Saturday, October 29, 2011

Girls At Last? Babies 4 & 5!

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*Kristine's POV*

After Edward was born, I decided to teach Jasper to walk

A few days later, I rubbed my empty tummy. I better get pregnant, and fast!

The Devil came over later that day to visit his newborn son.

I then decided to teach Jasper to talk.

I was trying to find another father fro the 100 Baby Challenge, and then I suddenly remembered; The Devil's housemate, Marcus Blake! (thanks again to marcusspencer13) I went over to his house and asked if he would be a father.

He agreed, and soon we heard the lullaby of sucess!

I went home and celebrated the boys' birthdays.


Baby 1, Jacob Bell was dressed in his PJs.


Baby 2, Jasper Bell was also in his underwear.

Jacob is hold Baby 3, Edward Bell. Looks like little Edward inherited his father's black hair!

Me, Jacob, and Jasper were all tired out, so we took our sleeping bags outside so we wouldnt all be rudely awakened by a crying Edward.

I vomited in the middle of the night. Still blue, but more chunkier.

That was when I started my diet of watermelons from now until Baby 4 is born.

That norning, I taught Edward to walk.

After that was when my bump started to show, and I rubbed my tummy in glee.

I went over to Dr. Blueflame's house, and she told me that it was very possible to be a bouncing baby girl!

I came back to my house, and I tried for twin or triplet girls!

Jacob also got his first girlfriend, Lolly Racket!

After some days had passed, I went into labor! Luckily, it wasn't as bad as the last time.

Suddenly, a baby popped into my hands! But, after that, I felt another contraction, and quickly put the baby in the crib closest to me...

Then, another little baby girl popped into my hands! Welcoming these healthy twin girls! The one in the crib is Baby 4, Bella Bell, and the one in my hands is Baby 5, Alice Bell! Stay tuned for Baby 6! Ciao, for now!

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