Saturday, April 28, 2012

A New Beginning- Babies 26 & 27

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*Kristine's POV*

Kody grew up to become a fine Vampire-Smurf gentleman. I let him grow out his hair to his heart's desire, too. He hoped to, one day, find the legendary Smurf Village!

Solomon can be a little troublesome sometimes, but when he has his heart set on something, he won't stop 'till he's finally accomplished it.

Like Kody, I let Logan grow out his hair too. He has Della's hair, freckles, and eyes for sure.

Gwendlyn almost gave me a heart attack when she grew up! i think I better home school her when she ages into a child, I don't want her to be bullied. Other than her appearance, she is an average Sim.

The dreaded time came to move from the comfort of Twinbrook Estates in Maryland, to the beaming city of Bridgeport, New York.

My agent picked out a freshly-built home, just in front of a lake. It was three stories tall, and had 3 bathrooms, 1 master bedroom, 2 girls' rooms, and 2 boys' rooms, along with a pool, trampoline, and a wide backyard! It was the perfect place to raise my family!

Sad enough, Kody had to move out, as part of the 100 Baby Challenge rules. "Goodbye, everybody!" he bade.

I had decided to try out the inventing workbench. I got shocked a few times, but nothing serious.

Solomon took interest in the Grand Piano. Because of his Vampirism, he quickly mastered the skill.

Meanwhile, Logan took interest in the costume chests and the trampoline outside. However, it was soon time to meet the father of Baby 26!

"Hello! It's Kris, for the baby challenge." I said. "Okay!" said a man's voice, "I'll be right over!"

"It's a pleasure to meet you! I am Parker Turner (thanks to haileygleisner aka Dawn Turner!) and I a son of the famous Dawn Turner!" Parker introduced himself. "That's awesome!" I reply, "Anyhoo, how is you're mother?" I asked. "She's fine" he replied.

"So... Let's get crackin'!" I say. Parker threw his arms around me, "I am such a lucky man!" he said, preparing to make out.

Baby 26 was conceived in the elevator of Parker's apartment that afternoon.

"I owe you one, Parker!" I say, about to leave the apartment, "I'll visit you after the baby is born!"

I had to make a quick pit stop before going home. I had to cameo in a movie as a gnome seller! I rode there on my new motorcycle that came with the house.

After that, I headed home. My kids needed me.

"Mama!" Gwendlyn said, snuggling up in my arms, "Your home!" I say to myself, "Who thinks she's ugly? It's not her fault. She just wants to be like every other 2 year old."

"Come on... stupid vampire powers.... Help me with this foolish homework! MWAHAHAHA!" Logan decided to act like an old time vampire during homework.

"Welcome one, welcome all to the Annual Royal Feast! I am your king, King Logan Bell!" Logan acted like a king conducting a feast.

"As king, I hath the power to make my own rules. I shall order everybody to have NONE of that foolish bedtimes. And the homework! I shall ban bedtimes and homework all across the land!"

"Oh, Royal Cook! Hath you finished preparing the dishes for the Royal Feast?"

Anyways, I taught Gwendlyn to walk....

...Before morning sickness came. How did I puke out my eyes, nose and mouth at the same time?

"Gah! Stupid sink..." I mutter under my breath, trying to fix this darned sink.

That night, Logan was woken up by Baby 17, Alana's ghost. "Hey, you're 8 years old too, right?' Alana asked in her whispering ghost voice.

Speaking of Logan, he is my little helper around the house. He cleaned up after the broken sink for me.

"Ahhh... the first few signs of life..." I say, stroking my kicking tummy. This kid could become quite the karate master!

"Okay, Gwendie, say rain!" In structed Gwendlyn, also known as "Gwendie" for short. "Wain!" she says. We clap our hands together, "Yay for Gwendie!

"I'm inventing on the railroad! All the live long day!" I sing ehile inventing something.

"MUM!" Solomon screamed, "I LEARNED A MOZART PIECE!" This was pretty important for Solomon, as Mozart was one of his favorite composers.

Watch Solomon play the piano in this video. He is AWESOME! (And I'm not saying that just because I'm his mother.)

Logan decided to work on another hobby: Building sandcastles. He liked to dress up in his swimsuit and pretend that he was on the beach.

"Now, Gwendlyn..." I instructed, "Stay right there on the potty."

"ROAR!! I'M A DINOSAUR! I'M GONNA EAT YOU ALL UP!" Logan screamed from upstairs.

"And now..." he said, "I'm a prince, looking for my future wife, waving to all of my fans."

"However, I am not just a prince... I am.... MAGICAL!" he says, waving out his wand.

"Ow! Ah! Woo!" I say, as the baby decided to come right after waking up from sleep.

I gave birth to a little baby boy....

Baby 26: Gabriel Avery Bell
10 lbs, 0.5 oz
20.5 in.

Right when I put Gabriel in a crib, my contractions started up again!

It's twins!!!! Here is....

Baby 27: Mariah Jessica Bell
9 lbs, 9 oz
19.8 in.

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