Friday, November 4, 2011

Halloween Baby 6!

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*Kristine's POV*

I painted for a while, hoping to earn some extra ka-ching.

Jacob was great with kids, he taught Edward to talk!

Soon, Jacob left to go to the prom!

When he got back, we celebrated some birthdays!

Baby 1, Jacob Bell, all ready to leave the house!

Baby 2, Jasper Bell, grew up in his bathrobe, as always.

Baby 3, Edward Bell also grew into his breifs.

Baby 4, Bella Bell is the one being held by Jacob, and I'm holding Baby 5, Alice Bell. The only way (and I MEAN the only way) to tell them apart is that Alice has more darker skin compared to her twin.

Jacob bade me and his younger siblings farewell before he moved to the swampier side of Twinbrook.

Bella and Alice played eve so cutely together!

Anyways, Jacob proposed to his high school girlfriend, Lolly Racket!

They convinced a baby and decided to adopt another!

My very first ever grandchild, Jacob and Lolly's adopted daughter from Bridgeport, Ariana Bell!

Since Halloween was around the corner, we all decided to dress up, just for this post! I dressed up as a kawaii (cute in Japanese) Japanese girl, complete with a kimono and everything!

I dressed the girls up like bunnies! Bella is the yellow one, and Alice is the red one.

I somehow didn't get a picture of Jasper and his Dr. Who costume (even dyed his hair black!) but I mamaged to get a picture of Edward and his astronaut costume!

I decided to explore Twinbrook's swamp. (I am still new in the town) And I found a strange house! It was after midnight, and I was cold and scared, so I couldn't help myself but run inside!

I was soon greeted by a weird person. "Hey! You shouldn't be here! This is my house, only I am allowed here!" he said

"Well, what if I stayed here longer?"

"I'd have to eat you then. I feast on human souls,"

"Hey, I didn't know! Gimme a break!"



"Give me a reason why you didn't kno- Wait, are you Kristine Bell, Twinbrook's new 100 Baby Challenge mum?"

"Yes, why?"

"Well, I created Halloween, yes, I did. I am the Spirit of Halloween. Nobody that has met me lived to tell the story. But, I'll make an exception for you,"

"What's that?"

"I'll let you live if I get to be a father in your challenge,"

"I can live with that,"


"Okay, let's start now,"

Soon, we were in bed!

Soon, we had convinced Baby 6! I thought it was a little cool that the Spirit of Halloween was going to be a father.

I went home and painted for a while.

I quickly barfed into the toilet

I told Jasper to remove his hair dye, but he could keep his Dr. Who costume.

I taught Bella to walk.

After that, my baby bump started to show, and I rubbed it in glee.

I went to the junkyard to search for scrap metal to sell. I only made 156 Simoleans, not much by my standards.

I decided to try something new:multi gender twins/triplets. I went to Dr. Blueflame, and she told me that it was a girl! I quickly gobbled up 10 apples in a very straight row for a boy!

After I got home, we celebrated Edwards's birthday!

Baby 3, Edward Bell grew up to look a lot like his father! The little stumps that were on his back took a growth spurt, complete with horns!

I bombarded myself with kid's music and kid's Tv for multigender twins/triplets.

I thought it was funny when Edward and Jasper decided to dance. Jasper has an amazing expression.

Close-up of it! This is truly the best picture by far in my challenge.

After I took a short nap, contractions kicked right in!

I went inside and though to myself," Will they be multigender twins or triplets? Will it be a single baby? Will I get lucky?"

I gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, Baby 6, Renee Bell.

Wait! Baby 1, Jacob Bell and his wife, Lolly Bell gave birth to their very first son, Laron Bell! If you look closely, he seemed to play with my hair!

Their adopted daughter, Ariana Bell, grew into a bouncing little toddler! She is truly terrified in this picture! (and so was I, a little bit, anyways.) Please, Stay tuned for Baby 7!

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