Saturday, November 5, 2011

Fire In the Kitchen! Cinnamon Rapping Babies 7 and 8!

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*Kristine's POV*

After the birth of Renee, I decided to paint, like I always do.

Jasper taught little Bella to talk. Awh, this moment is precious!

After Jasper left for school, a terrible thing happened! It was the stove; I was watching TV, and then I heard an annoying popping noise, like Pop Rocks in your mouth or popcorn in the microwave. Suddenly, BAM! Flames shot out of the stove like fireworks. Something exploded, and set kitchen on fire! I panicked and called 911.

The fire soon got out of control! I took my babies outside, so they wouldn't get burnt or killed by the fire.Soon, the firefighters came and put out the fire.

"Apparently one of the important lines to your stove exploded somehow. Looks like your stove got badly burnt. I would replace it if I were you," the firefighter woman told me.

A few months after the fire, I didn't bother to replace my stove. Heck, I barely had a thousand simoleans! After all of that commotion, I celebrated some birthdays.

Baby 6, Renee Bell had her father's ghostly skin tone, but my trademark white black green hair.

Um, a little help here... I believe Alice is the paler one? But anyways, they created their own "twinese" language, and wore the same outfits together. Oh, these are the twins, Babies 4 and 5, Bella and Alice Bell as tweens/schoolchildren.

Baby 2, Jasper Bell grew up into a young adult and left the Bell household. So sad to see another Bell baby take off into the cruel, dark world!

My demon baby, Edward, decided to be a helper and teach little Renee to walk.

Bella decided to bust some moves while everybody else was sleeping.

With a few thousand simoleans I got from painting, I bought a sculpting table, especially because I have the Savy Sculptor trait. It didn't bring in a lot of money, but I was still making money!

Edward taught Renee to talk too.

"Say vegtables, Renee!"



"Vegtables icky! Oops, I just said it! Oh, cwap!"

"Baby's first swear.... Don't tell Mum, or she'll kill me!"

"Okay, I'll tell her!"

"No! Ugh! No tell!"


The "No Tell and Tell" thing continues for a while.

Anyways, Bella was a tiny bit rebellious, unlike Alice.

"Mentos there, Coke here! Perfect! They should combine once somebody flushes the toilet, and squirt at their face!" Bella planned. But sometimes, I accidently scold Alice for Bella's pranks because I thought she was Bella!

One of Bella's pranks: Swapping my shampoo with yellow hair dye! It was easy to get out, though.

I painted to make some simoleans. I soon got 5 thouand simoleans richer because I agreed to star in a buisness commercial.

Renee playing with her toy, Patterns.

"Die, toy, die!"

I'm starting to think Bella is teaching Renee all this stuff.

I took a little Saturday morning stroll, and found one of Dr. Blueflame's roomates.

"Hi, dawg! My name is C to the I to the N N A to the W to the R to the A P P E R!"

"So, your name is Cinna Wrapper?"

"No, Lady D! It's C to the I- Yeah, it's Cinna Wrapper,"

"Why do you have such a weird name, and why did you come to Twinbrook?"

"Well, I am a famous rapper, and I am also known for my natural scent, cinnamon. I came to Twinbrook to find you, K to the B,"

"You can call me Kris,"

"You smell it?"


"My natural cinnamon scent,"

"Oh, I smell it now,"

"Can I be a part of your baby challenge, Kris?"


Baby 7: Convinced!

I barfed into the toilet back at home.

The next day, my baby bump started to show as always, and I went to Dr. Blueflame, to try again for a set of multigender twins or triplets. She told me it was a girl, and I rushed to the grocery store.

I chucked down 14 apples in a straight as a ruler row.

I literally bombarded myself with the kids channels'. Surprisingly, Renee didn't like either at all. She would close her eyes, cover her hears, and scream as loud as she could!

Contractions kicked in the next day! Will it be multigender, or single?

I gave a warm welcome to a healthy baby girl. Welcoming Baby 7, Esme Bell.....

Wait! Even though I smelled like rotten bananas and sweaty gym clothes, I felt another contraction and put Esme into her crib. Welcoming her multigender twin, Baby 8, Charlie Bell! Looks like it worked this time! Will Esme and Charlie inherit their father's cinnamon scent? Stay tuned for Baby 9!

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