Saturday, May 12, 2012

Valentine Again?- Baby 33

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*Kristine's POV*

I'm just really amazed how time flew and the little Peach and Apple are now ready to leave for their own lives. They both sported complicated hairstyles!

Dayton is also already a teen! Soon, he will move out, too ;(

Carlos became an Animal Lover! He absolutely loves Neon, Sora, Furbee, and Colbat with all of his little heart!

Karni is my little green babe <3 I absolutely adore the little purple flower in her hair!

I decided to take the little Clover out for a stroll, since it was a lovely, spring day. She would point at things that she never saw before, and shreik, "See 'dat?"

When Karni and I got home, I decided to play the grand piano for a while.

"Sora," I say, "Mummy will be back soon. She has to find the father of Baby 33! Another Sim for you to play with!"

"Hello," greets a man, "I am Jack Thor." He had interesting white eyes and rainbow color hair. I sure hope that Baby 33 inherits them!

We decided to convince Baby 33 in the elevator! How sweet!

I got home early the next morning, and I decided to teach Karni her first steps!

Puking in a pink toilet.... is weird....

"Karni, can you say baby?" I ask her. "Say bah-bee." she replies.

Baby 33's first kicks have arrived! I'm surprised that after this baby, I have made it to the 1/3 mark!

I had to fix the poopy stereo..... NOT fun!

Look at what those naughty cats did to the scratching post!

Trying for twins or triplets, I decided to read a pregnancy book.

A pizza delivery woman came to my door. "You are Kris Bell, right? 123 Lakeshore Lane?" she asked. "Yea," I replied, grabbing the pizza. Wait a minute... Nobody in my family ordered pizza. And that delivery woman... she looked shady.... Oh, well.

Ow, giving birth right now!

My tummy, right before I give birth.

Looks like I gave birth to a bouncing little boy! Too bad he didn't have a twin or triplets to accompany him :(

Cory Anthony Bell
8 lbs, 2 oz
19.9 in.

After giving birth to Cory, I decided to eat a piece of the mysterious pizza. The first bite was amazing, but with each bite, it tasted badder and badder, but I couldn't stop eating it. Soon, I collapsed on the floor, totally lifeless.

The Grim Reaper had came to take me away to the Netherworld.

I heard the cries of my children in the background. Surely, today couldn't be the day their own mother had to die!

I felt lost, trapped, and mostly scared. I couldn't leave my 33 children behind. Surely, I couldn't. I never wanted bad things to happen. No, nope, never. The Grim Reaper was going to take me away, and there's nothing I can do about it. "Grim, please spare me." I asked, calmly. "NO!" he grunted, "It's against the laws of time and space. I would only do that if you brought me the rare Death Flower." I checked my pockets. No Death Flower. I'm a goner, for sure.

The End?

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