Thursday, May 10, 2012

Neon and Sora- Baby 32

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*Kristine's POV*

I decided to make a drastic change in my life! I decided to dye my hair lime-green and blue. I hope you like it, because I'm gonna stick with it for a LOONG time.

Mariah and Gabriel are already Young Adults, and ready to take off into the world! If you ask me, Mariah's hairstyle reminds me of Della Langly!

My little Apple and Peach have grown so quickly! It seems like only yesterday, I was holding them in my arms for the very first time. How time flies!

Ghostie Dayton is now a little schoolboy! I hope the mean bullies there wont pick on him... Just saying.

Carlos is my little orange baby! He has my red hair from the (not so) past, and my green eyes!

"Here you go, Carlos!" I exclaim while giving him his bottle.

He made sure to savor it by drinking slowly and with his eyes closed.

Its that dreaded time for Mariah and Gabriel to move out! I will miss them being around the house!

"Im sorry I have to do this, boy." I say. What am I about to do, you ask? Well, I haven't been interacting with Spot lately, and so I decided to put him up for adoption. However, we'll be welcoming TWO new surpirses to the Bell family soon!

"Hello," I say, "I would like to put my dog up for adoption, and as well, adopt two cats." The voice through the phone rang, "Thank you, Ms. Bell. We'll come as soon as possible."

I watched sadly as the adoption worker drove away with Spot. "Dont worry!" she comforted, "We'll find him a new home."

However, these are the two new CATS we got in exchange! Aspyn is holding Neon (male), and I am holding Sora (female)! Thank you Catlover800 for the idea of technicolor cats!

Sora and Neon loved to do everything together, from eating at the same time, to sleeping at the same time.

Oof! Sora took a hard landing off the couch! That's gotta hurt.

Looks like these two felines are having a blast playing with each other!

I decided to ride Colbat (the unicorn) to the next father for the challenge's house! I haven't ridden her in a long time, so I was REALLY scared of falling off.

I waited patiently outside his door.

"Hi, I'm Moe Loch!' A man with purple skin and neon green hair came out to greet me, "Make yourself at home!"

Baby 32 started to bake in the oven that evening!

Um, this is not how you ride a horse! I thought to myself.

Once I got home, I taught Carlos his first steps!

Hmm.... I dont think that morning sickness is possible at 8 at night.....

Neon started meowing like crazy, then a happy, sweet flute tune played. I guess she's preggers!

Speaking of being pregnant, guess who just kicked?

I munched down on 10 watermelons in a row for a girl!

I also tried for twins or even TRIPLETS!

Look who came to join me! Its Sora!

Suddenly, she hopped down and started meowing in pain! Right when I was about to take her to a vet, a little kitten appeared out of nowhere!

"A KITTEN!" I shreik.

"What should we name her?" Madison asked. We all agreed on the name Furbee.

"Carlos, can you say kitty?" I asked. "No." he replied.

"Hiya Furbee!" I stroked the new kitten.

Furbee really liked to play Hide and seek with either people or other cats, especially Neon and Sora!

Labor! Baby 32 is on his or her way!

And soon there was a little clover baby in my hands!

Karni Abagail Bell
8 lbs, 1 oz
19.1 in

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