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The Titanic Tribute! Baby 23

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*Kristine's POV*

"Yay!" Ever Rose cheered. It's birthday time!

Baby 16, Ever Rose Bell, is a stunning young adult now! Even though she dreams of being a superstar model, she, unfortunately, lost the Prettiest Sim contest. Maybe next time!

Baby 18, Rachel Bell, has a big heart and loves music!

Baby 19, Zachary Bell, is considered the, "cool" or "slick" person in school.

Baby 20, Aiden Bell, is sure to break anybody's heart with his innocent expression!

Even though Baby 21, Meri Bell, is blind and deaf, her classmates are still afraid of her, because she is a vampire!

Baby 23, Kody Bell, is the only Smurf-Vampire hybrid in the world! He has striking yellow eyes, which appear to stare into your soul. He is constantly receiving stuff from his father, Papa Smurf, and the Smurfs of Smurf Village!

After putting Kody to bed, I got a phone call. "Hello, are you Kristine Bell?" the voice over the phone asked. "Yeah! Why?" I asked. "Well..." he stated, "You won a free cruise! Tickets will arrive in the mail immediantly!" I was shocked. I won a cruise!

Sure enough, I got the cruise ticket and a train ticket to Sunset Valley, where the cruise was leaving!

I put on a nice vacation outfit, and said goodbye to the kids and Jason. "Okay, so there are a list of things on the breakfast table." I reminded him. "Relax, girl! You deserve this." he replied.

Before I got on the train, I stopped at the tattoo parlor to get this ugly wolf tattoo removed.

Here I am without it! The tattoo artist doesn't seem to like it, though...

Before I knew it, I was on the train! Too bad I couldn't stop to see any of my relatives while in Sunset Valley, though.

I soon arrived at Old Pier Beach, waiting patiently in line with my ticket and bags to get on the ship, the SS Victoria!

"Tickets, please! Hey, who gave me their TV Dinner?" the cruise worker asked for the tickets.

I met Tinka Sierra, a 100 Baby Challenge mother, on the cruise, and we chit-chatted for a bit. We talked about our kids, what we have planned for the future, how awesome this cruise is.... etc.

Suddenly, a weird dude walks in front of us, showing himself off like he's just plain sexy. "Um, who are you?" I asked. "Roark is my name, sounds like rock, don't it? Anyways, don't wear it out, it's my only pair." he introduced himself, as a rock. "Oh, hi rock." Tinka joked. I laughed, "You're funny." I decided to pull of a joke, too. "Hey, Mr. Rock." I started, "The Grand Canyon called. He said he wants part of himself back." Sad joke, I know.

"Umm.... nice joke?" He didn't really get it. Suddenly, Tinka realized something, and then I realized it, too. "Hey." she said, "your eyes are purple, like mine and my mum's. What's up with this?"

"Well." he sighed, then started, "I'm Tinka's half- uncle, actually. After Mikolaj was born, her father, which is my father, married my mother, and had me. I was raised in circus business, my parents were clowns." he told his life story. "Ummm.... Ok?" I asked, "Anyways... uh.... see you later?"

I quickly ran inside of the ship to escape the scorching sun. "Close call!" I warned myself, watching the blisters from the sun disappear into thin air. Soon, Tinka came in, and we played a few game in the Game Room.

"Steady..... Steady, now..... And..... DON'T MESS UP!" Tinka commented while it was my turn.

"Yesshhhh! Bullseye! I am on FIRE! Okay, Tinka, your turn." I said, handing over the darts to her. "Ummm, okay. I'll try to hit bullseye."

"ROARK?! WHAT IN THE H-E- DOUBLE HOCKEY STICKS ARE YOU DOING HERE?" we screamed together, when Roark magically appeared into the room. "Uh,,,, just checking on you gals, 'kay?" He made up a crazy reason. "Keep your distance, creep." Tinka sternly warned.

Trying to escape him, we put on our bikinis and hopped into the hot tub on the bow of the ship. "Lets just ignore him, 'kay Tinks?" I asked her. "The worst thing th-"

"WHAT THE FRIKIN' HELL, ROARK? WHAT IS UR PROBLEM? GET A LIFE!" I was cut off when Roark appeared in the hot tub, and I just frikin' lost it.

"Look, I'm gonna take care of this hell of a rat's ass. See ya later, 'kay?" I told the Tinks that I was going to take care of Roark once and for all, and make sure he never sees daylight again.

"WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STALKING US, YA FRIKIN STALKER?!?!?!" I just totally lost it, right there, right then.

"Ok, so your just making ME mad now, so we're on the same level. HOW BOUT DAT?!" Roark replied, rather harshly. "Oh so your a vamp', eh? Wanna cookie? SIKE! Vamps are weak stuff!" he commented on my vampireness.

"I'll show you who's the puny one here!" I screamed my battle cry, as I tackled him down to the ground.

"Ow! Okay, you were right. Vamps are some pretty sweet stuff..." he groaned, getting up from the floor.

"All I've ever wanted in life was to be a father, to be a part in your baby challenge. But that dream doesn't wanna come true, just 'cuz I have some dumb old clowns for parents, and my half-sister's a diva, but I've always wanted to be a father, all of my life. Can you please, just PLEASE, give me my wish?" he went on.

"Okay, okay. Fine, you can be a father in my Baby Challenge." I accepted.

"Oh god, thank you. You won't regret this m'am. But first, I found a nice place in the ship that I think you'll like." he said.

"A bar. Seriously?" I couldn't beleive it when he lead me to the bar part of the cruise. "Uhh, yeah, kinda..... Lemme pour you a drink, 'kay, Kris?" I stared at him for a while, then shrugged my shoulders.

"A little of this, and a little of that. And.... Presto!" Roark says as he finishes making the drinks. "What a weirdo..." I mutter under my breath.

"Well, at least it tastes good." I comment.

"Well, if it tastes so GOOD, then have some more. Duh!" he smart-mouthed.

One by one, he kept telling me to drink more, even though I started to feel over- hydrated. However, I had absolutely no idea that the drinks were heavily dosed with alcohol.

I drank until I passed out cold.

I woke up in my room in the ship, in my pajamas, with a migrane. I groaned, "What happened last light?" Roark comes in the door. "I'll tell ya what happened last night."

**Roark's POV**

"Before you passed out, your drunk-ass insisted to convince Baby 23. I thought about it for a while, and decided to go with it.

You insisted to get this done very quickly." I showed Kris the pictures from last night to "remind" her. "Eeew," she groaned, "You actually took pictures?"

**Back to Kris's POV**

I rested for a bit, hoping that this stupid hangover will end soon.

After the hangover ended, I called Jason to check up on him and the kids. "Is Mer-" I was cut off. "Relax, gal! I've got everything taken care of. Do you not trust me?" I just hung up.

"Yep, Baby 23 is in the oven..." I announced, getting ready for the morning sickness.

I swam in the indoor pool for a bit. It was really fun.

After I changed, there was a frantic knock on my door. "Kris! It's Tinka! Please, open up!"

I opened the door, and Tinka came scrambling in, "Kristine, the ship is sinking, quickly. It accidently hit a large rock in the way, and the ship has no lifeboats or lifejackets. We have to get out of here as fast as we can."

She pushed me out the door, "I'll go warn the rest of the passengers. You need to get off the ship and survive." I gasped, "But you'll die, Tinka." She bade me farewell, and ran off.

Soon, the entire ship was underwater, people scrambling from below to find the surface.

The Grim Reaper came to take away all of the people who died. This isn't good.

I saw Roark floating as a ghost. Dead as a doorknob. "Kris..." he said to me, "Please take care of the baby without me. I'm sorry."

I turned away. I didn't want to know if Tinka was dead yet.


I woke up finding myself on a deserted island, in front of a lot of Easter Island heads.

I examinded them for a little bit, and then I started to work on surviving here!

I started by making an "SOS" sign in the sand. Some of it was blown away by the harsh winds, though.

I made a hammock out of leaves, a spear for hunting and fishing, and a rain shelter.

A campfire was also created to cook the meat and boil the water.

I checked up on the Easter Island heads, and I noticed that one of them was missing! Oh, well.

A weird man appeard from thin air, right in front of me. "HAHAHA" he laughed in a gruff, deep voice, "YOU WEAR FUNNY CLOTHES! HAHA!"

"Oh, I sorry. Me name Tiki!" he introduced himself. "Uhh... yeah... hi, um.... I'm Kristine, from far away? Anyways, can you answer a question?" I asked. "YESH! Tiki knows all questions!" he cheered. "Okay.. um..." I tried to remember, "Is Tinka Sierra alive?" He rubbed his head and chanted in a forgin language for a few minutes, then he bellowed, "YES! She is alive and well-being!" Iw as so grateful that one of my friends were okay.

Suddenly, I start crying uncontrollably. "Why you sad?" Tiki asks. "Oh, well, I'm preggers, and the father of the baby has recently died, and I'm crying because the baby won't ever get to see his or her father...." I said. "Oh, dats sad! Ah, boo hoo hoo..." Tiki started randomly crying, too.

As I went back to my hammock, a cat jumped up on it. "Oh, she Tiki Cat. She friend." Tiki introduced me to the cat.

We played with Tiki Cat for a while. She is really fun to play with!

Walking along the sea shore, I find that my cell phone has washed up. However, it was very waterlogged! Every time I pressed a button, a splash of salt water gushed out of the cell phone. Guess I need a new one once I return to society....

I saw a few mosquitos buzzing around me, and I quickly blew and shooed them off.

"Watch out!" Tiki warned, "They bad bugs! They Old Easter Island Death Mosquito!"

I managed to make a nice maternity dress out of dead leaves, since my little bump is now showing, only a tiny bit.

That night, I was extremely exhausted, and little did I know, I slept for two days in a row, without food, water, and using the bathroom.

I woke up to LABOR!!! In my opinion, going into labor is worse if you're stranded on a deserted island. Just sayin'.

I gave birth to a healthy baby boy, whom I dressed in a leather blanket.

Baby 23:

Solomon Jay Bell

Next: Baby 24

Author's Note: I just wanna say that this post was created to remember what happened 100 years ago: The Sinking of the Titanic. This post is dedicated to all of the souls we lost on the fateful night of April 14-15, 1912. May all those souls RIP.

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