Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Here Comes The Bride...

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*Kristine's POV*
The church was packed with us girls getting ready for the wedding. I smile as the stylist finishes my hair and makeup. "You look nice today on your big day!" Was the compliment that everyone gave me. I called the hotel here in Bridgeport to confirm my wedding reception that was going to be held there later tonight. We lined up the bridesmaids to make sure their outfits were in order. Panic rang through my head as I tried to get everything in order. The guests would come in 1 hour, so you would know that I was in a rush. Luckily, everything was going just the way I wanted it.
*Draaier's POV*

Since the girls had the entire church, they had to fit us boys into the mens bathroom of it, which was actually pretty spacious. I double checked to make sure every man was there, otherwise Kris would be upset if the wedding didn't go as planned. There really wasn't any problems with the guys, besides making sure to look nice. I held my breath and peeked out as I saw the first guests arriving and being ushered to their seats. The girls were hiding in the entrance of the church, so I guessed  that I should have, too, with the guys.

*Kristine's POV*

I smiled at Draaier, who was already in front with the preist as we lined up to walk down the aisle. After the preist gave a little opening speech, little Lady skipped down the aisle throwing the flower pedals in her weaved basket in the air.

Next was mine and Draaier's best friends walking down the aisle.

My brother Mark grabbed my hand, he was the one that would walk me down the aisle, since our dad passed years ago. I smiled as I walked down the aisle with Mark, trying not to be nervous, thinking about my honeymoon with just me, Draaier, and Puerto Rico. I was underneath the wedding arch with Draaier and the preist before I even knew it.

"Friends and family..." the preist began, "We are here to celebrate, in the presence of God, to celebrate and witness the union of Draaier Turner and Kristine Cheyenne Bell." He talked for a while, and we listened to every single bit of it, we wanted this moment to last forever. "Do you, Draaier Turner, take Kristine Cheyenne Bell as your lawfully wedded wife? To love and cherish, through joy and sorrow, in sickness and in health, as long as you both shall live?" He smiled and choked out, "I do." He repeated those words to me. "I do!" I smile. "You may now say your vows in which you have carefully written."
Draaier prepped himself up and took a few index cards out of his tuxedo pocket. "Kristine...." he began, "E-ever s-since t-the d-day..." He ripped up the cards and threw them on the ground, "You don't write down vows on a peice of paper. Vows come from the heart. I've always loved you ever since the day I laid my eyes on you. It was true love. The kids we have so far is what brung us together in love. And the only reason we're here getting married... is because I'll always love you, cherish you, and do whatever I can to make you happy. I'll be proud to be your husband." We start to cry, tears of joy, no pain.
"Draaier," I say, "I've always loved you, too. Ever since you were born, I wanted you to be a father for my 100 Baby Challenge, and it escolated from there, and I'm not afraid to admit it. I'll always love you, no matter what. 'Till death do us part..." Then, Buster walked up  the aisle, with the little velvet pillow that held the ring.

Draaier took it and slid it carefully on my finger, "Please take this ring.... a symbol for love." I smiled and gazed at the ring, "Thank you...!" "Mr. Turner, you may kiss the bride! I pronounce you both Mr. and Mrs. Draaier Turner!!" We shared as soft kiss as I let him sweep me up and carry me to the limo to the hotel... where the reception was going to be.


I enjoyed being up front at the reception drinking wine with my new hubby <3

Then, Della got up for her speech. "Ladies and gentlemen..." she began, "I was the first 100 Baby Challenge mom that she first met. We've had some awesome times together, clubbing, for instance, and having a child together, who is now out in the world somewhere, Logan Bell. I've known her since she was on Baby of her 100 Baby Challenge. Now, here she is, getting married to the man that has made her life worthwhile! She couldn't of chosen a better man for herself. I wish these two the best for life and I can't wait to see these two again after their honeymoon!"

Then, Draaier's Best Man, Alix, stood up. "I, personally, have known Draaier since preschool. FREAKING PRESCHOOL! I mean, how could I know him that long? But then we just became best friends from there on. Now, here his is, getting married to the love of his life. I'm sure that his mom, the gorgeous Dawn Turner, is sure proud that her 100th child is getting married, to one of her friends!" "Now..." I say, standing up, "Lets eat some CAKEE!!!!!"

 We all walk over to the beautiful cake that lay on the table in front of us. We cut it for a while, until Draaier got the idea to shove a peice of it in my face. We all laughed, but I was the one who laughed so hard she snorted the "face cake" onto Draaier. The cake was delicious, the baker did an awesome job. Then, the DJ announced, "Alright, yo! It's time for the couple's first dance!"

 I grabbed Draaier and ran to the dance floor, being careful not to trip in my high heels. I lay my head and his shoulders and take his hands, and we slowy dance across the floor. I wanted this to last forever.... but it couldn't. As soon as the music ended, I wasn't happy, "Dont worry, girl. We can dance another day." Draaier whispered. I smile.


"Byee everybody! We'll be back in a week!" We wave goodbye to friends and family as we board the limo that already had our suitcases in it, to go to the airport so we could leave for our honeymoon in Puerto Rico. I waved one last time as we drove off to the airport.... I hope Puerto Rico is what it seems.

~Memories from Today~


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