Friday, October 28, 2011

Ready? Set? Go! Baby ONE!!!

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*Kristine's POV*

I tipped the taxi driver, and stared at my empty lot, here in Twinbrook. Yeah, it's small, but I'll make the most out of it. I decided to put a cap on how much I would spend on the house, and I immediantly started to build.

This is the tiny house I built. Okay, I admit, I did the least I could do. The floor was just grass and the toilet and sink was rusty and dirty, and also all I had to sleep in was my pajamas and a sleeping bag.

I took a few minutes to chillax for a bit, and then I decided to get cracking!

I decided that the neighbor next door, Oliver Myst (created by me), was the perfect canidate. I talked to him a bit, explained the 100 Baby Challenge, and then I asked if he would like to be a father. I had absolutely no Charasima skill at the time, so it was hard to persuade him. In the end, we made a deal that he would be a part of it if the baby had no idea who Oliver was. That was kind of rude for him to say, but since I was desprate, I agreed.

A lullaby floated in the room that I was in. That means Baby 1 is on the way! I can not wait to hear this sucessful music another 99 times.

I was very cheerful and happy that I was going to have my baby soon! I left Oliver's house in pride and dignity.

I practiced my Charasima skill for a bit to make it easier to persuade men to participate in my Baby Challenge.

Later that night I felt really queasy, so I threw up into the rusty old toilet! (NOT a good experience, since I am a Neat sim.)

I was soon tired out, so I slept in my sleeping bag for the first time.

I was bored, so I did laundry.

My baby bump started to show that afternoon, and I hoped it would be a little girl so I could go shopping with her and spend so much time with her.

The days passed, and my baby bump grew bigger and bigger each week! I started to walk funny, since I wanted my baby to be comfy and to be born with no complications.

But it started to take a toll on my back, so I went to the spa to get a quick massage. I better get used to being pregnant- and fast! If I didn't, I would basically be hunting money down just for a quick 50 Simolean massage. I am going to especially get used to theese backaches, since I will have to go through them about another 99 times!

My brother called me that evening, and told me a great secret to getting twins, since I couldn't use Fertility treatment. Me and my brother never got along very well, and we barely speak to each other. He probably called only because he probably missed me, since I moved from Sunset Valley all the way to Twinbrook, and all of my family (except me) lives in Sunset Valley currently.

I followed my brother's advice: watch the Kid's show and listen to the Kid's radio channel at the same time. That's exactly what I did.

Then, I felt a tummyache, and that soon turned into labour! I quickly checked myself into the hospital.

Okay, I kinda got angry 'cause I got a boy (I wanted a girl) and he was a single baby! (I wanted twins or triplets!) Anyways, this is Baby 1 of my new challenge: Jacob Bell! Stay tuned for Baby 2!

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