Sunday, August 5, 2012

Home- Babies 55, 56, 57, & 58

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*Kristine's POV*

The house was filled with boxes for the big move to our new, private island. I trudge through the sea of boxes to strap the kids into the car.

Of course, since Buddy, Bear and Fido were ready, I hugged them goodbye as they went off in a diffrent direction to start their own lives. After that, we loaded up the boxes and everyone to go to the airport.

*Some Long Hours Later*

The plane soon landed at a small, empty island. We all leave the plane with our cargo. We started building our new home as soon as possible while the kids were unpacking boxes. I planted a smalll garden to feed the family. It was nice to be alone, just by ourselves... With no paparazzi.

*6 Months Later*

We finished building our new home as well as other buildings, such as a hospital, book store, more houses, etc. We encouraged people to move in and rent houses on the island that were owned by us.

I went to the hospital and decided to get impregnanted by a sperm that belonged to Ronald McDonald's son, Roald McDonald. (Created by me. If anyone wants Roald just shoot me a message.) I walked out happy, and was glad that Draaier didn't care.

Days went by, and my belly kept growing bigger and bigger. Draaier felt the baby.
"Do you think it's quads again?" he asked.

"MOMMA!" Sparky came in, "Can I ask you a question?"
"Sure, kiddo."
"How come you always leave and then come back fat?"
"I'm not fat, it's just your new brother or sister growing inside me."
"Eeeww!" Sparky ran off. "

"Uh... Oh..." I say... clutching my stomach.
"What?" Draaier was confused.
"The baby's coming..."
I gave birth to four more bebes...

Baby 55
Colton Wyatt Turner
9 lbs, 10 oz
20 in.

Baby 56
Blake Andrew Turner
10 lbs, 7 oz.
21 in.

Baby 57
Chloe Adonia Turner
9 lbs, 5 oz.
19 in.

Baby 58
Love Calantha Turner
11 lbs, 0 oz.
22 in.

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