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Kylie- Baby 41

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*Kristine's POV*

"STOP!!" Lauren's voice echoed throughout the room. She managed to run up here. "Kris doesn't deserve to die." Kyle smirked, "And why not?" Lauren sighed, "Because I deserve it, not Kris. I'd rather me be killed than her." I shake my head. "No... Lauren. Don't do this." I whisper, "Don't commit suicide." Lauren turned, "It's the best for us." And in a flash, Lauren was shot by Kyle multiple times in the head and chest.

A cop came bustling in, "PUT YOUR HANDS WHERE I CAN SEE THEM!" At first, I thought he was talking to me, but then I noticed that it was Kyle he was talking to. Stupid me. The badge on the cop's uniform glittered, "Lukas Schmidt, Sheriff"

"Kyle Hattenhafer," Sheriff Lukas announced, "You are arrested for assault, abuse, battery, murder, slavery, and many other charges," I watched as the officer carried Kyle away, and I knew that the bad guy was finally gone for good.

"Thank you so much, officer." I say, "Is there anything I can do for you?" He shakes his head, "Nothing I can think of, yet. I'll give you a call once I think of something. Now, go home."

And so, I did.

Right when I got home, I started with birthdays. This is Skylar as a teen :) Does it make me a bad mother because I let Skylar get all of those piercings on her face?

My triplets are schoolchildren now. Kayleigh decided to be funny and crossed her eyes in the picture. That girl makes me laugh. A LOT!

Kylie and Kyslee are little crawlers now. Kylie got her blonde hair and blue eyes from her great uncle, Malcom Landgraab. They look so cute together in their matching outfits, just different colors ;D

While cleaning the boy's bathroom, I got a call from Victoria. She had said she aged up and moved out with Cory and Furbee. Next, I decided to call Della and see if she wanted to hang out.

I then called up Marley and see if he could come over. Both of them, Marley and Della, said yesh.

When Marley came over, I noticed a big, pink bouquet of flowers in his hand. "Kris..." he spoke, "Will you go on a date with me?" He surprised me with the flowers. I was speechless at that point. "I-I-I... Don't know what to say!"

I sniffed the beautiful flowers. "YES!" I squeak, "How 'but tonight at six?" I checked my watch, it was exactly 1:30 in the afternoon.

"Its a date."

**5 o'clock**

I had found out that Marley and I were going out to a nightclub. Della dressed me up all funky, like I'm ready to hit the night. "I'll handle your kids," she said, "They won't be a problem."

We walked to his car, with Marley's arm around me. He leaned in and whispered into my ear, "You look cute tonight. You're the cutest one in the world."

It wasn't long before we arrived at The Brightmore. It was supposedly a hotspot, but no one was there. "I guess it's ours." Marley said.

We danced for a little while... yeah.

However, I decided to jump into the hot tub and skinny dip. Marley followed along, too.

We cuddled up together.... naked.... in the hot tub.

Marley went in for the kiss... yeah. First kish with Mar-lay! However, we got shooed out afterwards because the club closed.....

When I got home, I taught my Kylieboo to walk... I'm surprised that she wakes up at 1 in the morning....

Speaking of Kylieboo.... She suddenly got camera shy.....

And, of course, she starts modeling for the camera while learning to talk. "Hi Mwel." she says. "Who's Mel?" I ask. She giggles, "Yo cweator."

It's Kyslee's turn now. I guess she'd rather snuggle up in my seaweed colored hair.

Priceless look on Kyslee's face while teaching her to walk :) "MOMMY! DON'T WET ME FWALL!"

After I taught this little buggyboo to walk, I brought Kyslee with me to meet the father of Baby 41, who is a pixie. He commented on how beautiful Kysleeboo is :) "I want to be in your challenge because the pixie population is extremely endangered. Us pixie men need to repopulate the species by joining 100 Baby Challenges." I was told before we got started with Baby 41.

And, of course, he or she was convinced ;D


After we got home, I decided to teach Kyslee her talking skill before retiring for the night. She seemed to get along with it.

It was nearing midnight as I went to bed. Just as I drifted off to sleep, there was a knocking on my door. I answer groggily, "Come in."

It was none other than Kylie, who was standing in the doorway, sucking her thumb. She spat out her thumb and said, "Mama...." before a pool of brown vomit appeared under her. She had also appeared more paler.

"Don't worry, babycakes," I say, "I'll get you a bucket." I say before retrieving a puke bucket for Kylie before cleaning up the mess.


It was nearly 1:30 in the morning before Kylie could finally fall asleep. Her nausea and frequent urination was keeping her up before it would finally calm down.

Of course, morning sickness took over as I was leaning over a toilet at nearly 5 am.

"Hello..." I say on the phone, "I'd like to schedual an appointment with Dr. Blueflame for my daughter, Kylie."

Turns out, there's no openings until tomorrow. I guess I'll wait and see if Kylie gets better within these next couple of days.

Gahh, these stupid strays won't stop tearing up my newspapers!

I got a call from Marley that night, his dog recently had puppies and he's giving them away. I told him that I would check it out ;)

Look who came to join me while I did laundry! In this picture, Sora is about to give birth!

Excessive meowing.... Yep, she's probably going to wake up the kids.....

I was right!!

Carolina.... Please stop following Sora and let her give birth....

Here's the kittens!

Last, but not least, Baby!!!

"Awww.... How cute!" I exclaim while picking up Ace.

Baby is such a mama's girl!!!

I like to talk to my unborn children! "Hey little one! Will you be here soon?" Super excited to have a pixie baby!!!

I decided to call my Baby 1, Jacob, to check on his family. Turns out that they have moved to Sunset Valley, where they are expecting twins!!!

This girl is Jacob and Lolly's first adopted child, Ariana, as a young adult. She's hoping to tie the knot with someone one day and become a mother. Great-grandchildren for me soon?

This is Jacob and Lollie's second oldest child, Laron, as a child.

Now as a teen. He hasn't started thinking about his future, though.

Just recently, they've adopted another child. They adopted a beautiful girl named Ayana (means beautiful blossom) from Ethiopia.

Ayana as a child. She gained the evil trait :/

One big happy family :)

It looks like their twins arrived! The first one here is Vincent, aka Vinny.

And then his twin, Parker!

Vinny and Parker as toddlers. One difference between the two you can easily spot is their noses are different. And Vinny is a bit paler than Parker.

No more chitchat....... labor.......

I had given birth to another healthy, happy girl ;D I looked at her and said, "DANG! You're cuuuute!"

Baby 41
Bagel Isabel Bell
7 lbs, 5 oz
20 in.

By the way... I had almost forgot Kylie's doctor appointment that day! I got her dressed and hired a babysitter for the kids before heading out.

"We will be done in about one hour." Dr. Blueflame said before taking Kylie from my arms, "Don't worry, she'll be in good care."

I wait in the waiting room for nearly an hour. I was pretty sure that it was just the flu. Or at least I thought it was.

When Dr. Blueflame came out, I walked right up to her, "She's fine, right?" I ask. The doctor shakes her head, "No... See, your daughter is dying."


Want any of these cute kittens? One of them can be yours! the first four people to comment on THIS POST ONLY will receive one! Sorry, but we're keeping Baby :3 Make sure I have your Facebook or email so I can get to ya ;D Kittens left: Storm (Adopted by Dawn Turner), Ace (Adopted by Ashby Lemi), Telphus (Adopted) , Bliss (Adopted by Della Wriner-Langly)

GIT EM!!!!!

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