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Back to the Future- Babies 39 & 40

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*Victoria's POV*

I laid in my bed all of that Sunday night. Nothing to do.... Nothing to see. That day, all the kids in the house were aging up but me. I was bloody exhausted from no sleep... but I couldn't sleep, what so ever. You may ask why I act so mean..... It's been this way ever since I learned to talk. My first two words were, "Shut Up!" No... I don't do this for attention. No, nope, never. I was just born this way, babe. Sims on this Earth are born to do things. Mine was to be a jerk and a bully. Like my friends.

I stared at myself in the bathroom mirror for about an hour, maybe? I am who I am, nobody can change me. I was put on this Earth to bully, and that's what I'll do. Nobody can change me. I thought to myself. But maybe I should get a tattoo. 

*Kristine's POV*

Kani is an almost exact replica of me. The private school has really paid off for her, though. But its a good thing ;)

Everybody always stops me and asks me, "Why does your son, Cory, have such beautiful eyes?" The only thing is....... Its natural.

I am still really puzzled on where did Skylar get those hot pink eyes?

My little Fearsome Threesome are toddlers now. :) I absolutely adore Carolina's little blue dress in this picture and her Chinese Buns.

*Victoria's POV*

I laid on the floor of my bedroom, my feet up against the wall. This place was boring, just kids going in, kids going out. Why couldn't there be anything FUN around here? Maybe if I went downstairs and bugged Skylar for a while, that could add some spruce to this death trap.

"Hey.... Skylar," I say, "You're awfully dumb for an 8-year-old. I'm MUCH more smarter and beautiful than you'll ever be."

"What? No... SHUT UP!" Skylar reacts with a good kick in my leg.

"Um... Excuse me? What did you just say to Victoria?" Mom ran over and asked.

"I didn't mean it, Mom. Victoria was making me mad!" Skylar confessed. I could easily tell that she was gonna get grounded.


*Skylar's POV*

 I went up into my safe, comfortable bed. Why did I get grounded, and not Victoria? I really didn't mean to say shut up to her face. However, it wasn't long before I drifted off to sleep.

*Kristine's POV*

"Look," I say, "I'm really sorry about Skylar's behavior. She's having a growth spurt." She smiles, and nods her head, "I understand."

*Victoria's POV*

The next day, I decided to skip school and play pranks on other people's houses.

Crap, it's the cops! I thought to myself as a police car pulled up to the house that I was pranking. "FREEZE!" yelled the cop. I just ran away as fast as I could. My mother couldn't find out that I was at juvie.

However, he was too quick for me, and I ended up sitting in a policecar.

He dropped me off at Mom's house, when school was still in session. I couldn't break the news to Mom, so right after the cop and policecar disappeared, I ran away, as fast as I could

You'd think that that little incident would stop me. WRONG! I went back and pranked more people's houses.

*Kris's POV*

"Della, Adam is going to find Ande." I reassured. Della, "Maybe not today. Maybe not tomorrow. But soon. And I know you have to stay home and take care of Eden and the unborn baby. Life is rough." Just then, Della had to leave for an appointment. "Sorry you couldn't stay longer." she said, walking out the door, "Really sorry."

Once I got home, I had to teach the triplets their skills. It's hard when you have three toddlers to look after! But it's all worth it. Every moment of their childhood counts if you want them to grow up to be a successful adult.

Then, I decided to take a trip to the future and see what my life will be like after I complete this challenge. Hey, time machines never lie! Well, at least I don't think so.... At least?

Once I got zapped into the future, I noticed a lonely looking girl, staring blankly at the television, which was turned "OFF". She had a weak smile on her face.

Then, what appeared to be her me, sat next to her on the couch. "Celesta..." I heard her say, "You're going to the psychologist tommorow morning." The girl semmed to have got ratyher irritated, "MOM! Why do you always make me go to the stupid psychologist?! Nothing's wrong with me! And I hate Dr. Reuben!" she burst out in anger. "He wants to deal with your low self-esteem." my future self said, "You being pushed around by those bullies every day is taking an effect on your self-esteem."

"Im going to my room." she said, irritated. "When are you coming out, hun?" the future me asked. "When I feel like it."

I followed her into her room, which seemed very plain. "What's wrong, honey?" I asked. "Get out! Who the hell invited you in here?" she asked. "I just wanted to help..." I say, dissapointed. "Fine. You may stay. But don't bug me." she grumbled. "But then why are you so sad?" I asked. "Bullies." she said, "Bullies are tearing my life apart. And my siblings, what brats they are to me. My parents think its giving me low self esteem." I shook my head, "No, kid. You don't deserve this. I wouldn't let this happen to you if you were my kid." She seemed confused, "Then why do you look so much like my mom?" she asked. "Wel..." I say, "I'm actually your mother. Just.... from the past."

I looked around her room. "Everything just seems so... plain, here." I say, "Why don't you hang any posters? Give yourself a makeover?" The girl sighed, "My parents won't let me." I shook my head, "As my future daughter, you deserve one," I pulled her up to the mirror. "Don't worry," I reassure, "It's temporary."


"Hmmm..." the girl said, looking in the mirror. After knowing her for a while, I learned that her name was Celesta. "You've got a good taste. But are you sure that my parents aren't going to kill me?" Celesta asked. "Just show it to your mom and see what she thinks. I'll stay right here." I told her.

*Celesta's POV*

When I walked up to my mom, she was not happy. "Um... hun? You know I don't allow those kind of clothes in the house. And where are your glasses?" I groaned, and marched back to my room.

*Kristine's POV*

"I'm more comfortable in these clothes, anyways." Celesta declared. I nodded, "It's perfectly fine. You learned a lesson." Suddenly, I felt a tugging. My time in the Time Machiene was up. "I'm really sorry, Celesta, but I have to leave," I said, "We'll meet again, when the future comes. I promise." I soon left poor Celesta, even though I didn't want to, it wasn't my choice.

I decided to meet up with the father for Baby 39: Kyle Hattenhafer! It wasn't long before Baby 39 was baking in the oven. I already have a nice baby name for him or her that is for both genders.

*The Next Morning*

After spending the night with Kyle, I learned that he was really nice and friendly. He just... dressed weirdly. As I tried to walk out his apartmant, the door was locked. "Going somewhere?" he asked. "Yeah.." I replied, "Home."

"Well, you're staying here. You're my slave now." he announced. I checked my pockets for my cell phone. Nope. "I took your Iphone in the middle of the night, and then crushed it." he said. He handed me what looked like some uncomfortable, dirty clothes. "Get this on in five minutes, and lose the shoes and necklace, now."  he commanded. I was greatly disappointed. I'm stuck in a house, as a slave, with no way out.


I march down the steps, in my uncomfortable, dirty, bloody outfit. My bare feet started getting splinters from the unfinished wood. "This is so stupid on so many levels," I mutter under my breath. "WHAT DID YOU JUST SAY?!" he yelled. It wasn't long before I felt a sharp pain in my face, and then fell on the floor, knocked unconscious.


When I finally came to, I noticed that Kyle was holding me in his arms. Blood was pouring down my face. "You see," he began, "That is why you don't mess with big guys, like me. Now.... GET UP AND MAKE ME A BIG BREAKFAST!"

I grasped the wooden spoon with all my might, letting my anger out on it, while stirring the waffle batter furiously. It was unknown to me when somebody would rescue me from this deathtrap, or if. It would be hard to get used to overworking myself all the time and no sleep.

Right after finishing cooking the waffles, morning sickness made its way in. There's no time to be sick, you have work to do I thought to myself.

After bringing the waffles out to him, I got nervous. What would he think? As he took the first bite, a wave of relief washed over me. "Good." he said, with his mouth full, "Now, clean up these leftovers, wash these dishes, and then I'll show you your room." I'm imagining that my room will be just a cramped space with a cheap bed. How sad.

Gahh! To make matters worse, the sink broke on me. As if I had to have more work.

Soon enough, I found myself in a tiny, cramped little jail cell in a damp, dark corner. "No sitting, no conversations or noise, AND NO SLEEPING!" Kyle went over the rules. This, I thought, is pure torture.

After Kyle went down the stairs, I noticed that there was a girl next to me, in a different cell, crying. She had bloody clothes, unevenly cut hair, baggy eyes, scars and blood on her face, and it looked like mascara was smearing from crying so much. "Don't cry." I say to her. "It's hard not to." she whispers back, "We're gonna die here. Kyle threatened me." I was shocked by the news. "Anyways..." I whisper, "I'm Kristine. What's your name?" She dried the rest of her tears, "I'm Lauren. I've been here for about a year." After learning more about Lauren, she told me that she wanted to be an actress, and that Kyle was her ex-boyfriend, and he got revenge by abducting her for breaking up with him. I felt really bad for Lauren, and I wanted to help her.

My baby bump had started to show a little bit. I felt around, and I could tell that there were two babes in there. "Ummm, that's not Kyle's baby, is it?" Lauren asked. I nodded. She seemed shocked, "You have to get out of here, as fast as you can before the baby comes." "Why?" I ask. "After they've given birth, Kyle takes the baby and kills it's mother. I've seen it happen many times." Lauren spoke the truth. "Then why haven't you've been impregnated by Kyle?" I ask. "Well..." Lauren began, "I'm actually infertile, but Kyle doesn't know yet."


"Alright, slaves." Kyle began, "While I'm gone, I expect you two to clean, wash, and scrub this apartment from head to toe. And I expect NO SLACKING!" Kyle walked out and slammed the door. I was officially in my third trimester now, and I thought that every bit of this cleaning job would be impossible for me.

"Kristine, why aren't you cleaning?" Lauren asked. I rooted my feet to the floor, and put my hands on my hips. "I'm not gonna let Kyle push us around anymore. Let's not clean, and I don't care if he beats us. I'm standing my ground, these are my terms." I announce. "Wow, Kris... You're so brave."


When Kyle got back, he was very angry with us. "WHY HAVEN'T YOU SLAVES DONE ANY CLEANING?!" he asked. "We don't want to." I said. "We're tired of you pushing us around." Lauren said.

"I'll deal with this one, first." Kyle said, grabbing me. Lauren stepped away in horror. Kyle dragged me upstairs.

"You're gonna be staying here for as long as I want." Kyle announced. I was tied to a chair in a tiny jail cell in his room. I felt contractions, and my water break soon. "Nononono." I whispered, "This can't be happening." Kyle must've heard me, because he opened the cell and untied me.

I gave birth to my little twins.On the ground is....

Baby 39
Kiley Mae Bell
9 lbs, 0 oz
19 in.

And her twin sister.....

Baby 40
Kyslee Rose Bell
9 lbs, 1 oz
19.5 in.

I stared in horror as Kyle picked up Kiley. "I'll be taking the brats, now." he said. And, in a flash, he'd taken Kiley and Kyslee.

"And now..." Kyle began, "Prepare to say your final goodbyes." I was horrified, and Marley wasn't able to be there to save me....

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