Friday, November 11, 2011

A Visit From the Grim Reaper?! Baby 1-0!!!

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*Kristine's POV*

Renee taught both Esme and Charlie to talk before their birthdays!

It may look like Charlie is crying in this picture. But, he's really clapping his hands! Why? Because it's birthday time!

Baby 8, Charlie Bell, looked absolutley darling with his father's hair and dark skin. Whenever he walked into a room, people would follow him around because of his cinnamon scent!

His older twin, Baby 7, Esme Bell, grew up with a lighter version of her father's hair color. She adored her zipper dress and side bunned hair!

Baby 9, Rosalie Bell grew up to be a keeper! She had a darker brown version of her father's hair, and cute little eyes! It's IMPOSSIBLE to look her in the face and not say, "Awwh!"

Household chores, as always.

Also, Scuplting, as always.

I scuplted little Rosalie out of ice for some simoleans. Who doesn't want an ice sculpture of a cute little girl?

But, Rosalie isn't always a behaver. She always fussed for attention, even if I leave her alone for a second!

I went over to Liam's house, because his roomate looked perfect to be the next father.

"Hey! Who are you?" I asked him.

"Why, me? I am the grand Grim Reaper (thanks to greenstaf7)! Eh, ha ha!"

"You don't look like him. Your tummy is bulgy, and you are not wearing your trademark robe!"

"Of course not! My twin brother is the REAL Grim Reaper! Athough we share the same name..."

"That is really cool! Hey, do you wanna be in my 100 Baby Challenge?"

"100..Baby..Challenge? Sounds interesting. Count me IN!

Grim changed into his robe, and we started with the challenge!

Baby 10 is convinced!

Puke.. puke... puke.... Is it neverendless puking?!

Again, sculpting a s'more.

Baby bump!!! :D

Renee is such a sweetie and helps me with the household chores, like all the other, older babies.

I decided to scupt out of a new material: STONE! Turns out I get twice the simoleans with stone than ice >:D!

"Beegle borp boop weeb boo!" the twins whispered to each other in their secret twin language.

"Little steps now, Rosalie. 1,2,3... 1,2,3!" I instructed little Rosalie to walk.

Baby on board! Here comes the tenth mark baby!

Clap your hands together for Baby 10... Emmett Bell! Looks like he got his father's jet black skin!
Stay tuned for Baby 11! When will Renee move out? Will Esme and Charlie be worried about puberty? Will Rosalie grow up to act like her mother, her father, or neither? You will all find out soon! Bye!

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