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Married For Ever?! Marriage Baby 9!

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*Kristine's POV*

Everybody was tuckered out, even the newborn twins!

The next day was Birthday Day!

Even though Baby 3, Edward Bell didn't inherit The Devil's Evil trait, he definitely looked like one! My third baby was ready to explore the world!

Baby 6, Renee Bell, was such a tomboy when it came to clothes. She loved to uniquely curl her hair and put it into long pigtails.

Baby 8, Charlie Bell, inherited his father's hair, skin, and natural cinnamon scent! I somehow lost the picture of Esme, but she grew into a cutie, with my pale skin, and a lighter version of her father and brother's blonde hair.

Baby 4, Bella Bell, grew up to look almost like a Barbie doll if it weren't the trademark white black green hair!

Baby 5, Alice Bell, grew into a sweetheart with two clips holding up her hair, and lovely lipstick!

"Goodbye, Mum! Even though I'm grown up and moved out, I'll still be your little devil baby!" Edward bade farewell to us.

I visited Baby 1, Jacob Bell's house because he wanted me to watch his kids while him and his wife, Lolly, went out to eat. This is little Laron, being held in my hands.

Renee came with me to work on her homework with her adopted neice, Ariana. It's kind of odd that both Renee and Ariana are the same age.

The next morning, I sculpted for a bit.

Later in the evening, I took Renee to the park. She had a very fun time, while I watched her from the swings. "Mum, why did you bring me here? Are you gonna leave me here forever and never come back?" Renee asked. I love all of my babies the same, why would I do that. "Well, the city council wanted us to be the first to try it out, and I want your little brothers and sisters coming here to play one day," I truthfully told her.

I went home and found that Bella was hiding her grades for the quarter. It was pretty much just D's, maybe one or two C-'es. I decided to put her into-time out. I didn't want to do it, but it was the right way to disipline her.

*Bella's POV*

Mum made me stand in the dark, damp corner. I knew she didn't like it, too because whenever I looked behind me, I saw her sighing and looking at me.

I didn't want to be disiplined aagain for bad grades, so I did my homework after time-out. Guess that really taught me a lesson!

*Kirstine's POV*

I painted for a while, because currently then I was making more money painting than sculpting.

I tried to upgrade the toilet to automatic cleaning, but I only got about halfway there before I called it quits for now.

I took little Charlie to the park when the kids were at school for some bonding time. He loved the spaceship ride!

"Don't want to get off, Charlie? Mummy is tired! She needs a nap!" I told Charlie that the ride ended. He wasn't very pleased.

I met Lolly at the park with Laron. What a surprise!

Laron enjoyed the pirate ship ride, and there was no fuss when the ride ended!

The next day was Bella and Alice's formal dance. "Mum says we gotta do our homework first before we go to the dance!" Bella reminded Alice. They hoped to take their sweethearts with them to the dance.

Alice's dress to the dance. Very creative!

Bella's dress to the dance. Not much, but I liked it!

"Sweetie, Mum wants to talk to you," I asked Bella.


"You've been doing better in school,"


"I want to let you off the hook. I know you felt really bad about your grades, and I'm sorry that I punished you. I didn't want to do it, but it was the proper way to punish you. I'm sorry,"

"It's okay, Mum. I learned from my mistakes,"

"Come here, you!"

I hugged Bella. Such a sweet moment at the Bell's.

The next day, I saw a prostest while I was, "daddy-poaching," I asked somebody what it was for, and aparently they said it was because they city wanted to sell the Science Facility, and they are protesting because they wanted to keep it.

I decided to join the prostest. Science was important to every generation of humans!

After protesting, I went to the Red Redenzvous. Not to drink, but to do some daddy-poaching. I had found Liam the Nerd. (thanks to Alexurt1)

"Are you really Liam the Nerd?"

"Yeah, why?"

"Doesn't everbody hate you?"

"I don't mean it! Really! When I was going to be the model for all the errors on the Sims 3 site, they told me that I was going to be on the Wired Magazine!"

"I am so sorry! Please forgive me!"


"Do you want to be in my 100 Baby Challenge?"

"Of course! My house?"


Soon Baby 9 was convinced!

"Kris, I want to thank you for letting me be in your challenge. Will... you marry me?" he asked, pulling out a lovely diamond ring.

I haven't realized it then, but I had made the worst mistake of my life.

I immediantly threw up once I got home.

The next day was the wedding day. I had to tell Liam that we were gonna break one of the Baby Challenge's rules if we get married. I felt a little sad for him, since I am the only person who likes him. This is the wedding dress I would wear.

"Liam, I really like you, and I hate to tell you this but.. We can't be together," I told him softly.

"Wha-? Why?"

"The 100 Baby Challenge has a strict rule whereas I cannot marry any of the fathers. I'm really sorry, and we really have something together,"

Sad, soft piano music played as we both bent our heads down and sadly weeped.

If you haven't watched LPSlover's video on The Seven Stages of Breaking up, please watch it here:

Liam broke out into a fit of rage.


Soon we were fighting! I was left with a bloody nose and a brusied face.

"I HATE YOU, I HATE YOUR KIDS, I HATE EVERYTHING!" Liam insulted me and my children.

I went home teary eyed and bloody. I checked myself out for any more bruises from the fight. I had a big bruise on my face.

I taught little Esme to walk after the big fight.

Baby 9 is in my tummy! I hoped it wouldn't inherit Liam's meaness.

I took a shower because I was stinky and I wanted to heal at least some of my bruises faster. Oh, and I also got the Hardly Hungry and Dirt Defiant Lifetime Rewards!

I decided to sculpt something out of wood.

I brought The Thinker into Twinbrook!

Contractions started soon, and Baby 9 is on the way!

Welcoming the newest little angel, Baby 9, Rosalie Bell!

But wait! Its birthday time!

Baby 4, Bella Bell, grew up into a Barbie Doll, with a nice dress and her Barbie styled hair!

Baby 5, Alice Bell, grew up to definetly look like the little sister of the twins! I will miss them dearly!

The Halloween Baby, Baby 6, Renee Bell, might have chubby cheeks, but she definetly has the body of a supermodel!

"Bye Mum! We'll come visit!" the twins told me before they left.

"Sis! Do you want to live in the same house, or live in diffrent houses?" Bella asked her twin

Stay tuned for Baby 10! Will Rosalie become a meanie like her father? Stay tuned!

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