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Picture Perfect! Albino Baby 16??

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*Kristine's POV*

After CC purging, I found sooo much bad CC! After I got rid of them, Ryan's skin looked much better. Remember, if your Sim gives birth to a baby that looks like a line or has an odd patch black, white, or brown patch of skin on it's arms, then you have bad CC to remove!

When I got home, I was greeted by a stray dog. I thought owning a dog would be cool! I wasn't home long, because my modeling photoshoot was soon!

when I got to the photographer's house, who was taking the pictures, I met an albino for the first time! "My name is Rowan, and I will be your photographer for the day." he introuduced himself. Our first spot was the beach, for the Simmer's magezine.

The company told me to wear this exact swimsuit and acessories. Woah, sexy mama after 15 kids! I haven't even exercised ONCE since the challenge started. Here are the pictures:

Last picture for the Simmer's magezine! Next up is the one for the Parent-Sim magezine!

Last picture for the Parent-Sim magezine! Next one is for the Sim Celebrities magezine!

Last one of the day!

"I had a wonderful time, Rowan. When can I see you again?" I asked Rowan. "Soon, why?" he replied. "I'm doing the 100 Baby Challenge, and I need a father, after Rosalie's birthday, because we are at the maximum for our household, 8 sims," I told him. "No problem!" he said, "I'll see you soon. Real soon..." I left his house, but I would be back soon to convince Baby 16! I hoped that my little baby would be an albino, just like Rowan.

After a family poll, we decided to adopt a dog. We, as a family, chose Spot (pictured above) as our family dog. Nobody wanted him, because he was skittish and old. He also was abused when he was only a puppy. I wanted him to live out the rest of his days in peace, knowing that he would have a loving home, for once in his life. It was love at first sight, even the triplets and Ryan were attached to him at the first sight!

"Yay! It's my birthday! No more school!" Rosalie cheered. She was ready to face the challenges of young adulthood!

Baby 9, Rosalie was looking good! She wanted to have a motherly look, because she wanted to settle down and start a family.

Seano had to use the potty before aging up.

He was very excited to grow up!

Christmas baby 11, Rudolph Bell, suddenly grew skinny when he aged up! He is a chubby kid no more...

Baby 12, Clarabelle Bell, is an Asian beauty! She looks exactly like her father, with his almond shaped eyes, black hair, and tan skin.

Baby 13, Seano Bell, leaned more towards his father's genes, but he did inherit my trademark green-black-white hair!

Baby 14, Kandace Bell, looks more like me than her father!

Baby 15, Ryan Bell, has not inherited the ghotslyness of his father, but he did get his green skin! I wonder where that brown hair came from, since his father's is gray?

The inseperable pair: Clarabelle and Spot!

Clarie and Seano eat their cake on the couch while watching their favorite cartoons.

After hearing about a new way to deliver a baby, I called Dr. Blueflame. "Yes, it is true!" Dr. Blueflame said, "How about I come over to your house and teach you them?" I agreed, and she came over as swift as a rocket!

"Yes... Just like that! Perfect!" Dr. Blueflame said as taught me the labor poses.

After Dr. Blueflame left, Emmett grew into a young adult, and was ready to leave the Bells. "Bye everyone! I'll miss you all!" he bade farewell.

Spot loved his new pet bed!

Clarabelle was the only one out of her triplet pack that didn't mind the gross stuff. She gracefully cleaned up Spot's "accident".

Anyways, Baby 5, Alice Bell, accepted her boyfriend, Cooper Kalson, request to marry him.I cried tears of joy when I found this out! Also, they were trying for their first child together.

A few days later, I recieved an invintation for Alice's wedding. I RSVP'd, and I found out that all of the other Bell children were going to be there, and I was the Maid of Honor! The wedding is also a Bell family reunion, it looks like.

I was so excited that it seemed that time was going TOO slow. (that means that she was really excited!) So, I decided to work on sculpting. I had made sooo many sculptures, I started getting my materials for free! More profit! I'm trying to save up for a new house, but it cost 100k Simoleans!

Rudolph and Ryan were a great pair. Rudolph helped me with training his skills. Ryan would surely miss Rudolph when he moves out!

I needed tons of money for the new house, so I started on a mini garden! I had to put a fence and gate around it, though, because Colbat was eating the tomatoes! I'm not making much money from gardening, too.

I went to the art gallery, so I could get inspired on my next sculpting project. There, I had found Rowan. "So, do you want to be a father of the 100 Baby Challenge?" I asked. "I d-d-don't k-k-k-know...." he stuttered and stammered out, "I'm not a big fan of commitment and love, ya know?" I told him, "Oh, there's no love and no commitment. All I ask is help convincing a baby. You don't have to visit it at all!" He thought for a minute, and agreed, "Okay I will help you, but on one condition. I want my baby to be a work of art! I want him of her to look like somebody on the cover on a magezine, just with no makeup on!" I started flirting with him, "With our good looks, that's certain. Let's get to my house."

I decided to try something new with Rowan: Convince the baby in the shower! Even though I almost slipped and could've broke a bone, I had Baby 16 baking in the oven!

"Thanks so much Rowan! I dedicate thius baby to ya!" I thanked him. "No prob. Just tell me when the little sucker is born, ok?" Rowan asked. I agreed, and I left to take care of the kids.

I decided to change my look from celebrity to motherly. I kept the sexy cat's eye glasses. Also, I changed into maternity wear-friendly clothes, I wore the ponytail that came with Pets expansion pack, and I changed my earrings so little kids wouldn't pull on them so easily. Also, I wore some makeup over the horrible scar on my face from Liam.

Puke... puke... puke... Baby 16 is on it's way!

The self-cleaning toilet did it's job!

That evening, while I was tending to my garden, I rubbed my tummy in glee. I whised for a little albino baby, just like it's father!

That night was also Alice's wedding day! She was very excited becuase her father, Marcus Blake was coming! She had not seen him in a long time.

Since the band that night couldn't come, Bella and Chantel decided to play a bit on the piano and cello.

The moment we've been all waiting for: The kiss! What a nostalgic moment!

I cried tears of joy when they shared their kiss. It seemed like yesterday, she was a little baby in my arms, and today, she is getting married! Time flies!

Seano seemed to cry the most.

"Wow... I can't beleive that my baby's all grown up and married!" Marcus was pondering about how time flew.

The next morning, I decided to make a metal sculpture for the first time! Stray dogs and cats seem to be popular 'round our house, too.....

Soon, my back had burned. I thought it was just being pregnant, 'till I turned around. My backw as on fire! I panicked and screamed, "Rudolph! Rudolph! Somebody! Please, help me!" My life flashed before my eyes. I thought I would die! I couldn't use the shower, since it was dirty and I am a Neat sim. If it wasn't for Rudolph, the baby challenge and my life would have ended! My clothes the torn up from the fire, and my back had third degree burns.

After a trip to the hospital, my back still hurt from the burns and pregnancy. Even though they recommended painkillers, I decided to tough it out. What a bad time for the phone to be ringing!

Harvest time! After many weeks, the crops were ready to be harvested and sold. I didn't make much profit, though....

Contractions soon came, and Baby 16 is on it's way! I quickly got down on the floor, and did what Dr. Blueflame told me.

Everyone please welcome, Baby 16, Ever Rose Bell! Once again, this little girl is wearing the boy's clothing! I wonder why that stray cat nearby is always coming to our house? Anyways, stay tuned for Baby 17! Hint: A cute couple that you may have grown up with visits the Bell's house!

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