Sunday, April 29, 2012

Can't Get You Out of My Head... - Babies 28 & 29

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*Kristine's POV*

I fed my little Mariah before aging her up before her birthday. Babies was the life stage that I liked the most, they wouldn't sass back, they still loved attention, they hardly cried, and much more.

I think that Solomon grew up way too fast! It feels like just yesterday, I was holding him for the first ime in my arms, in a deserted island.

Logan is like a male copy of Della, since he looks so much like her!

I was very shocked when Gwendlyn aged into a child. Half of her torso is missing. However, according to Dr. Blueflame, she'll be fine.

Gabriel and Mariah are my two little cutie pies! All of the other moms 'round Bridgeport wished they had as such pretty kids as mine.

Solomon bade everyone farewell before I would take a stroll around town.

There, I met somebody new. "My name's Marley," he introduced himself, "You must be Kristine Bell, right?" I nodded, "Yup."

"Well, I guess I should continue now." he said. "Wait," I stopped him, "Can you stick around for a few?" He nodded, "Yeah, sure."

After maybe an hour of talking, he announced, "Look, I have to go to work now. Sorry." I watched him walk off the beach, heading to his job.

While running home, I got a strange feeling. Marley seemed strange, but in a good way. It feels like I've seen him before, but I don't recall him in my memory before.... Huh....

To make my day even weirder, I got a letter from Valentine, that read, 

"You better be careful when you cross the street next time, Kris. I know where you live."

I wouldn't be surprised. She hates me more than anything in the world.

That entire afternoon, my mind was all stuck on Marley. Would I see him again, or was he just a mirage? I've never had so much fellings for a guy before.... -_-

"Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya, tomorrow! You're only a day away!" I sang while playing the piano.

"Mommy! I can walk!" Gabriel cheered.

Mariah liked Logan the best. She preferred him to make her meals, to her to walk talk or use the potty, and change her dirty diaper. She has always thought of him as her "daddy."

But Gabriel, on the other hand, preferred me more.

He was loyal to me most of the time... like when I taught him how to talk.

He's never really had a thing for the potty. He was a hyperactive child, and didn't like staying put. "No, Mommy no!" he fidgeted.

At last, I finally got him to stay put on the potty.

"Mariah... Mariah..." Logan instructed Mariah on how to talk.

"HI MUM!" she shreiked, when she found me.

Hunting down scrap for a time machine, I dug through a scrap pile...

And pushed a detonate button on one pile. Kablooey!

When I got home, my luck wasn't the greatest. I started on fire from trying to invent. I gave my Simmer a sad stare. "Please help me." I cooed.

I went around, screaming, "HELP! IM ON FIRE!!!"

I quickly jumped into a pool to relieve the fire.

Once again, my luck turned on me. I was singed from an inventing explosion.

Finally, I was able to invent the glorious time machine. "I shall travel to the past," I announce to myself, pressing the buttons on it.

I lept into the device. Inside the time machine, I got to travel the Oregon Trail, go inside a Californian gold mine, be a nurse in the Civil War, watched the moon landing of 1969, and so much more!

When I popped out, I was fairly disappointed. My time in there was up, and I was having so much fun. Anyways, I better go meet the father of Baby 28!

"Hello!" said a plump, orange man. "My name is Zesty Orange, and I am one of the rare, exquisite, berry sims!" he introduced himself. He smelled like an orange scented perfume, like freshly cut open orange.

"Well," he said, "Let's get peelin'!" Ilove how his jokes were always orange-related.

Not that night, but the next night, I recieved my baby bump. "Hello little one!" I jest as I rub my tummy in glee.

I wanted twins or triplets (to make the challenge go quicker), so I crammed in a whole bunch of kid's channel and station on the TV and stereo!

I was so excited to learn that Logan has found his first girlfriend.... A popular girl in the high school named Hannah Smyth. I hope that this relationship lasts!

I felt my water break as the contractions started early! I was going into premature labor!

I quickly hopped on my motorcycle, and headed straight for the hospital, no breaks in between.

6 hours of painful labor, I walked out of the hospital with a baby basket. Two bouncing little twin girls were inside.

I gently pulled the first one out....

Madison Alyx Bell
7 lbs, 8 oz
15 in.

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