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Unicorns, Ghosts, and Fires, Oh My! Ghost Baby 15?!

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*Kristine's POV*

I got a call from Baby 5, Alice Bell, of my challenge. "Mum, I finally got a boyfriend! His name is Cooper!" She sent me some pictures of him and his family. According to Alice, Cooper's wife was hit by a drunk driver after their second baby was born. Above is a picture of Cooper himself!

Cooper's oldest daughter, Neveah. She looks very pretty, but she should wear clothes that are less "revealing".

And this is Cooper's second and youngest child, (So far!) Hope!

"Where are you going, young lady?!" I stopped Rosalie in her tracks. "Uh... Well.. I'm staying the night at my friend's house. Is that all right?" she said. "Really? Then where is your overnight bag?" I questioned. "Thanks for reminding me! I'll go get it." she replied. I let her stay the night at her friend's.

*Rosalie's POV*

I so had Mum fooled! I packed my overnight nag with cartons of eggs, lighters, and bags of poop! I wasn't going to stay the night at a friend's house, I was going to prank every house on the block!

Even though the smell was AWEFUL, I loved flaming bags of poop as the best prank.

After pranking, I hung out in the park until Mum would think that it would be time to leave. I sat next to the legendary Cadence Sierra! "Cadence?! I'm a big fan!" I remarked. "That is so kind of you. Why are you out so early? It's only 7 AM..." her voice trailed off. I never would lie to Cadence, to I told her the truth, "I told my Mum that I was spending the night at my friends, and I really spent the night pranking houses instead." Cadence seemed shocked. "Why would you do such a thing? I hope you can go to your mother and apologize for what you have done. You should never lie to others." she scolded. I thought about how much trouble I was going to be in, but I made up my mind. "I'll go tell her," I said, and I ran back home.

"Sweetie! How was your friend's house?" Mum asked. I stammered for a bit, but then I told the truth, "Mum, I didn't really stay overnight at a friend's. I was pranking houses all night. I'm sorry for what I've done. I feel so guilty now." Mum quickly snapped "WHY WOULD YOU DO SUCH A THING?! I THOUGHT I RAISED YOU TO NOW DO THAT! YOU REMIND ME OF YOUR STUPID FATHER!" I have never heard about my father. I didn't even know that I had a father! "YOUR FATHER WAS SO IMMATURE AND RUDE TO ME, AND THIS IS HOW YOU ACT?! I HAVE TOO MUCH PAIN IN MY LIFE, AND DON'T YOU DARE MAKE IT WORSE!" Those evil words pierced through my heart like a knife. "Baby girl, I'm sorry. It's just that your other brothers and sisters are too much for me to handle. I'm overwhelmed by them!" she apologized. I accepted her apology.

*Kirstine's POV*

"Mum, who is my father?" Rosalie asked. The memories of Liam and I quickly came back by a sudden flashback. "L...L....Liam Th-The N... N...N-Nerd..." I choked out. She didn't seem shocked. "Liam? Who is Liam? Why do I never get to see him?" Rosalie questioned. "well, your father and I had a bad history together. He tried to break the rules of the 100 Baby Challenge by marrying me. I told him that I could not because children are more important to me than a husband. He borke out into a fight, and left this ugly scar on my face." I told her, even though inside I knew I shouldn't have.

I made a Scrooge Face (a face that looks like Ebenzer Scrooge from A Christmas Cariol) and said, "Yes, he was a very mean man." rosalie agreed, "He must, if he beat you up on wedding day..."

I hugged Rosalie, and said, "Please don't prank houses again, okay, sweetie pie?" rosalie replied, "Okay, Mum."

Rosalie helped me around the house and taught little Roudolph to talk! "Say laptop, Roudolph! Otherwise, you can't grow up!" she warned. "Lappy-toppy!" Roudolph answered back. "Close enough..." she sighed.

*Rosalie's POV*

I woke up the next morning to a rancid odor coming from my bedroom. I thought it was just the dirty laundry piling up until I found Squishy in his cage, dead. Emmett must have watched my cry, because he asked what was wrong. I told him that Squishy was dead. After a good cry, he recommended, "Why doesn't Mum just bury him in the backyard?" I told him that Mum told me that she doesn't want any more pain in her life. So, me and emmett snuck outside and buried him in peace.

*Kristine's POV*

After the kids left for school, I decided to potty train Roudolph. He didn't seem to like the potty at first, though.

He soon knew that the potty wouldn't hurt him.

*Rosalie's POV*

The triplets were getting annoying. Always wanting to be in the center of attention. I hated that more than spinach soup. I just had to escape the crying brats. I decided to run away, and that's exactly what I did.

I decided to set a booby trap on EVERYTHING in the library, just for fun. Computers, sinks, toilets, you name it.

*Kristine's POV*

Birthday time! I am very excited to see what the triplets will look like.

Baby 10, Emmett Bell, has grown into a spunky teen with his charcoal skin and jet-black hair. His friends think that it's quite cool that his father is the Grim Reaper!

Christmas Baby 11, Rudolph Bell, looks a lot like Santa and Michael Claus with the grey hair and plumpness!

Baby 12, Clarabelle Bell, is an Asian beauty with her almond-shape eyes and her black, short hair!

Baby 13, Seano Bell, looks radical with his slightly chubby cheeks and his favorite candy bones shirt!

Baby 14, Kandace Bell, inherited my hair color and skin tone, and she looks dashing in her sweatsuit!

Suddenly, I realized Rosalie hasn't been here for the birthday celebration. "Rosalie? where are you?" I asked. I looked in every nook and cranny on the lot, and Rosalie wasn't there! I called everbody I knew and they said they haven't seen Rosalie! Luckily, Cadence and Mikolah said they would keep an eye out for her. I called the police. "Hello," I said, "I would like to report my daughter, Rosalie Bell, missing. I haven't seen her all day, and nobody I know doesn't know where she is. She has brown hair, light skin, green eyes..." I started giving out the details. "Don't worry, m'am" the policeman said, "We'll find 'er."

*Rosalie's POV*

When I was wandering around, I met a unicorn! Her name is Colbat, and we became BFFs. "Colbat," I asked ,"Will you join me and my journeys?" She shook her head, and dug her hooves into the ground. "NO!" she said, "You must show me that you are a friend to ALL animals! Then I will consider it!" It was hard, but I completed his request. "Now may you?" I asked her. "Hmmm... I don't see why not." Colbat answered.

I decided to ride Colbat to the Equertsian park! We ran around for a bit.

I found a flyer at the park! It stated that I was missing! I found some old clothes near a creek and quickly put them on. I hope nobody notices me!

I was starving, so I grilled up some hot dogs. They were burnt, but it was the only thing I could eat. Yes, I was THAT desperate.

Then, I saw a green parrot roaming around in the park! It was very cool, because there has never been a wild parrot living in Twinbrook before.

*Kris's POV*

"Slow steps, Clarabelle. Don't be afraid!" I instructed Clarabelle on walking.

*Rosalie's POV*

A vampire approached me in the early morning. "Hiya, chick! Wht's your name?" he asked. "Umm... Um... Maggie... Muggie, I think..." I made up a fake identedy. "Really?" he asked, "You look a lot like Rosalie Bell, that teen gal that went missing a few days ago." I just went along and said, "Yeah, we do look alike, but we aren't related." we kept talking for a bit, and I made sure that I kept my real identedy a secret.

I noticed Cadence Sierra in the park again, so I went and talked to her. "Hey, Cadence, it is me, Rosalie! But I disguised myself and made up a name, Maggie Muggie." Cadence got mad. "Rosalie- I mean, Maggie, why did you run away. The entire town's looking for you!" she told me, "I think that it's best for you to go home now."

*Kristine's POV*

"Mum! Homework is too hard! Make it easier, please!" Rudolph complained. "I am not your teacher," I said, "So I can not make it easier for you." Rudolph sighed.

*Rosalie's POV*

"Cadence was right. Colbat and I should go back to where I belong. But what if Mum disapproves of Colbat. Don't worry, it's a unicorn. I bet she'll want one." An argument went on in my head when I was deciding if I should go home or not. I decided to go home, since I was so bored.

*Kris's POV*

I got a call from the police. "We haven't found Rosalie yet, but we are still trying. We don't think that she has died yet. Alos, people are reporting sighting of "Maggie Muggie" who looks like Rodslie. We are not sure if she is Rosalie or not." the police sheriff said.

*Rosalie's POV*

I approached the front door. "I'll be right back." I told Colbat.

When I walked in the door, Mum gretted me with a warm hug. "Never scare me like that again!" she warned.

"Mum, would it be alright if we had a unicorn?" I asked, making sure I could keep Colbat. "Unicorn? Sure.. but let me see it first, dearie."

*Kris's POV*

when I met Colbat for the first time, I couldn't believe my eyes that this was a real unicorn. She is very friendly and brave, and she seemed to take a liking to me. "Hello!" she said. I was stunned, since WHEN unicorns talk? "Since forever, I can read your mind." she told me. Wow!

I was low on funds, and I need to buy supplies for Colbat, so I replaced the fridge and living room chair with new and better ones my fans gave me.

I bought the feeding station for Colbat! I figured for exersice she could run around town freely.

"I demand this meeting of the Royal Banquet in order! I would like a bowl of imaginary cereal, please!" Rudolph pretended to be a king.

Emmett also taught Seano to walk. How nice of him!

"Okay, Clarie, say cat! Cccc-aaaa-tttt. Cat!" I taught little Clarabell (Clarie for short) to talk. Oops, Rosalie forgot to put a diaper on her!

"Kandace, your sister Clarie can say cat.... Can you?" I also taught little Kandace to talk.

"Now, be a good girl and sit on the potty, and Mum will give you a cookie!" Kandace didn't fear the dreaded potty and soon would have cookie crumbs and chocolate chips smeared all over her face!

*Rosalie's POV*

I decided to be rebellious and put booby traps on the toilet, sink, and shower!

"ROSALIE!!!" Emmett screamed as the booby trap was put into action. "Ohhh, so then is the SHOWER pranked? I need one, too..." Emmett is very gullible, and that makes him the perfect victim for my pranks!

"Rosalie, this isn't funny! My hair got dyed and it grew out! I'm sooo telling Mum on you!" Emmett threatened. I didn't take him too seriously.

*Colbat's POV*

I decided to walk around town, when many people petted me and stuff because they were very interested in a unicorn.

*Kris's POV*

I also potty trained Clarabelle. Yes, she did get a chocolate chip cookie after it, like Kandace.

*Colbat's POV*

Well, since me and other unicorns have the power to detect a nearby threat, I found on, called Yuron Sierra (Baby 2 Jasper's father) I quickly put a curse on him.

Next, I heard about how Liam the Nerd was mean to my Master Kristine. He deserved more than a curse. I trapped him in a wall of flames, soon burning to his death! MWAHAHAHAHA! Ok, I'm done being evil now.

"Ahh! Fire! Help me, somebody! Please!" Liam shreiked. "MWAHAHA! That's what YOU get for beating up my Master Kristine! How does it feel like to experience REVENGE?!" I told him.

He tried to run inside, but no avail. I locked the door and his clothes set on fire.

Soon, he burnt to death like he deserved! I just hope that Rosalie doesn't find out...

Soon after, Master Kristine decided to take me for a walk, even though her Riding Skill was 0 and my Riding and Jumping skill was both 10.

*Kristine's POV*

I watched as Emmett was in a hurry to get on the school bus. "Maybe I could eat my cereal on the school bus!" he thought aloud.

I taught little Seano to talk some more, if I haven't already....

Soon, it was nighttime, and everybody was all tuckered out. "Goodnight, little Seano. Sweet dreams!" I told him. "Night-Night Mum-my!" Seano responded, and he soon fell asleep.

"Goodnight, Clarie. Don't let the bedbugs bite!" I tucked in Clarabelle. "No bedbugs, Mama!" Clarabelle told me that there were no bedbugs in her crib. I hope she is telling the truth!

"Goodnight, Kandace!" I tucked in little Kandace, too. she broke out into a fit. "No bedtime! Me no tired!" she screamed. But, she soon fell asleep afterwords.

I woke up in the early morning, and I decided to ride Colbat around town again. My Riding skill was slowly getting better!

While riding around town, I met a ghost named Bob-Andy Baker, or Bob for short. The first thing I thought when I saw him was "Ghost Babies!" I told him about the 100 Baby Challenge and explained the rules. "Sure!" he whispered in his eerie, ghost tone ,"I would love to have kids and be a father!"

Soon, the infamous lullaby floated in the spooky graveyard. I don't think that the ghosts have heard this before!

After the lullaby, I thought about ghost babies. I hope I had one! I also heard of Timmy DeBleu, who died of Mummie's Curse in Twinbrook, when nobody has heard of it. If I didn't get a ghost baby this time, then maybe the next!

I went home and slept in my warm bed. I hoped a little ghost baby would be in my hands soon!

I woke up, and puked outside!

Rosalie helped me out by cleaning the dishes.

I rubbed my tummy in glee, hoping that Baby 15 would be a ghost! I would be the very first person in Twinbrook to give birth to a ghost baby!

I thought for a bit, "Is my clothes getting old?" I decided to get a makeover once Baby 15 comes, and I remembered, I had a future modeling session for Sims Magezine coming up, and I would get to keep the clothes.

My kids started to complain to me that Cereal was getting old, so I decided to make waffles, since I have't cooked in a long time. This would become a bad idea!

Soon, smoke came pouring out the oven, and the enitire stove set on flames! I told everybody not to extinguish it and keep calm, because the firefighters were coming.

I was surpirsed at how massive the fire grew. "Are my eyes playing tricks on me?" I thought.

"Fire in my Master Kristine's house? No way, it couldn't be!" Colbat sensed the fire with her abilities.

"Fire! No! I'll save you, waffles!" Rudolph remarked. Little Santa in the making?

Little Seano was interested in what was going on.

"Fire! Ah.. ohh... Um.. Oops!" Emmett screamed and then peed his pants in the process!

"You have got to be more careful, Kristine. Maybe you could learn a bit more cooking skill before you make another meal." The firefighter scolded.

"Do you need to use the potty before you wet your diaper?" Rosalie asked as she rushed Clarie to the baby potty before she wet her diaper.

Soon, I got back to work on a long lost project: Upgrading to toilet to self-clean. I finally finished it!

Soon, I sculpted for a bit to gain money.

Soon, Baby 15 was on it's way! I quickly called for a cab to take me to the hospital.

Tummy right before birth! It looks like it's about to pop!

Welcoming Baby 15, Ryan Bell! Too bad he wasn't a ghost. He got his fatehr's green skin, though. Dr. Blueflame told me that the brown stuff on his hands was just a result of Bad CC (Custom Content) and it will go away when he grows up. Looks like I have some CC purging to do!

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