Sunday, August 19, 2012

Not Really- Babies 63, 64, 65, & 66

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*Vanessa Turner's POV*

I fumbled with my fingers inside the hospital, at my mother's bedside again. Please don't die, please don't flatline, I pray.

Little Chloe climbed up into my lap from my father's. She was only eight years old, but she knew everything that was going on. Mom had shot herself three times in the head, yet still survived.

I got up and softly touched the top of her head, which had nothing but studs of once beautiful, flowing hair. The surgeons had to shave it all of for her brain surgery to remove the bullets. I kiss her pale cheek for the last time.... before she flatlined....

I quickly jab the call button on the wall to summon the doctors as I start CPR.

"DON'T GO YET! PLEASE!" I scream. But by the time Dr. Sunshine came into the room.... it was too late. The defibrillator machine he brought in was useless. "Time of death.... 5:57 P.M......" the doctor declared, covering up my once great mother and wheeling her out. I look at her bedside to find her picture of her and Aunty Ness. I laid the picture face down in sadness.
There goes another mighty woman....


"GAHH!" I scream, waking up from my seat in the hospital chair. A nurse quickly ran over, "What happened?"
"Oh..." I say, "Just a bad dream, that's all." After she left the room, I kept watching the heart monitor beep and beep to her heart rate.

I look over at Mom, who was helpless from the incident, with the machines around her barely keeping her alive. I saw her arm twitch slightly, then her closed eyes. Was she waking up from her coma? "Mom?"

In a split second, she sprung up as if she was awake all this time. "MAH-MEE!"

Sara toddled over to Mom, who picked her up into her soft, gentle, mommy hands. But then, she (Sara) started kicking, screaming, and throwing a tantrum. She waddled out of Mom's arms and ran towards me. She shreiked. "THAT ISN'T MAMEE!!!"
"Of course it is. She just got a haircut."
Sara smiled and waddled over back to mom, who picked her up once again. Mom stroked Sara's head and mouthed the words, "Hello, Sara. It's mommy."
I was puzzled. She never mouthed words."Mom?"
She mouthed my name, "VANESSA," and then covered her mouth.

"Well!" The loud voice of the doctor, Dr. Sunshine, entered the room. He laughed. "You're finally up, Ms. Turner."
"Hello, Jarrod." I had a sarcastic tone in my voice when greeting Jarrod-er, I mean, Dr. Sunshine.
He chuckled, "Yes, Vanessa?"
"I have reason to believe that my mom turned mute."
"Ah yes." He strutted over to Mom, "Unfortunately, during the surgery, we had to remove the part of her brain that enabled her to talk, because of a bullet wedged deep into there. Sadly, she'll be mute for the rest of her life, but at least she'll be the same person she was."
"When will she be able to come home?"
"Maybe a week or two, we need to get a ton of blood into her body, since she nearly died from blood loss."
I smirked, "At least I can read lips. Easy 'nuff."
"Tell Dr. Sunshine that I said I want to be impregnated. Right now." Mom mouthed.
"What'd she say?" Dr. Sunshine rolled his shoulders casually.
"She said she wanted me to tell you that she would like to be impregnated now."

We decided to choose a sperm that came from a rather unique donor, named Corbon Babana. (Created by me)

A few days passed, and mom gave birth to another set of quads...

Baby 63:
Juniper Adalia Turner
9 lbs, 2 oz.
18 in.

Baby 64:
Elm Craig Turner
10 lbs, 1 oz.
21 in.

Baby 65
Willow Zelda Turner
8 lbs, 10 oz.
19 in.

Baby 66:
Ebony Jadeia Turner
10 lbs, 8 oz.
22 in.

"Hm..." Dr. Sunshine examined the new babies, "This is incredible! Mrs. Turner, you have given birth so many times, that you have a much larger chance for quadruplets! Congrads!" We all smiled, as a family.

Some more days have passed, and we finalyy got Mom home safe.  However, once we got Mom home, most of my Young Adult brothers and sisters left for another life, such as Buster, Lady, and Sparky. I wished them luck, but I knew easily that I was next.

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