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The Reunion- Baby 31

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*Kristine's POV, 8 weeks after last post*

Gwendlyn grew up to become a Young Adult! Now that she is moving out, I think she better be careful, so she won't be teased for her looks.

Gabriel and Mariah are poles apart in looks, but they are surely cute!

The little Apple and Peach have grown into schoolchildren! I have always wondered, where did Madison get that black hair from?

If you haven't noticed, I am on my feet now!

I got a call from my mom, who's invited me to come to her min-family reunion! "Sure," I say. I haven't seen my mother since I left Sunset Valley for the 100 Baby Challenge.

I set up Skype for my kiddos so they could Skype me while I'm off in Sunset Valley.

*8 hours later*

I was greeted by my mother, firstly, "Hi, sweetie!" She has changed a lot since I last saw her. "You look exactly like your father," she would always remark.

Next, I was greeted by my two older brothers, (they are twins!) Trevor is on the left, Callum is on the right.

After that, the next person I was greeted by, you guessed it, Mark, my twin! I'm actually surprised to see him without his stubble this time, and he did his hair differently.

Two people had came through the door after that, my uncle Bailey, and my cousin, Bambina. (Daughter of Malcom Landgraab)

"Hey, Bambina! How've you been?" I asked. She nodded her head, "Fine."

I relaxed outside with my mother and we chatted for a while.

Bambina walked up to me and announced, "Kristine, there's something I want to show you."

We walked up to the cemetery, to approach my uncle and aunt's grave. "They finally made the tombstone?" I asked. "Yeah," Bambina replied, "They have put it off for years, but they finally made it."

Bambina broke out in tears, "Nobody knows how much I miss my mother and father! If they hadn't taken that busy highway, they wouldn't have been dead now!"

I started to cry, too. Then we decided it would be a good idea to go back to the house.

I hung out with my uncle Bailey, as he reminisced about old things, It's actually quite enjoyable.

"Kris, can I talk to you for a second outside?" my mother asked. I nodded, "Sure."

"I want to say that I'm sorry for treating you like dirt ever since you were born. I was too young and reckless to know how to be a good mother." she said.

"Well, can't you see that you've wasted half of my life? You ruined it!" I screamed at her.

"Woah, girl calm down." Mother said.

I clenched my two fists in anger. I really, didn't want to unleash my fury and anger on my own mom, and nobody else would, too. But she neglected me!

"I don't care! Bottom line is, you've wasted my life! I wouldn't be doing this 100 Baby Challenge if it weren't for you!" I shouted.

"Well I couldn't help it!" my mom argued back. Suddenly, there was a loud THUD coming from inside the house.

"Uh oh." I say, "Let's go check it out."

When we ran inside, we found Uncle Bailey collapsed on the floor, unconscious, his lips turning blue.

"MOM!" I scream, "CALL THE PARAMEDICS!" I drag my uncle over to the wall so I could check his pulse. It was slow and quiet, slow and quiet, slower and quieter.... no pulse.


"Time and date of death...." The paramedic announces, "10:22 AM on Sunday, May 5th, 2012." We all surrounded my uncle's lifeless body on the stretcher. "We will hold his funeral in 3 days." announced my mom.

*The Next Day*

Callum and I were in charge of finding something for Uncle Bailey to wear during the funeral. "Hmmm..." he said, "How about this tux?" I nodded in agreement.

"It's okay, sis" Callum consoled me, "We'll get through this together."

I couldn't help but cry my huts out. This is the second uncle I have to have passed away so suddenly.... This can't be happening.

*The funeral*

Uncle Bailey's lifeless body was in the wooden casket, wearing the nice tuxedo Callum and I picked out for him.

Mom was the most saddest, it looks like, to have lost the person that she could call "brother" most of her life.

We all circled around him, sitting in chairs, saying our last respects and goodbyes. But I would have to leave soon to return to Bridgeport.

I hug my family goodbye before leaving.

While heading back from Sunset Valley, I meet a teenage girl with yellow hair and skin. "Hey...." she asks, "Can you do me and my older sister a favor?" I nod, "Sure, what is it?" She begins, "It's something about our brother. YTou can ask my sister for more information. Somehow..... she seemed familiar.

"Hi!" greeted a young woman, about 22 years old, "I'm Lisa Simpson." I was shocked, "So that's why you seem so familiar!" I realize, "Just.... older..."

"You see my brother, Bart, over there?" Lisa asks, "He wants a kid, but he can't find a girl. I think it would be good for him to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge." I rub my hands together, "Sure, I can do that."

"I'm Bart Simpson." he greets, "Who the hell are you?" he asks. "I'm a 100 baby Challenge mother, Kristine Bell." He nods, "Yeah, I've heard that name before... Can I be the father of Baby 31?" I give him a thumbs-up, "Yeah."

Being with Bart actually made me forget all about my uncle... for only a little bit.

We had convinced Baby 31 in the hot tub! I watched in amazement as a heart made out of bubbles floated into the never ending sky.

When I got home, it was 10 in the morning, and I had to take Dayton out of his crib so he could learn to walk.

"Mama, I walk-wing!" Dayton announced. I clapped, "Very good! Encore!"

"Did woo see 'dat? Did woo see what I 'id?" he asked. I nodded, "Yes, dear."

*Madison's POV*

"Hi Madison I'm your daddy!" I was greeted by a tall, orange fellow, who just happened to be my father. "Come inside and play video games with us!" Aspyn announced. "Sure, I've got the time." he replied.

Daddy and Aspyn decided to play video games from all the way in the dining room.

But I got a better view by sitting on the couch, directly in front of the television.

Dad seemed to get mad, though, as he started hitting the controller. In the end, Aspyn won.

*Kris's POV*

"Dayton..." I asked, "Can you say your name?" He smiled, "Yes, woo wame!" I facepalmed myself. "Nooo, Dayton..."

*Gabriel's POV*

I looked at myself in the mirror in the boy's bathroom. "Hmmm...." I say, "My arms and legs are too skinny, I better work out."

Excersicing  is hard, but it's fun!

*Kris's POV*

"Oh, god..." I mutter, "Morning sickness."

sure enough, after throwing up in the boy's toilet, I had to clean that icky thing.

I felt a big kick in my tummy from Baby 31. "Hello little one! Are you training to be a soccer player?" I asked.

*Gabriel's POV*

I easily got the hang of working out. Soon, my arms and legs were just the right way I wanted them to look.

*Kristine's POV*

"Dayton..." I instruct... "Stay on the potty and don't move until you're done!"

Mariah has always been helping me out, ever since she was a child. Right now, she helped me pick up the dirty laundry while I potty trained Dayton.

*Aspyn's POV*

'Dayton? Where did I go? Can you find me?" I asked him, while I played Peek-a-boo with him. He ended up covering his eyes, too. "Where am I, Aspyn?" he asked.

"Peekaboo!" I announced. He giggled like a little girl, "I wanna play wit 'da bwocks now." he said.

Dayton grabbed a blue block and started playing with that while I built a tower with the blocks.

"Dayton! Look at the tower! Help me knock it down!" I asked him.

He took a blue block from it, and the whole thing tumbled down. "Thanks, Dayton!"

"You are the best little brother in the whole wide world!" I told him. "I know I wam." he said.

*Kris's POV*

"Ohh..... not labor....!" I say, making the labor faces.

Anyways, I gave birth to a little boy! Welcoming...

Baby 31
 Carlos Frederick Bell
10 lbs, 0 oz
23 in.

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