Thursday, October 27, 2011

Kristine's Introduction

*drumroll* Welcoming the newest challenger in the 100 Baby Challenge... Is I! Kristine Bell! Let's do a short intro first, though.

Close-up of me. Who doesn't adore those Chinese Buns?

Lovely in Formal Wear

So warm and cozy in Sleep wear!

Jogging my was into Athletic wear!

Woah, California beach girl warning, I do look good in a bikini!

I am soooo ready to take on this challenge! But, I will need your guy's (and gal's) help! If you would like to, please send me names and links to good fathers in the comments section or Cbox! If you want to send me gifts, please send ALL of them to my Sims 3 Exchange Account, KoolSim9. Ciao, for now!

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