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A Shocker! Babies 17, 18, 19, and 20!

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*Kristine's POV*

"Ever Rose! It'll be your birthday soon!" I told Ever Rose as I enjoyed those baby moments.

Baby 11, Rudolph Bell is all ready to take Twinbrook by storm!

Baby1 2, Clarabelle Bell, is almost a carbon copy of her father! If you look closely, the only thing that she inherited from me were my green eyes.

Baby 13, Seano Bell, dressed up to look like the legendary Elvis Presley!

Baby 14, Kandace Bell, leaned more towards my genetics, even though she got her father's eye color. She loves to wear things that didn't match.

It looks like Baby 15, Ryan Bell's, hair didn't grow with him! Oh, well.

Baby 16, Ever Rose Bell, is a true blue albino, and I can't see any of my genetics in her! I'll give you a billion dollars if you can find at least one of my genetics in her! (Just kidding! >:D)

"Mum, do I have to move out? Why can't I stay here forever?!" Rudolph questioned. "Rudolph, it is my job as a mother of the 100 Baby Challenge to make sure all of my kids find good homes once they become a Young Adult. I wish I could keep you here forever, though. But I can't, it's a rule of the challenge."

"I guess, Mum. Goodbye everyone! Mum, I'll always be your little Christmas baby!" he bade farewell.

Desperate for a new house, I went to the park and played tips.

However, a stranger came up and decided to play for tips, too. "Yo, everybody!" he announced, "Tip me instead of that fat lady!" I got furious.

"What are you doing? Making fun of me?!" I shouted at him, "Don't you think that I've had enough with 16 kids and counting?"

"I don't even care about your stupid 100 Baby Challenge! I'm a hater and I enjoy it!" the man announced as he tackled me to the ground.

"How do ya like THEM apples?! Nice and juicy?!" he taunted.

"Never come near me, my kids, and my house AGAIN! Otherwise, I'll have the cops take you away to Bridgeport! They have a maximum security prison!" I sternly warned him.

I just took this really random picture while in the park...

I then just played for tips like nothing has happened...

After playing for a few hours, I noticed that someone had tipped me a Clone Voucher.
I went to redeem it right away for Baby 17!

Please welcome my carbon copy, Baby 17, Alana Bell! I just adore her cute braids and spunky dress.

Ryan and Alana quickly became the bestest of friends. She was especially intrigued by Ryan's skin color!

I played for tips, of course. :)

I just got a call from Alice Kalson, Baby 5 of my challenge, who recently married her husband, Cooper Kalson. I was so excited when they told me that she gave birth to a healthy baby boy!Thisis me holding my newest grandson, Tarurus Kalson! (The game named him, not me.)

"Hmmm... should I go swimming today?" Alana made the fateful desicion to swim at the town pool or not. Why do I say fateful, you ask? Keep reading :)

Alana went to the pool, minding her own business...

...When she feels a tugging on her ankle, wich soons turns to pulling. "Help!" Alana screamed, "Someone's trying to kill me!"

As Alana was sinking to her fate, she tried breaking free from the iron grasp on her ankle.
Her cries for help weren't working...

Alana drew her last breath and sank to the bottom of the pool, lifeless. She was murdered! R.I.P Baby 17, Alana Bell :(

"Noo.. Grim! Please don't take me away! My Mum will be sad!" Alana begged for her life back. "Aboslutely not! Those who die are dead forever!" the Grim Reaper declinded her request, slapped her with his sythe into the ghost world.

I cryed for many months after that. I was so depressed I had thoughts of ending the 100 baby Challenge!

I often zoned out during these months Kandace would often ask me "Mum, what are you doing?" or "Mum, you ok?" I decided that the current household and me were going to move into a new houseo move into a brand new house not far from this one. I chose The Simpson House by curtisparadis, but I renovated it to fit my family's needs. :)

Come on in, I'll show you around ;)

This is the foyer.

The dining area, where we'll eat most of the time.

The kitchen/breakfast area, I just love the crazy colors of the furniture!

I turned the rumpus room by the garage into an exercise room for me and the teens.

The garage, maybe I'll put a family van in that empty parking space...

The living room. Nothing here's changed!

The family room, it looks very nice!

Let's head up the stairs, shall we?

The master bedroom, aka my bedroom.

My personal bathroom.

Nursery for the newborn babies.

The toddler's room, where they play and develop their skills.

Since I couldn't put the toddler potty in the room, I had to put it in the hall.

The kids/teens room.

A lovely chandelier! I just hope that the kids won't crash it, though. Let's go outside!

i decided to put some flowers around Alana's grave. On her gravestone, I engraved this:

"Dearest Alana,

I am very sad that someone would kill a beautiful girl like you. You hold a very special place in my heart, and mommy will always love you, no matter what. But don't cry, because it's almost over. We'll find that man who killed you and teach him to NEVER, EVER, EVER mess with you, your siblings, or me. I would do anything to have you back alive and well again


Mum <3"

Anyways, here is part of the backyard! There's A LOT of things that the kids can do out here.

The slide and sculpting station.

A doghouse, just for Spot :)

This is the rest of the backyard, or maybe the sideyard? Anyways, we have a trampoline and a Slip 'n' Slide!

Some strollers for the little ones to take a fun ride in.

I set up a nice area in the front yard for Colbat to run around and get some exercise with.

A nice diagonal view of the house. That's the end of our house tour!

I decided to change my look ONLY because I moved into a new house, no other reason than that

Here's the rest of my outfit. I just love my heart shaped heels! Also, my outfit was also valid for maternity, which is pretty cool!

Ever Rose loved her new "big girl" bed! She has been asking for one for what seems like ages!

First meal in the new house: Goopy Carbona!

While doing housework, I got a phone call. "Hello?" I asked. "Hi there!" a young, male voice replied. "Are you Miss Kristine Bell?" he asked. "Yeah." I said, "Why?" It was complete siolence for about 10 seconds, and then he said, "Well, you are the winner of "Spend a day with Barbie and Ken" Sweepstakes!" I was shocked! "So, when may I come over? And may I please bring my daughter, too?" I was full of questions. "Anytime, and yes, you may!" he answered, and then we both hung up. i was planning on using Ken as the father of Baby 18.

"Those are some good frist steps, Evvie!" I praised Ever Rose as she took her first steps.

"Let's go get you a cookie!" I told Ever Rose. "Evvie" was her nickname.

A week later, I finished my newest project: Building a treehouse! Here is the inside of it.

"Let's go on the horsie, Evvie!" I told her as she wanted on the pony ride at 3 in the morning!

"See dollies! See dollies!" Ever Rose cheered as we made our way to Barbie and Ken's house.

"...You must be Ken, right? I'm Kristine Bell," I said, introducing myself. We chatted for a bit.

"Look, Evvie! It's Barbie!" I told Ever Rose as we approached Barbie.

Oops, a glitch! Anyways, in this picture, me and Ken are talking....

"Ken, I know we just met, and this sounds like a strange request, but.....
Will you please be the father for Baby 18 in my 100 Baby Challenge?" I aked Ken. "ABSOLUTELY FREAKING NOT!" he shouted. "Come on, Ken. Men like you are one in a gazillion. Plus, you don't even have to visit the kid. By 9 of my challenge, Rosalie, didn't even know that she had a father until she was a teen. All I need is a baby from you, that's it. Ok?" I explained to him.

"I guess... But on two conditions. First, don't take a picture of me woohooing with you, and second, I never, ever want to see the kid. Ever." Ken said.

"fine by me" I said, giving him a quick smooch. Soon, Baby 18 would be on it's way! I soon left with Evvie to take care of my kids and it was almost midnight!

Before I left, i took this quick pic. "Uh, here's your kid. She doesn't seem to like me..." Ken said as he handed Ever Rose to me.

"KEN! What in the h-e- double hockey sticks were you doing with that lady?!"Barbie scolded ken.; I just freaking love her facial expression in this picture. ROFL

Anyways, once I put Ever Rose to bed, I practiced on my pole sliding skills.

Suddenly, I heard a ghostly voice. "Mama?! Mama, where are you?" a ghost Alana asked herself.

"Woah, is that really Alana?" I asked myself.

Tears of joy welled up in Alana and mine's eyes when we saw each other. "Mama!" she cried, "I don't like the ghost world at all, and I miss you so much. I wanna come back!" I sighed, and told her, "I want to bring you back, Alana. But we can't until we find your murderer. I'm sorry."

I decided to spend every moment I could with Alana, before she would be forced back into the spirit world.

Spot also thought that Alana was just a mirage...

"Don't act like you don't know me, I'm your sister!" Alana scolded Clarabelle.

"Pillow fight, Mum!" Alana cheered as she whacked me with a pillow. We had a fun time.

Sliding down a pole is so easy, even a ghost could do it.

"No, don't take me back to the ghost world, please! MUM, HELP!!!!" Alana screamed as she was being dragged back into the ghost world.

"So, today is the final exam, and tomorrow we graduate..." Landace sighed as her triplet group talked in the clubhouse.

"Toss the ball here, Mum! Throw a spiral, thow a spiral!" Ryan shouted as we played football.

"Got it! Touchdown!!!" Ryan cheered, but then he had to leave for school after that.

I decided to teach Ever Rose a few more words. "Say balloons, Evvie." I instructed her.

My bump is showing! "Baby 18, I can't wait to see you!" I told him or her.

After getting his homework done, Ryan decided to ride the spaceship. "Wheeee! This is so fun!" he shouted.

Seano loved sliding up and down the pole. I laid down two rules for it, though: Be Safe on it, and ABOSLUTELY NO POLE DANCING!!!!!

"Gosh, that final exam was so hard, Mum!" Clarabelle told me as we jumped on the trampoline.

"Hi, Evvie. Looks like you're teething! I'll get you the teether toy." I comfrted Ever Rose, because she was teething.

Little Ever Rose would bite anything, such as dolls....


.......Rocket Ships....

....And teddy bears!

She even tried to rip Teddy open! She's one wild kid, but I still love her... :)

"Teddy! Me sowwy! Woo hurt?" Ever Rose asked the bear as she checked him out. Maybe it's a toddler mood swing?

I decided to invite Della over for brunch. "Hey girl! Gradz that you completed the 100 Baby Challenge!" I told her, though she already knew. "It's awesome, right? Anyways, can I bring Amber?" she asked. I agreed, and we both hung up.

As soon as the doorbell rung, I answered it. "Hey, girls! Come on in, I made Autumn Salad." I greeted them.

We had a nice brunch, but Della decided that she wasn't hungry and went to play on the Slip 'n' Slide.

"Hey, Della... I'm pregant!" I announced my pregnancy to Della. "That's awesome, Kris! I can't wait to see the little one." Della complimented.

Amber decided to have a go on the Slip 'n' Slide, while wearing a dress....

"Kris, this is so amazing! I already miss being pregnant..." Della said as she rubbed my tummy.

Even though I couldn't use the slip 'n' Slide while being pregnant, I still wore my bikini. It doesn't look like I'm preggers in this picture!

Della just HAD to run inside to play computer games... :/

**The Next Day**

I decided to run on the treadmill for a bit. Yeah, I kinda fell down alot, though.

I decided to schedual an appointment with Dr. Blueflame. She told me that she just opened up her own hospital with her own doctors and nurses!

"Mum says we have to complete our homework before aging up!" Seano annoucned.

"Great to see you again, Kristine. The person who is behind me is Laila, my primary nurse, and she will be helping us with the ultrasound." Dr Blueflame greeted me.

I waited eagarly for the results. "What a surprise!" Dr. Blueflame and Laila announced. "What is it?" I asked.

**This is a real ultrasound picture, and I do not own it**

"IT'S TRIPLETS?!" I shreiked in glee. "Yup," Laila said, "They look healthy, too. However, it's still early in development to predict the genders, though." I ran home after that to celebrate Clarabelle, Seano, and Kandace's birthday!

Baby 12, Clarabelle Bell, loved athletics and wanted to get a job as a Cross- Country runner.

Baby 13, Seano Bell, has always wanted to be a doctor! He immdiantly got a job as a doctor at Dr. Blueflame's new hospital.

Why is Baby 14, Kandace Bell, dressed in black, you might be thinking? Well, she is planning ob becoming a Spy Agent! Let's just call her Agent K now...!

**6 Months Later**

I checked my calander before leaving for the hospital. I was nearly two weeks overdue, and mylabor induction appointment was today. "I'll be back tomorrow, Ryan. The babysitter will arive soon" I told Ryan before I grabbed my purse and left. "Dr. Blueflame is handling an emergency, so I'll help you through the induction and labor." Laila said as she walked me inside.

"NURSE! I'M IN LABOR!" I shouted, after the induction medication had started doing it's job.

A few hours later, the nurse came in, "Looks like you're dialated enough. Let's start delivering, ok?"

"Push...1,2,3... Push...." the nurse instructed.

"Keep pushing, Kristine! The babies are almost out!" Laila cheered me on.

After delivering the last baby, Ryan sent me a picture from his cell phone. The juice, bowl, and ice cream tub was all eaten up by the babysitter, and he just covered his ears when poor little Ever Rose was crying because she was very tired! Looks like I have a babysitter to fire!

He left and was never to be seen by me again.

Anyways, here is Baby 18, Rachel Bell!

Baby 19, Zackary Bell!

Last, but not least, Baby 20, Aiden Bell! When I was carrying Aiden back to the nursery, I saw the most shocking thing in my life.......

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