Thursday, March 22, 2012

Past-and-Future Baby 21

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*Continued from last chapter*

*Kristine's POV*

"Mark? Jason?" I asked. Jason is the one with the New York Yankees cap, and Mark is the one in the Coca-Cola tee. Mark is my older twin brother, and Jason is a childhood friend of mine.

"Sis! So good to see you! I haven't seen ya sicne you ran away to here." Mark announced. I was nervous about hugging him, because he is a criminal and always carries a pistol in his front pocket.

"Kris, I know we haven't seen each other in forever, and our friendship is melting away, but.... Can I pelase stay with you? I spent the rest of my money on the airplane ticket to get here!" he asked, carring little Rachel in his arms. "Alright, but you have to help me take care of the kids, and find a job. I don't want just another mouth too feed, y'know?" I told him. We agreed, and we schedualed a dinner this evening at the Bistro after the kids grew up.

Baby 15, Ryan Bell has the face of a gentleman, but he's only a teen!

I let Baby 16, Ever Rose Bell get pink highlights in her hair, because she wanted to be "unique" from her friends. You already are, girl!

Baby 18, Rachel Bell, looks the most like me out of her triplet pack. I love her short summer dress!

Baby 19, Zachary Bell, is almost a carbon copy of his father!

Baby 20, Aiden Bell, is the only one out of his triplet pack that inherited my trademark green-black-white hair and his father's blue eyes.

"Alright, kids. We'll be back, and Ryan's in charge." I told the kids before I left with Jason for the evening.

We ate for a bit...

...And chit-chatted. "Kris...." Jason said, "I've been thining about this... and... Can you please be my girlfriend? I know I can't marry you yet because of the 100 Baby Challenge, but it doesn't say anything about having a boyfriend, right." I agreed that Jason would be my boyfriend.

"Here are some flowers, fresh from the florist!" Jason announced as he gave me a fresh bouquet of flowers.

"Kris, I want to wait until Baby 100 to marry you, so that we can have the perfect family, a perfect life..." Jason started flirting with me.

We even shared his first kiss together.

"Oh, Jason! I'll love you 'til way after we're old and gray...." I announced as I lept into his warm, cuddly arms.

Ever Rose, being the hydrophobe in the family, was terrified of water. She would weep in the corner every time she had to take a shower.

One night, I was hanging out on the swings, minding my own business.... until I blacked out.....

When I woke up, I found myself in a prision cell, wearing a very revealing bikini, a wolf tattoo between my breasts, my head shaved, barefoot, and a dog's shock collar around my neck.

A man came downstairs, wearing sunglasses to protect his identity. "Alright, I'm the one who kidnapped you and murded Alana. But I will NEVER give out my identity to you, until you're dead." he announced.

He then pulled out a gun. "Don't even think about sitting down, or I'll kill ya." he warned.

I felt sick to my stomach from all of the nervousness about what would happen next. Was he going to kill me or something like that?

I felt like going crazy from being in there for a while.

I even taught myself to sleep standing up, because I didn't want the mysterious man to kill me.

After two months of being in there (It felt like two centuries!), my eyes started to grow, I grew sword-sharp fangs, and my skin had a slight green tone to it. I was a vampire!

"All right, Kristine. It's time." he said taking off his sunglasses. "Mark! why would you murder Alana, kidnap me, and turn me into a vampire? Why?" I asked him. "Alright, kris," he replied, "I don't want you to do the baby challenge anymore, so I've been trying to make your life miserable so you would quit. I'm sorry. But, now, I'm going to kill you, to end it all."

Just then, Ryan came to the rescue! "Get away from my Mum!" Ryan told Mark off. Just then, Mark pointed the gun at Ryan! "I'll kill you both!" he yelled.

Ryan took the gun, chucked it at the wall, and gave Mark a tight slap. "Nobody messes with my Mum!" he warned. Mark ran away.

Ryan was able to bend a space in the metal wire bars to escape.

We hugged each other, and shed tears of joy. "Let's go home" we agreed.

"Kris! I missed you sooooo much!" Jason cried as we saw each other for the first time in months.

He helped me get my life back on track after the kidnapping. What an amazing boyfriend I have, and he doesn't even get mad when I woo-hoo with other fathers for the baby challenge!

I met Zibby Zane a few months later for a father of Baby 21.

It was easier then pie and pi to convince!

"Baby 21 is baking in the oven!" I announced to Zibby when the lullaby chime went off.

"Good steps, Aiden!" Jason praised Aiden as he took his first steps!

*vomit*... Well, we all knows what happens now... Oh.... *vomit*

"Rachel, say jellyfish! Jel-ly-fi-sh!" I tried to get Rachel to talk in the garage.

"Look, Rachel! Mum's going to have another baby soon!" I told Rachel.

"Okay, Rachel. One more bottle, then it's ni-night time!" I told her. Rachel was a girl that was just full of energy.

I danced for a bit. You could only tell from my hips that I'm preggers!

Anyways, Jason and I went back to teaching the toddlers their skills before their birthday.

"AH! Ooo...Eeehhh..." Baby 21 is on it's way!

While I was in labor, Jason actually found a job on the computer as a firefighter.

Anyways, welcoming Baby 21, Meri Bell! Why does Meri have red skin when I have fair skin and Zibby has green? Oh,well! Stay tuned for Baby 22! I'm almost at the quarter mark!

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