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Two Gay Friends, and Baby 24

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*Kristine's POV*

Little Solomon was a toddler now, and the spring air brought chilly nights. "Solomon, don't go too close to the fire, you'll burn yourself." I sternly warned him. "But mama," he said, "I'm cowld. Vey cowld. And twired."

I took him over to the hammock to rest, and to cuddle around him. He likes to tickle my legs, though. If you look closely, the only thing he inherited from his dad was his purple eyes!

***The Next Day***

"Come on, little squirt. Let's go hunting." I announced to Solomon. He immediantly leaped from the hammock, and crawled over. "Wunting! Wunting!" he cheered. "Now, Solomon," I warned, "Don't go with any animals or people you've never met. I don't want you eaten up by a fox." He giggled like a little girl, "You're silly, Mommy! I wont." I chuckled, too, "Maybe we should teach you how to walk."

Not far from our "property", I noticed a large herd of bison. "Shh, Solomon. Be very quiet for mommy, so we can have something to eat tonight." I took an arrow, drew my bow, and BAM! I killed a nice big buffalo, right in the heart.

After dragging the heavy buffalo back to the campsite, Solomon asked, "Mommy, can I well you a swecwet?" I picked him up, and said, "You can tell me anything, sweetie." He leaned close, and whispered, "Never weave me, Mommy. I wuv woo twoo much."
These are the kinds of things that mothers absolutely love.

"Here, kiddo. Grab my hands. I'm gonna teach you how to walk." I said, reaching for his little hands. I slowly stood him up. "MOMMY!" he screamed, "DON'T LET ME FALL!" I guided him to walk a few steps, and then I slowly took my hands away.

"Mommy! I can walk!" Solomon cheered. I clapped for my little boy. He threw himself into my arms. "I'm so proud of you." I whisper to him.

Afterwards, he went up to pet Tiki Cat. "Witty! Witty!" he announced while petting the kitty. Meanwhile, I went to work on the ecape raft.

That evening, Solomon crawled up to me. "Mommy, why are woo making a woat?" I began telling him, "Solomon, I'm making it because we need to go home and see your brothers and sisters, and so we don't have to worry about you getting eaten up by foxes." He just nodded his head.

We fell asleep soon after, together.

***The Next Morning***

*Jason's POV*

I (accidently) fell in love with another girl, Valentine Smithens. "Jason, dearie, you don't need to love a whore, for you have me." She would always tell me.
*Rachel's POV*

"Slowly, Kody. I don't want you to fall. Tiny steps." I instructed Kody on how to walk.

"Now, come to Sissy!" I cheered him on. "Gaga ohh goo!" he babbled.

He walked straight into my arms. "Yay! Kody can walk!" I cheered. "Now let's go to Uncle Jason so he can teach you how to talk!"

"Say daddy, Kody! Dah-dee! Daddy!" Jason told him how to say daddy. "Dah-dee!" Kody finally said. We clapped together, "Yay, Kody!"

"Hey, Rachel?" Jason asked. "Yeah?" I replied. "You wouldn't mind baby-sitting Kody for awhile, right? I'm gonna go hang out with some friends." I nodded "yes" in reply. He sped out the door like a speeding bullet.

I started to clean the house, for when Mum gets back, not knowing what's about to happen...

Suddenly, I hear the words. "FREEZE!" I immediantly turned around with my hands in the air, too afraid to call for help. "Don't say a word, or I'll kill you, your family, and everyone else you care about." he warned, covering my mouth. Then, he dragged me upstairs, into my parent's bedroom.

He then pulled me under the covers. Everything went blank from then until...

"Never tell anybody, or I'll kill you!" he warns, then left forver.

I started to cry hystericly. "Who would do this to mee?" I asked myself.

*Kris's POV*

"Solomon! Solomon! We get to go home today!" I announced to him, cheerfully.

Tiki came over and told me that he was staying here. "Okee Dokee." I replied, trying to hide the hint of sadness that I wouldn't be able to see Tiki and Tiki cat ever again.

"Let's go, Solomon. Say goodbye to the island, and hello to home!" I told him. He waved his hand, "Bye iwind!"

**Three Weeks Later**

After finally getting home from the island with solomon, I went to check my mail. My Baby 4, Alice Bell-Kalson, sent me a picture of her first child, Taurus, as a toddler. Maybe I should give that kid a visit ;D

Almost immediantly afterwards, a swarm of my kids came to hug me, even the pets! "Mommy, you're home!!!" they shreiked.

**Rachel's POV**

I was so mad when the home pregnancy test was positive. I broke it and half, and threw it in the trash. Mum would be so mad that I was preggers. "How can I tell her? Would she understand?" I asked myself in the mirror. Of course, I have to tell her. We can't let that guy run around and do the same thing to other little girls.

"Hey mom," I said, "Jason left you a present. It's by the door. After that, can I talk to you once?" Mum nodded her head, "Sure, sweetie."

*Kris's POV*

I found a tiny preset by front door, with a note attached. It said:

Dear Kris,

I'm sorry, but I'm leaving you. I've found another girl that doesn't sleep with diffrent men every week. We're over, whore. Anyways, here's an Iphone 4S to forget the troubles. Sorry.


Inside the package was, you guessed it, a brand new Iphone 4S. I toyed with it for a bit until sitting down in the living room to talk with Rachel.

"Mum, a few weeks ago when you were gone..." Rachel began, "I was all alone in the house, watching Kody, when this robber-guy came in. He got me pregnant, against my will. And I know I can't take care of the baby, but we can't afford an abortion."

"Well, first of all" I replied, "is that we need to call the police. Second, when you become a Young Adult and move out, I could be in custody of the kid until you think you're ready. Third, I'm warning you. Labor is VERY, very painful. It's worse than you think."

Sure enough, Rachel was struck with morning sickness, and ran for the toilet.

After that "vomit episode" ended, I got a Skype request from Della. My computer started malfunctioning, though.

Soon 'nuff, it was working perfectly. "Della," I asked, "would you like to spend the night?" She nodded her head, "I'll be there ASAP."

Rachel changed into some maternity clothes I bought her, and she rubber her tummy. "Hi little baby! Can Momma see you soon?" she asked the unborn child.

"Sissy I need to go poddy" Kody announced to Rachel. She was quickly able to get him on the toilet.

That night, Della came over for the night, and marched right inside.

Della brought over The Exorcist movie, so we decided to watch it, and make sure that the kids were upstairs.

"Shhh, Kris. The part where she throws up comes on soon!" she told me to keep quiet, as I kept screaming at the movie in fright.

"Eeeeewwww, vomit everywhere...." Della was grossed out when the little girl vomited.

After the movie, I had a great idea for a Baby Challenge father. "Della," I said, nervous, "I may sound like the ultimate gay whore, but.... Will you please be the father of my Baby 24?" She shrugged her shoulders. "Sure."

That night, Baby 24 was officially baking in 'de oven!

"Okay, that'll be our little secret, right?" I asked, rubbing my eyes with two fingers. "Yeah." Della replied.

We acted like total goofballs for about 10 minutes.

I crashed on the couch to sleep, while Della went into the treehouse outside and slept there.

Enough said, for now.

"Well, bai bai, for now." Della bade goodbye in a cutesy, baby voice.

I noticed Rachel was starting to do the hobble walk. Anyways, the school put her on maternity leave now.

I finally got to contact the police. "Hello, I would like to report a sex offender, please. He is a white male, about 6 or 7 feet tall, about 200 pounds, black hair and beard. Also, very muscular, and was last seen wearing a black jacket with blood red scarf." I described how Rachel described him.

"Oy, m'am, Sounds like another one struck by the Impregnator. He tries to impregnate teens just to give them a hard life" the sheriff responded, "We're on his tail." I blew a sigh of relief, "At least we know who the guy is."

I felt Rachel's tummy. "Baby!" I shriek. Rachel laughs, "Haha, mom. You're funny."

Soon enough, my tummy starts showing, too. "Mum, wouldn't it be cool if we both gave birth at the same time?" Rachel asked. I nodded my head.

Anyways, it's time to get into the birthday mood, for Meri and Kody!

Meri is a beautiful girl with her flaming red skin, pink eyes, and my trademark green-black-white hair. However, she is still blind and deaf.

Kody is the only Vampire-Smurf hybrid in the entire world, and he loves it. He just doesn't like it when the paparazzi comes to take pictures of him when he's outside (or anywhere), though.

"Hi, baby! It's Grandma! Will you come out soon for us?" I talked to Rachel's baby.

*Kody's POV*

"Hey! Cut that out! I'm trying to play hopscotch here!" I yell at the paparazzi member to go home. "But, kid, you're famous! Famous people like it when other people take pictures of them." she tried to talk me out of it. "I don't!" I holler. Then, I run back inside.

"Hmm.... Nope, that's not it....." I mutter as I try to fix the broken dishwasher.

Suddenly, I hear a bloodcurdling scream right next to me. "MUM!" Rachel yells, "MY WATER JUST BROKE! I'M IN LABOR!"

I couldn't help but panic. "Okay, sweetie. Just hold tight." I instruct her.

Soon, she gave birth to a little girl whom she named Sapphire. "Awh, you're so CUTE!" Rachel said while holding the newborn.

"Hi baby! It's Grandma!" I speak to her as she cuddles with me. "You're a people lover."

"Saphy, I'm you're mommy!" Rachel played with Sapphire, but she calls her Saphy for short.

"Rachel..." I say, grimly, "It's time."

Rachel aged into a fine young adult. She hoped to become a Marine Biologist someday.

Zachary grew up to be one funny guy. I can see him as a stand-up (he wants sit-down) comedian.

Aiden, he  somewhat reminds me of Della's husband, Adam. I can't see why, though. ._.

"Goodbye, Sapphire. Don't worry, Mummy will be back when she gets more money." Rachel bade sapphire goodbye, for now. I swear I saw a tear on Rachel's cheek.

"Well, goodbye everybody! I'll be back soon" she bade goodbye.

"Ugh, why is EVERYTHING breaking?" I mutter, trying to fix the now broken washer.

Great way to make my day worse, labor comes RIGHT when I'm about to relax.

My tummy just before I give birth.

I gave birth to a baby boy!

Baby 24:

Logan Alfredo Bell
9lbs, 7.5 oz
21 in.

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