive, though. About $4k...." I write the lady a $4k check. "I'll take it." I say, grabbing the box. "Thanks."

I pull the ring out when I returned home. "I hope this works." I say, rubbing the box. I haven't been this nervous in my entire life. I hide the box back underneath Kris's bed, but on my side. I just recently moved in with Kris, if you may be wondering. "Hey, daddy!" The door swung open as Masey stepped inside. Even though she is 15 now, she still called me "daddy" because well, she'll forever be a daddie's girl. She gently closed the door and sat with me on the bed.

"Did you buy the ring?" she asked. I nod as I pull out the box again, "Would you like to see it?" We opened the box and Masey fell backwards onto the bed in awe. "Thats..... Freaking..... AMAZING!!! So how are you going to pop the question to Mom?" "I'm taking her to Lucky Palms this weekend. Would you and Denver please babysit while we're gone?" Masey sighs, "I had a party that I was going to go to this weekend, but okay."

*Kristine's POV*

I put the last of Bones's suitcases in the back of the taxi's trunk. "Mom, I'll be fine. Don't worry."  Bones hugged me. "Don't forget to come and visit your old mom. And don't let those vampire hunters get you." He kissed me goodbye and left inside the yellow taxi. "Another bird out of the nest." I chuckle. I walk back inside the house to find Draaier.

"Hey honeybun." He twirled me around. "Draaier," I say, picking up Lady, "Are you ready to conceive Baby 50 yet?" He gives me a quick smooch, "Whatever floats your boat, hun."

Baby 50 was soon conceived <3

"Kristine..." Draaier asked, "Would you like to go to Lucky Palms with me this weekend? I have a little..... suprise..... for you." I was a bit confused with him, but I accepted.


"Okay, Masey, Denver, the kids need to be in bed by 9 and you guys at midnight, we have enough food in the fridge, money is on the counter just in case, no leaving the house no having friends over or a party, DONT DESTROY THE PLACE, lock the door when we leave, and don't answer the door. Got it?" I ask. "We're ready to leave." Draaier announced. "Okay. Bye guys! Be good! I love ya!" I say before leaving.


It wasn't very long until we finally checked into our vacation home in Lucky Palms. "Kris....." Draaier grabbed me, "Come with me, and keep your eyes closed." He lead me out to the car and drove me into town. I soon heard the sound of needles buzzing and a bell ringing as we walked in. "Here we are!" he announced as I opened my eyes.

".... A tattoo parlor? Why?" I ask. "Because.... I wanted us to get matching tattoos together." he said in his seductive voice. "Hi guys, how can I help you two?" the tattoo artist walked up to us his arms covered in tattoos. "We'd like to get matching tattoos, please." We laughed as we went through the book of tattoos we could choose.

We decided to get a cute little red rose on our left arm. Since there were two artists availible, we got them at the same time. "Draaier," I say, "I don't think that I can do this. I can't imagine the horrible pain..." "Kris..." Draaier said, "My mom got a tattoo during her challenge. If she can survive a tattoo, then you can, too. And then life will go back to normal. Don't be scared. Plus, there isn't as much pain than giving birth." I sigh in relief, "Thank you, honey."

**Some Hours Later**

The tattoo artists cleaned the area once again, wiping up all of the blood, "Here you are!" he presents. Me and Draaier get up from the chair and pays for the tattoos, "Thanks, guys."

As we walk out, Draaier grabs my hand "Kris.... let's go to the casino. I don't care if we lose all of our money, I just want us to have fun together." Soon we arrived at The Lucky Simoleon, and skipped inside merrily, like two little kids getting ice-cream, and we head straight for the slot machienes as soon as we get our casino coins. I got kind of nervous as I insert the coins into the slot for the very first time in my life.

"Look who's gambling for the first time." Draaier laughed. I pulled down on the lever and stared in fear as I watched the slots roll and roll until they stopped. My heart dropped when I realized that I had lost. Don't feel bad sweetie," Draaier held me close, "A lot of people lose on their first try. Let's go play Blackjack."

We didn't really know how to play it, at first, but we quickly got the hang of it. In the end, Draaier won, but it didn't really matter, because we were doing it for fun. We came back home at 11 o'clock at night, and we were pooped out. Its still Saturday, but I'm not ready to leave tomorrow evening.

I was so tried when we came back, I passed out in Draaier's arms.

When we woke up the next morning, Draaier introduced me to the indoor gym, which had 2 large trampolines, and 3 rock climbing walls.  We went straight for the walls to climb.

When I got halfway there, my feet slipped from the rocks they were on. "DRAAIER! HELP MEEEE!!!" I scream. Draaier, who was already at the top of the climbing wall next to me, crossed over in an attempt to save me. "Kris! Let go! The cushion below will break your fall! I didn't give up hope, as I finally find some rocks below to put my feet on. I climb down so Draaier and I could have a race together.

"READYY..." the machiene boomed "SET..... GOOOOOOO!!!!!!" Right when I'm in the middle of the wall, Draaier has already gotton to the top. Right when he was about to push the button, he fell, which gave me a huge advantage! I scurried up to the top before Draaier even got back on the wall. "WINNER!" the machiene shouted when I pressed the button.

And right when I jump back down, Baby 50 decided to make itself known. Since it was still early, I decided to fish in the wishing well in the backyard.

You'd think that it was a stupid idea, but I caught two jellyifish out there with no knowledge of fishing. BEAT THAT.

"Beautiful...." Draaier walks outside to join me, "Would you like to go to the beach with me? I hear its very beautiful there. I smile and grab his hand, "Lets go."

*Draaier's POV*

I pull the ring box out of my suitcase, and double check to make sure the ring is in the box and then I stuck it into my swim trunks. "Let's hope this works..." I mutter, grabbing my towel and the beach umbrella. "I'MMMMM READYYYYYY" Kris comes in with her tote bag, and umbrella. "You know..." I say, "For a pregnant woman, you look amazing in a bikini."

She blushes, "Oh, stop it, you." "Lets go."

The ride in our rented convertable was amazing, while crusing around in the thriving city of Lucky Palms. Kristine rode in back, to enjoy the view this town had to offer.

Once we got there and set everything down, we walked down the shoreline. I planned the big move. "So..." I say, "You're in your third trimester already?" I feel the tiny baby inside of her, that would soon join the world. She nods, "I can't believe that this is Baby 50 already... I remember starting the challenge in Twinbrook, with my white, black, brown, and green hair." "Well," I say holding her hands, "In celebration of your 50th baby I wanted to ask you something."

"What is it?" she asks, as I bend down on one knee. I pull out the black box and held it in front of her. Her smile was as wide as the ocean when I opened it, "Kristine, will...... You marry me?" She cried tears of joy and squealed, "YES! YES! YESSS!" I carefully slide the golden ring onto her finger, as she stared at it in awe.

Once I got up, she gave me the biggest hug in our entire lives.

"Thank You!"


Once we got back to the vacation home, we packed up and left. It wasn't long until we arrived back home in Bridgeport.

Once we finally got settled down, my new fiance went into labor, and gave birth to another beautiful baby....

Baby 50
Sparky Halfway Bell
11 lbs, 9 oz
21 in.

"Now..." she said, "We've got a wedding to plan."

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