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Triplets At Last!!! Babies 12, 13, and 14!!!

If you are 12 years old or under, please get a parent's permission before reading my blog. Thanks!

Note: Thank you all SO much for being patient! I have had a lot of homework, and it hasn't been giving me the chance to play the Sims 3. I have had a lot of errors on the Sims 3, too. (Mainly error code 12 and random crashes.) Well, the blood, sweat, pain, and years has finally paid off, because Kris has her first pair of TRIPLETS!!! I just wanna hug you all! *hugs*

*Kristine's POV*

"MOM!! The T.V. is broken!!" Rosalie screamed at the top of her lungs as I was cleaning the sink in the bathroom. I realized that it was 7:53 on a Wednesday morning and I told her, "I'll fix it soon. The school bus is going to be here soon!"

when the kids went off to school, I taught my little Emmett to walk. "Little steps, Emmett. I will catch you if you fall!" I warend him, even though he didn't understand a word.

The weather was getting cold, and we couldn't sleep outside for very long anymore. I review some construction plans to build a couple of new rooms and carpet the living room!

I changed into my construction outfit and got some ice cream to energize me up. "Let's see..." I chose the classic: a regular ice cream cone!

The nice ice cream man gave me my ice cream and I gave him 25 Simoleans because that was how much it cost. "You have a good day!" he said. I replied "Thanks, you too!"

I tried to eat the ice cream fast, because the kids would be home soon, and I wanted to surpirse them with their own room! Here are some pictures of the kids' new room, and my personal bedroom:

When the kids got home, they were in shock when I showed them their new room. "Wow! A lizard cage!' Esme cheered. Lizard fan in the making?!

Rosalie hated to read, and she looked at thebookshelf that I put in. "A bookshelf? Really?! Stupid crummy books...." Rosalie muttered under her breath.

"Guys! A laptop! Lookie here!" Charlie was excited that I put in a laptop and a desk.

Esme bought a red iguana, and quoted Dory from Finding Nemo, (It's a good movie!)"I shall call him Squishy and he will be mine, and he will always be my Squishy <3"

Nights were rough, though. Anytime Emmett or Rudolph cried, everyone that was sleeping in the room went to wake me up. 'Everyone, get back to bed! I'll handle Emmett" I warned.

I finally got to fixing the T.V. Hopefully, the kids won't get addicted to it!

I sculpted for a bit... Like always.

At last! *fanfare* I have completed my first masterpeice sculpture! I sold it for 2.5k Simoleans. I really needed the money, though. And, while posing for the picture, I thought about my Lifetime Wish, Decendant of Da Vinci.

"Come on, Emmett! Say a word!" I tried to get Emmett to talk.

Birthday time! Oops, I better turn around!

Baby 10, Emmett wore his favorite Finding Nemo shirt. If not for his bright clothes, he would look like a living shadow!

Christmas Baby 11, Rudolph, grew up with his father and grandfather's gray hair, and he loved to wear his video game hoodie to death!

Since there is no more beds availible in the kids room, and I am saving up my money for bills, Emmett had to sleep in my room untill Esme and Charlie moved out.

Close-up of Emmett. His jet-black skin grew darker in the light!

Okay, lets take a vote... Vote in the comments below... Is this an EW! face, or a poop Face?!

I got an E-mail from someone It read:

"Dear Kris: I have seen your Baby Challenge Blog. I would Like to become a father. I live In Twinbrook, at the Hi-tech Friends Household. I have recently graduated from The University of Tokyo, with a doctorate's degree in Science + Physics. Please meet me ASAP!"

I set out for the mysterious caller's house.

When I went to a house, a person gretted me warmly, "Hello! My name is Hiro Kitsu. You are Kirstine Bell, right?!" I agreed, and asked, "You must be the one who graduated from The Uiversity of Tokyo, right?" He smiled brightly, and nodded.

Close-up of Dr. Kitsu.

I explained the rules for him and we agreed that he would be the next father! We started flirting for a bit.

Soon, Baby 12 was on the way! The Lullaby is music to my ears EVERY time!

When I noticed his kitty slippers, I complimented them, "Nice slippers! You are the only person I know who got their doctorate's degree and still wears kitten slippers!" He replied, "Thanks! My cat, Snowball, thinks that these are real kittens!" We both laughed. Cats made me think about adopting one, but we are tight money to feed it and give it a bed.

I threw up!! ^_^

After I puked, I ran out and celebrated Esme, Charlie, and Rosalie's birthday!

Except for the blonde hair, Baby 7 Esme Bell is a carbon copy of me! It seems like she always wears a color theme!

Since Baby 8 Charlie Bell wanted to follow in his father's footsteps and become a new rapper, he decided to dress like one!

Why the long face, partner? Baby 9 Rosalie Bell keeps looking more and more like Liam! It also seems like Rosalie is growing to the rebellious side....

My baby bump soon started showing. Luckily, quick pregnancies are normal, according to Dr. Blueflame!

I kinda got mad at myself for not putting a lock on my door! The kids keep putting their cereal bowls in my room!But then, what if they had a nightmare in the middle of the night or they wet their bed?

Since Esme was going to go solo, and Charlie was moving in with his dad, he had mized feelings about sperating from Esme. She has always been there for him, and she was his best friend. But he knew that it was time to grow up, and things we don't want sometimes do happen.

"Charlie, I'm still going to be in Twinbrook. You could always call me to hang out sometime," Esme suggested. Charlie agreed.

Charlie talked to his father, Cinna Wrapper, about moving in. He agreed! "Well, guys... I'm
off and about soon!" Charlie beamed with pride.

At that time, Esme hung up. "I just found a place, guys! See ya!" Esme announced and ran to her cab that was picking her up.

"Christmas Baby Rudolph! Brother Charlie has to leave soon. Oh, no!" Charlie warned his brother. It almost looks as if Rudolph was saying, "Yeah, right!"

But soon, his >_> face turned into his "HOLY CRAP! face" or O.O. Charlie bade everyone goodbye, and headed next door to his dad's house.

I decided to change a rule in the 100 Baby Challenge, cause it was honestly stupid! I changed it so I could have Fertility Treatment, but nost My Best Friend (Simbot one).

The next morning, the Ice Cream Truck stopped at the Bell's house once again! Emmett decided to get a scoop, but then the dreader school bus came.

Emmett decided to eat his ice cream as fast as he could before the school bus left, no matter how intense his branfreeze was going to get! Non nom nom!

I ate the Rainbow Popsicle Emmett bought for Mummy Dearest. (Me!)

When the babysitter came for a bit, he gave Rudolph a bottle. Eyes up, Rudolph! It seems like he's looking at the babysitter's private parts?!

I was determined to get triplets this time, so I bought Fertility Treatment Lifetime reward, listened to kid's music, and watched the kid's channel!

Back to the babysitter... He's really great with kids but... Couldn't he change his attire to something more "Kid friendly"?

Oops, another glitch!

Soon, the contractions kicked, the water broke, and now Baby 12 is on it's way! I decided to have a home birth.

Rudolph seems to be interested in the situation. "Baby! Look away, you don't want to see this!" He soon after looked away and covered his eyes with his hands.

The Baby is here!!!!! :DD

It IS a girl, but she is dressed up in blue?! Oh, well. Welcoming Baby 12, Clarabelle Bell! (Thanks to Harmonysims for the name!) WAIT!! I felt another strong surge of contraction, and quickly put Clarabelle in a crib!

Here comes a boy this time (I honestly didn't think about multi-gendered triplets! I never asked Dr. Blueflame what gener thr Baby was this time!) Welcoming Baby 13, Seano Bell! (Thanks to Harmonysims again for the name!) And, I felt ANOTHER contraction, and I quickly put him in a diffrent crib.

Welcoming Baby 14, Kandace Bell! I really thought that I wasn't going to have triplets throughout this entire challenge, because the previous times I have tried, and failed.

UPDATE: I taught Rudolph to walk!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, y'all out there! MY Valentine is all 14 of my kiddos!

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