Friday, December 23, 2011

Ho-ho-ho! Christmas Baby 11!

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*Kirstine's POV*

"Renee! Help me put up the christmas decorations, please?" I called for Renee.

"Oh, all right, Mum. But what exactly is Christmas?" she asked. "Christmas is the day you celebrate giving, and you give presents to one another. It's kinda like it's everybody's birthday!" I replied.

The Christmas Tree and stockings, all set for Santa!

A perfect inflatable snow globe for the exterior!

A little plastic snowman sweeping the grass. "Is there snow underneath the grass?" he asks.

Little St. Nick gnomes to go outside. "May we take your coat?" they might ask.

Christmas wreath to go outside. Sadly, the candy canes on it are not edible...

Perfect little poster to hang up for the holiday season!

After decorating the house, I took a break while the kids were at school. I went for a walk, and I met somebody full of Christmas cheer. "Hello!" he said, "My name is Michael Claus, and yes, I am the son of Santa Claus," I asked, "Really, then why are you here when you should be at the North Pole?" He answered, "Well, my father wanted me to go to Twinbrook to buy some more toy making supplies for the elves,"

Close-up of Michael Claus. He will definetely be the next daddy in the challenge!

Oops! Looks like someone had an "accident"!

"So, Mikolaj, are going to come to my Christmas party?" I handed her an invintation to a Christmas party I was hosting. "Why, yes! Me and Cadence shall go. Ehehehe!" she replied. "Okay... whatever you say.." I told her.

"Rosalie, can you say presents?" I taught Rosalie to talk.

"Presents, presents! All mine!" Rosalie exclaimed. "Now, Rosalie, they aren't just all for you. They are all for your brothers and sisters, little and big. And, we have to wait until Christmas to play with them," I corrected her.

I sculpted a sculpture to rake in the much needed cash for a new home.

I reminded myself, "Oh, yes! The kids will have their birthdays tonight,"

Before I headed out for the bakery to buy cakes, Renee stopped me, "Mum, I do not want to have my birthday tonight. I wanna celebrate Christmas with YOU! Please?" I agreed with her.

But, it was somebody's birthday tonight. The one aging up was my grandchild, Baby 1 Jacob Bell's adopted eldest child, Ariana Bell!

Ariana looking nice in her candy cane dress. "Don't cross your eyes, or they'll stay that way!" I warned her.

The day of the party, I changed into a holiday outfit. I invited some 100 Baby Challenge mothers, and Michael Claus.

I cleaned the house to make it look presentable.

I made some drinks for the party. Oops, there goes the glass cups!

"Michael! I'm so glad you came!" I greeted him with a hug. In the backround there is Violet Jane Newbie having a drink, and Cadence Sierra walking around.

"Hi, baby! Wow, you are so soft!" Della Wriner picked up Rosalie. "Hey! I want a turn with the baby!" Mikolaj commanded Della.

I chatted to the party guests.

"This one is for the boys with the boomin system! Top down AC with the coolin system!" Della and I dance and sung to Nicki Minaj's Super Bass.

Meanwhile, Michael decided to play with the toys.

I gave all of the guests an early Christmas present.

"Rockin around the Christmas tree at the Christmas party pop!" Mikolaj sung Rocking Around the Christmas Tree, and everybody joined in.

"Amber, you're late" I told Amber Lights. "I'm sorry," she said, "I had something important to do,"

The next day, after the party, Michael invited me to convince Baby 11. Sure enough, we did!

But, that night, morning sickness stuck, and I puked all over the grass.

Baby 11 is on it's way!

"Wow! The baby is very healthy. I would say it is due by Christmas day! Looks like another Christmas gift!" Dr. Blueflame looked at the healthy baby.

The next day was Christmas Day, and I woke up all of the children. "Look, Emmett! Presents!" I pointed to the presents.

"Dolly!" Rosalie went straight for the doll.

"It's Christmas already?" Esme questioned herself.

"Wowee! A toy robot, jsut what I wanted!" Charlie exclaimed.

Suddenly, my water broke. "The baby is coming!" everyone shreiked, even Rosalie.

Suddenly, a baby appeared in my hands. "The Christmas Baby is born!" Esme announced.

"What should we name him?" I asked. "Mmm, how about Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer?" Charlie suggested. "Maybe just Rudolf?" Renee asked, "Otherwise, he might get teased in school when he's older," We all agreed to that name. Welcoming Christmas Baby 11, Rudolf Bell!

The night after Christmas was birthday time!

Halloween Baby 6, Renee Bell, looks stunning as a Young Adult. She was ready to take off!

Baby 7, Esme Bell, looks beautiful in sky blue!

Baby 8, Charlie Bell, is starting to look a lot like his famous father, Cinna Wrapper.

I am slightly dissapointed that Baby 9, Rosalie Bell, is starting to look like Liam!

Baby 10, Emmett Bell, is nearly a carbon copy of his father, The Grim Reaper!

I got a picture of me in my holiday dress, sitting on the toilet eating cake, and used that for a Christmas card. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night! See ya next chapter!

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