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Father's Day- Babies 43 & 44

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*Kristine's POV*

I had gotten a few calls from some !00 Baby Challenge moms asking if they could adopt a kitten! I will have your kittens ready soon ;D Anyways, I also got a call from Della who wants me to come to her place.... After I age up the kids.

My little triplets have all grown up <3 I wish them the best in life.

Kylie and Kyslee have also grown up quickly, too. I'm also glad that Kylie is progressing and getting better ;)

Everything Bagel cared about was glitz and purple glitter. She even glittered up her wings! Heck, she even wanted me to write on her pictures with her purple glitter pen.

ohmygodohmygodohmygod Gah..... JONAH MAKES SUCH CUTE KIDS!!!! Ahem.... Sorry. What I meant to say was, Bones is so adorable <3 His eyes literally make your heart melt.

Tony calls a cab to take him, Kayleigh, and Carolina to their new house.

Anyways..... Kylie was very overprotective of herself (she does not want to almost die again!) and spends her free time at the piano bench.....

....While her twin was busy sliding down the railing of the stairs over and over again.

Naughty cats! And I JUST replaced that chair last week, too!

-_- That was easy.

When not sliding down railings, Kyslee took the time to teach her siblings the rules of life. "Treat people the way you want to be treated!" Kyslee talked through an odd doll to Bagel.

Mr. Patches.." Bagel began talking to another doll, "Do you think that we should treat others the way we want to be treated?" She answered in a deeper voice, "Yes!" Kids <3

Before heading out for the night with Della, I taught Bones to walk.

When I got there, I was greeted by Ande (Della's daughter), instead of Della. "You must be one of my mom's friends." she said, "She'll be home soon, come inside."

We sat down on the couch together, and I brought up the topic, "So... How's Genesis?" I ask. "Just fine." Ande replies.
"You need some meat on those bones." I giggle.

"Yeah... I've gotten so skinny and frail ever since I was kidnapped."

Della came abruptly through the door. She handed me a hairtie, police tape, and some yellow makeup to put on. "We're going to Eugi's."


I come out of the bathroom door, dressed like Lady Gaga. "Looks like we're ready to go." I look over at poor little Ande sitting on the couch. I grab some extra tape, makeup, and a hairtie. "Not yet."

"Now our club gang is complete." We march out the front door and into Della's car.

However, when we got to Eugi's, I noticed that Kyle was there. I did my best to steer us away from him.

I immediantly start to drink.

Ande..... Look behind you..... Luckily, she ran away.

I quickly cram Ande into the small storage closet.

"What'd you do that for?"

"You'll see. Just keep quiet."

"I have to go back to darts..." Della groaned, aiming with her dart.

"Just hang on."

I bellow, "everybosy! We have an announcement to make. I'm Kristine Bell, and my friend here is Della Langly. We're here to welcome the newest challenge mom in our family." Everybody froze in place.

The spotlight shone brightly as Ande walked into the center of it. Everybody was cheering and clapping.

I hop offstage to join her dancing as Della goes back to the dartboard.

However, everything abruptly stopped, and there was a voice over the P.A."Hello everyone here tonight." he began, "Let us welcome somebody who wishes to play for us. Please welcome.... Ms. Vilas!" A young girl stole the spotlight, not much older than Tony, Kayleigh, and Carolina, I think..

Her hands started to get shaky, and then she bolted out the door, sobbing. I think on the way out, she mentioned something about the month of July....

When I got home, I immediantly punched the window frame. Why? Because I accidently left my Iphone back at Eugi's and now they're closed! >:(

Great way to make my day worse, the cats left me a HUGE mess, all for me to pick up.

"Ok." I plop my butt down on the floor right in front of Bones. "Wanna learn to talk?" He nods, with a huge grin plastered on his face.

While getting the mail late at night, something didn't feel right.

"Excuse me, miss? Miss? Miss, behind you."

I could've sworn my heart skipped a beat.

I turned around to a familiar face.... It was odd, I couldn't remember where I saw him before. "My name's Draaier." he introduced himself, "I believe this is your Iphone that you left at Eugi's?" he asked as he handed me an Iphone... After a minute of searching on it, I found that it belonged to me. "Thanks! But.... who are you?" I ask. "Oh." he chuckled, "I'm Draaier Turner. Dawn Turner's 100th son." So that's why he's so familiar! 

I pull Draaier into a hug. "Thank you sooo much! I was about to go insane without my hone handy." Draaier decided to confess, "Actually, Kris, I came here to take part in your baby challenge, and I just happened to find your phone on the way here." 

Baby 43 was conceived that night <3

The next morning was Father's Day, and I let the kids see their fathers. This is little Bagel with her fairy dad.

And Jonah showed up to spend the day with Bones at the park.

"Hey mom!" The twins came marching up to me. Oh dear. "Where's our dad?" I had to bore them with the truth, "Well... Your dad commited some terrible crimes and he's going to be on trial in court all day. Sorry." "It's fine." Kyslee said, "Hey, Kylie, text Hanna and see if she wants us to come over."

"Hey, dadee!" Bones called his father. "What is it, my little prince?" "Lotion!" Bones said, pulling out his doll that he faithfully named Lotion. This kid is too adorable XD

I went over to Draaier's house to stay the night and give him some.... ALBINO FLOWERS!

Mel: Kris, those flowers aren't albino.
Kris: Gahh! There's that weird voice again...

"Kris, I've been wondering..." Draaier began, "Would you do me the honor of being my girlfriend?" I squealed in delight, "Yes! Yes!"

The babIES made THEMselves known to the world. How do I know that it's twins? Feeling around. "Draaier..." I began, "We're having twins."

While having this very nice conversation with Draaier, this weird and rude person bashed in and asked me for my autograph >.< I had to keep my composure, though.

**The Next Morning**

"Okay," the photographer began, pulling out his camera, "Let's get started with this photoshoot."


After the 'shoot, I went home and studied up on my Cooking skill, so I could make Ambrosia, and resurrect Baby 17, Alana.

Aw, look at who are elders now ;'(

However, good news, Baby is an adult! I hope to see more kittens running around soon ;)

Gahh, but now I'm in labor!

In my arms are...

Baby 43:
 Denver Jackson Bell
9 lbs, 8 oz
21.5 in.


Baby 44:
Masey Zoey Bell
8 lbs, 3 oz
19 in.

My little "Guilty!" twins <3 (Names based off of the video below)

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