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What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger- Baby 42

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*Kristine's POV*

"My own daughter has kidney failure..." I sigh to myself, "What stage is it?" Dr. Blueflame looked at the chart, :Well, it says 17% of her kidneys are still functioning, I'd say about a Stage 4 or so." "When can I see her?" I ask. "I'm afraid it may not be for awhile. She's currently in the ICU. Unfortunately, Kylie cannot have the transplant surgery until she is at least 8 years old..."

I slumped down in two chairs, sobbing. My own daughter was dying and I might not get to see her if she dies.


"Ms. Bell...." I hear the doctor's voice, and I look up. "If you can answer some questions for us, we will let you visit your daughter." I walk up to the front desk, "What is it?" "Ms. Bell," Dr. Blueflame began, "Have your or a relative ever had kidney failure? We are asking this because the cause of your daughter's kidney failure is unknown." I shake my head, "No.... At least I don't think." "Ms. Bell, who is the father of your daughter?" she asked. I swallowed hard. Thinking about Kyle just brought back bad memories. "Kyle...." I spit out, "Kyle Hattenhafer." The doctor automatically clicked to that name, "Ah, yes. He was just arrested last week. Well, anyways, his brother, Kennedy Hattenhafer, was diagnosed with kidney failure at a young age. He died a month later." Hearing that made me feel worse than I already did.... "That's all I need to ask, you may see your daughter now." she said before leaving. That made me feel a little better.

When I enter her room, her face went from sad and gloomy to bright and cheerful. She weakly clapped and softly said, "Mama's here."

I felt someone behind me, and as I turn around, I notice somebody familiar. "The name is Jonah Jordan. I'm one of the top 3 horse racers?" I couldn't believe I was meeting the best horse racer in the world, Jonah Jordan! "Mr. Jordan..." I begin, "Why are you here?" "My vampire senses told me that your girl was very sick, and I knew you were a big fan. So, I thought that I would come surprise you and her and also donate my kidney to her..." he replies. "Jonah..." I say, "You're so kind..."

Soon, I noticed that my kids came rushing in. I guess it's time to celebrate birthdays!!!

I couldn't believe that my Skylar is already a young adult. They grow up so fast!

Same thing for the triplets! Anyways.... Carolina inherited her father's big ears. It look a long time, but she chose a nice hairdo that prevented her ears from being seen and picked on.

Kyslee rarely left Kylie's side. She always wanted to be there for her older twin. At school, Kyslee anticipated the end of the day so she could hang out with her twin, her best friend.

In dark times, there is always a tiny light. Bagel was that. Ever since she was born, she has cheered me up from Kylie's sickness.

**'Ze Next Day**

It was only 20 hours before Kylie's transplant surgery would begin. The doctors needed one more MRI scan from her to figure out "the plan." Lately, Kylie hasn't been herself, no matter how hard me and Kyslee try to make it better for her. Sometimes, I wish I could just wave a magic wand and make it so Kylie's illness didn't ever exist.


The MRI went well. The surgeons decided how they would do it so that the new, single kidney would work the job of two.

**Day of Transplant**

Kylie decided to be a booger and slept in today. I pat her shoulder, "Kylie... Wake up, sleepyhead." She opens her eyes, and groans, "Nah." and cuddles up with her pillow. "Today's gonna be a big day." I say, "I'd be a shame to miss it." She finally sat up, "Okay... okay..."

I walk down with Kylie into the operating room. Dr Blueflame approached me. "Greetings." I smile and wave.

I gave my daughter a huge hug, whispering, "You'll be fine." into her ear. I wanted to make this "goodbye" worthwhile, you'd never know if it will be the last.

I wait in the waiting room for nearly 30 minutes, before Jonah walks up to me. "Jonah..." I say, "Aren't you-" He quickly interrupts, "Actually, they found a better fit donor. Her father." Jonah sits down next to me, I find myself clutching his hand. "She'll be fine. What could happen?" Jonah asks, while I lean closer to him, snuggling up with his leg. "Jonah..." my voice starts to break, "It's a major surgery. There's a good chance for complications." I cry into the sleeve of his shirt. "Life's not fair." After a while, Jonah asks, "Hey.... What would make you feel better?" I know he couldn't make Kylie cured from her condition, so I say, "Conceive Baby 42." He nods his head, "Sure. Maybe another child WOULD make you feel better." We look around the room.

 "How about in that storage closet over there?" I ask, pointing to a small door, which read "STORAGE. EMPLOYEES ONLY." I smile, which I haven't done for a long time, and led Jonah inside the closet.

 I proceed to lock the door, and rip my shirt off, "Come get me."

And Baby 42 was conceived <3

We walk out of the closet (with my shirt on) just in time. When we sat down again, Dr. Blueflame came out. "Good news." she began, "There was no complications, and your daughter is now resting comfortably in the recovery room." I blurt out, "Can we go see her?" I ask. She tilts her head, "What do you mean, 'we'?" "Oh.... Jonah, my friend... and me..." I say. She shakes her head, "I'm afraid Jonah will have to stay here until she goes back up to her room. He isn't part of her family." I rub my stomach, feeling a teeny tiny baby inside, "He will be... Soon." She must've gotten the hint that I was pregnant with his baby, so she let us both in.

When we first got in, I see my poor daughter in pain. "Mommy...." she groans, "My tummy hurts." I kiss her forehead, "The hard part's over..." I kneel down to her bedside, "And guess what?" She smiles, and asks, "What?" I pat my tummy, "You're gonna have a new little brother or sister." She smiles the widest I've ever seen, then she goes in for the hug.

When she is finally up in her room, we learn that she'll have to stay for about three weeks more. In the meantime, she's either playing patty cake with her twin, doing schoolwork/homework, calling her friends and relatives, holding and playing with Bagel, or having girl talk with Kayleigh, Carolina, and Kyslee. I've never seen her more happier in her life; she'll be even more happier when she goes home.


I look in the bathroom mirror at my lovely bump inside Kylie's hospital room. She hasn't been feeling to well these past few days, however, the doctor said it's perfectly normal. Hopefully, we'll be able to take her home after this baby is born.

 The doctor walks in. "Actually...." she says, "You may take Kylie home tomorrow. She's healing fast." The baby started to kick again, and I spoke softly to him or her, "Training to be a soccer player, eh?" But I was heavenly mistaken, for I have gone into labor!

I was rushed to the maternity ward, where Jonah accompanied me soon after.

 I was holding our beautiful boy in a flash.

Baby 42
Bones Giovanni Bell
10 lbs, 0 oz
21 in.

*Kylie's POV*

Today is a big day. Not only because mom had my baby brother, it's because I am finally coming home from the hospital today. I waited at the front steps of my house, bracing myself.

 When I got inside, I was greeted by my siblings dearest.

I'm finally home.

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