Sunday, March 25, 2012

Aw, Smurf! Smurf Baby 22!!!

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*Kristine's POV*

After a check-up with Dr. Blueflame, I learned that poor little Meri was born deaf and blind! I Comforted her after the visit after hearing the news, and wondering what she was going through.

"Yaaay birthdays!" Ryan cheered. It's birthday time!

HOLD DA PHONE! I just had to take a picture of Jason on the first day of his new job :)

Anyways.. *trumpet fanfare* It's Baby 15, Ryan Bell! I just can't believe how grown-up he looks :)

Baby 16, Ever Rose Bell as a teen! she dreams of starting her modeling career early.

Baby 18, Rachel Bell! Even though she is a blonde, she is NOT dumb >:D

Baby 19, Zachary Bell still has the same hairdo from when he was a toddler. The only diffrence between him and Rachel is that he has slightly darker skin than Rachel.

Baby 20, Aiden Bell, has the same facial features of Rachel and Zachary, but diffrent hair and eye color. He is also slightly more tanned than Zachary.

Baby 21, Meri Bell is one cutie patootie! I love her glowing purple eyes from her father. Looks like she's going to be a future vampire!

Jason got his first emergency today! He had to take care of a small house fire.

Wsait, why am I heavily pregnant? Nothing that Resetsim won't fix!

It was hard, but I finally got Meri to put food in her MOUTH, not nose. She didn't get much food in her mouth, actually.

I went out to the graveyard to see if there were any ghosts willing to be a father.

I waited 'til dawn came, and she was the only ghost who rose from her grave.

I managed to teach Meri to walk, but she could only do it while hanging on to something, since she was blind. Poor girl :'(

She started crying because she tripped on a toy.

"Jason, tonight I am going to meet a Smurf for Baby 22. Isn't that exciting?" I asked him.

"I love Smurfs!" he announced, hugging me in a friendly manner.

"Well, see ya when I get home.." I said, digging my shoe into the carpet before I left.

"Hi! I'm Kristine Bell, and you msut be Papa Smurf?" I asked, introducing myself. "Why, yes I am! The Smurfs of Smurf Village need you, Kris. Ever sicne the new movie came out, poachers have been poaching Smurfs, and now the Smurf population is declining. I would like to take part in your 100 Baby Challenge so that there can be at least one more Smurf." He asked. "Okay," I replied, "let's get cracking."

"Ready?" I asked him. "Yuuuuup!" he replied. Let's get this show on the road!

Aaaaannnddddd...... Ta-Daa! Baby 22 is in the oven!

"One more thing, Papa... Is it okay if I drink your blood?" I asked. "Sure." he said.

I proceded with it. I gotta tell ya, Smurf blood tastes great!

Meri gets herself stuck in the most dangerous places because she doesn't know. I feel bad for her...

I found the place that Mark kidnapped me to, and I converted it to my personal dance room.

I invited Rachel to join me, but she danced in her swimsuit.

"Aw, why do I have to throw up while dancing?" I asked myself.

I invited the entire household to join me dancing, even little Meri! This picture was taken while dancing to "Party Rock Anthem" by LMFAO!

when I saw my babybump, I rubbed my tummy in glee. Was a little Smurf in my tummy?

"Errrrr... Huh?" Rachel pondered on the difficult question, right before school started.

*Jason's POV*

When I got to work as a firefighter, I worked out for a bit, and maintained the fire engine.

I also maintained the bell, too.

When I was in the middle of working on it, it rang for an emergency. I had to put out a small house fire.

When I got there, there was nobody home, and there was a fire right by the pool. How can that happen?

*Kristine's POV*

The kids called the dining room table the "homework room" since they never eat in there. >_<

I danced for a bit in the living room. I prove that a woman can be preggers in the 3rd trimester and can still dance!

Uh-oh! Labor inducer?

Please welcome our newest member of the family, Baby 22, Kody Bell! Tailor Smurf made a unique blanket and clothes for him.

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