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Nothing Seems to Work - Baby 25

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*Kristine's POV*

"Come on, Solomon..." I say, "Say mommy! Say mommy!" After mouthing the word a few times, he finally spat out, "J'MawMaw." I shrug my shoulders, "Okay..."

"Mom!" Kody yells, "Look at my smurf suit!" I've got to admit, it's pretty nice.

Meri grew up to be a fine young lady. She will definitely become a guy magnet! 

Kody is a rockin' teen now! Being the first Vampire-Sim hybrid, he wanted to keep his looks cool.

Solomon is my mini-me. If it wasn't for his purple eyes, he'd be the male version of me!

Logan and Sapphire were inseparable. They always wanted to do things together. (Author's Note: Sorry if you're confused! Logan's middle name is actually Alfredo, not Jay. It was a small mistake during photo editing ;). Sorry!)

Sapphire definetly liked other people around her, especially snuggling with them. Today, her and I were going to visit Baby 4, Alice's family.

"Saphy, you can play with your cousin Taurus." I told her, "I'll be here when you need me."

*Sapphire's POV*

Looking around me, I noticed a dollhouse, right there, in that room. I couldn't help it, but scream, "DOLLIES!" Taurus came over next to me, while I played with the dolls in the dollhouse. "Dollies fun!" he shreiked. We decided to stick the actual dolls up our noses and twist the heads off.

*Kristine's POV*

"GRANDMAMMA!" Hope shreiked, sitting on her parent's bed. I couldn't believe that she was a schoolchild now!

Hope wanted me to play a tune for her on her piano. I wasn't very good at it, but I tried. I wonder if Hope is taking lessons?

Soon enough, it was time to go back home.

Being a Level 4 celeb, I got to be driven around in a limo! No more yellow taxi, peeps!

After I got back, Della called me. "Come to Bridgeport with me. We're on a three day vacation there." she spoke into the phone.


After checking into the hotel, Della and I went to the Butterfly Esplanade. She checked out the beautiful butterflies while I epically failed at fishing....

Dell and I agreed to go to the art museum afterwards, since my skin was burning hot. She was most interested in the gnome there...... for some reason....

While there, I accidently bumped into a man. He was pretty cute, but he reminded me too much of Jason.

When we got back to the hotel, Della made me dye my hair and wear another outfit. Soon, we were ready to strike the clubs and bars of Bridgeport by storm!

Our first stop was Waylon's Haunt. We danced together like there was no tomorrow!

Della and I decided to play a game of Darts before heading to Aquarius.

Della seemed to have a little bit of trouble getting past the bouncher. "She's with me." I said.

We blew a bunch of bubbles together at the bubble station! We even got to blow some out of our noses.

"Hey! Let's go skinny dipping, Kris! The sun is almost down. Nobody wills see us." Della said. "Okay." I reply, grooving to the beat of the music playing.

"Great idea, Dells." I say, "This is pretty cool!"

"One last thing, though." She sayd, putting her clothes back on, "Let's see how much alcohol we can drink before the Aquarius closes." In the end, it was a tie, 4 glasses to 4 glasses.

*Kody's POV*

"I'm telling you! My Mum didn't hire no baby sitter!" I yelled at a woman, pretending to be the babysitter.  "Well, can't I at least help you out? You must be exhausted." she asks. "Fine..." I grunt, "Come on in."

*Crazy Lady's POV*

When the boy was asleep, I decided to try to burn the house down, by lighting fireplaces.

It started out rather small at first.

Then, the whole bedroom was up in flames! MWAHAHAHAHA! >:D

*Sapphire's POV*

I wake up to uncomfortable heat inside my room, along with smoke. "Logan..." I say, trying to wake him up, "LOGAN!" It was no use, he was deep in sleep.

Soon, viscous, orange flames entered the room, and went straight for my dolly- house. Crying wouldn't do me any good now.

As the flames neared closer to me, I tried to do everything I could to get logan to wake up. "LOGAN!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. 

"LOGAN! LOGAN!" I scream, chucking my bed pillow at his head.

"Ow! What is is, Saph?" He asks, slightly dazed. Everything just went black from then...

*Kris's POV*

That morning, we turned on the 6 AM news, with nothing else to do inside the hotel.

"This is a live, immediant report!" the news anchor announces, "Two toddlers are in critical condition at Sacred Spleen Memorial Hospital in Twinbrook Estates, Maryland, after a massive house fire ignited at their house."

"Wow!" Della exclaims, "I feel pretty bad for them. What dot their parents think?

When I heard the names, "Sapphire and Logan Bell," I immediantly froze. "This can't be right? Maybe this is just a dream, or another Sapphire and Logan Bell!"

However, when the news showed pictures of them before the fire, I immediantly got up. "I'm going home, Della. No questions asked." Once again, another vacation ruined for me.

*6 hours later...*

When I finally got to the hospital, I was told by a friendly nurse that hey both had severe, third-degree burns on themselves, they were severely dehydrated, and very exhausted.

When Sapphire woke up, she only said, "Grandma, it hurts." before going back to bed.

*1 week later*

The healing process has been slow for the both of them, but a week later, they are ready to go home!

Once we were back at home, I taught Logan his first steps before I would meet up with Baby 25's father!

"My, you're tiny for a 25 year old..." I say. "My names is Weird Ugly! (thanks to dannerro)

"Well," Weird says, "Let's get started" he said, while kissing my, uhm, err, privates. Baby 25 was conceived that night. 

"Grandma! Look at me!" Sapphire greeted me, as she showed me her first steps.

Sapphire and Logan would definetly be twins if they chose to! They just loved doing everything together. It would be pretty sad for Logan when the times comes for Sapphire to be taken home to her mommy, my Baby 18, Rachel Bell.

Puking in a box-toilet.... Doesn't need explaining.

"Solomon!" I call, "Why are you failing school?" He shrugged his shoulders, "Mum, I don't like school! It's SOOOOOOO boring!" I shake my head, "As punishment, I'm hiring a tutor for you!" Solomon screams, "NOOOOOO! NOT A TUTOR!"

I am about to tell you now: I have decided to revert back to a normal Sim again!

I breathed a sigh of relief. No more vampire curse! And, alas, I was free to live like a normal Sim again.

"Hey!" A lady with a high pitched voice called me. "Why weren't you at home when I burned your house don? I'm Valentine Smithens, and you BETTER stay away from me, or I'll hurt you, or your kids!" she screams at me before running away. I finally realized that this Valentine girl is Jason's new girlfriend, and she's after me.

"Hi, little baby! Can Mummy see you soon?" I asked, rubbing my pregnant tummy.

This dreaded day has finally came: for Sapphire returning to Rachel.

"Hey mom! Thanks for taking care of Saphy for me!" she thanked, while hugging me.

Sapphire shreiked with joy, "Mama! Mama!" Rachel played with Sapphire, " You and me are going to have so much fun together!"'

"Pah... seems empty here without Sapphire.." I say, while teaching Logan to talk.

"You guys..." I say, " I have an announcement to make. After this baby is born, we're moving to Bridgeport in New York."

Almost immediantly afterwards, my water breaks! "I'm in labor..." I whisper.

Solomon and Kody went into panic mode! "Ahhh! Mum's in labor!"

I crawled up onto a bed to deliver my baby. "Ow, it hurts so freaking bad!" I say to myself.

Almost an hour later, I gather up Solomon, Kody, and Logan. "Kids..." I say, "Meet your new baby sister!"

Gwendlyn Diane Bell
8 lbs, 9 oz
20 in.

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