Friday, December 28, 2012

Urgh-Babies 89, 90, 91, 92, and 93

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*Kristine's POV*

The cold, winter air blew in my face mixed with snow as I walked my way across Appaloosa Plains. The glasses I was wearing grew blurrier as each snowflake hit them. I walked up to the house I was looking for, my father's house "3441 Appaloosa Boulevard." I stated, reaching for the doorbell.

A young girl, about eighteen years old, with my natural green-black-white hair answered the door. "Howdy!" she greeted. "Name's Adeline! Yours?" The girl named Adeline shook my hand wildly, I almost fell from the force.
"Uhh, Kristine, I guess. Is Tristan here?"
"Interestin' name there, Kristine. I'll go get my Pa for y'all."

 Adeline went back inside and came out with an old man wearing a thick robe and walking with a cane came up to me, "Y'all called?" he asked in a rusted voice.
"Yes." I shifted my weight to my right leg. "I'm your daughter, and I've finally tracked you down" I scowled.
"Huh? Kristine? I haven't seen y'all in forever! What, you must be fourteen by now?"

I stomped on the snow blanket that was covering where I was standing, "I'm 20- f***ing two years old, you need to start acting like a REAL father, Tristan."
"Now, now, we all ain't got the need to get so rowdy 'ere. Some tea would do y'all nicely."

"Now, now," Tristan laid back in the sofa with a saucer with a teacup on top of it. "Tell me why y'all found me."
"You weren't acting like a real father. You left me and Kali when we were only two years old"
"Kali?" Tristan scratched his head, "Why, I haven't seen her since she was three-month-old. She fourteen too?"
"No.." I grumbled. The conversation grew dead from there.

After a few days, I packed up my belongings and headed home. "Hey, babe," Marley came up and kissed me. "I missed you." I grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him in closer. Dear God, I thought, I missed you. I missed your smile. I missed everything about you. I led him to the master bedroom and locked the door... and lets just say things escalated from there.

"Thank you for last night. It was really amazing." Marley said while we watched Sunset Valley Showdown. I threw myself onto his lap, "Anytime."
"Anyways, I found a new program called Puppies for People. It's for people who are disabled, and I volunteered you to train the new dogs."

The next day, we got our first dog, Sadie. The kids were really thrilled about the new puppy, especially Valerie, Becca, Raphael, and Anna. Sadie is a friendly little puppy, and she is a quick learner. By now, my belly was showing, yes, Marley's children are inside me.  "Looks like you're gonna be part of our family, little  one." I scratched Sadie's belly, and she truly enjoyed it.

"Mamma," Primrose tugged on me, "Can we go play outside? It's snowing!" We put on our snowsuits and went out onto the backyard. Katniss tried to eat the (white) snow, while Anna had to go inside every few minutes to clean up her runny nose because of her sinus infection. I helped Marley make a snowman, and then we made snow angels.

 But, I tried to get up, but then contractions hit and left me on the ground. "Marley... help." I cried. Quickly, we rushed to the hospital and came out with... QUINTUPLETS!!!!!!

Baby 89:
Clove Velma Bell
8 lbs, 10 oz.
19 in.

Baby 90:
Dalton Wally Bell
9 lbs, 3 oz.
20 in.

Baby 91:
Hudson Rio Bell
9 lbs, 8 oz.
23 in.

Baby 92:
Jamee Lyssa Bell
8 lbs, 7 oz.
19 in.

Baby 93:
Louis Melvin Bell
9 lbs, 3 oz.
22 in.

Afterwards, I was teaching Sadie when I got a phone call from Tristan. I ignored the first one, but then he called again. I decided to answer. "What the hell do you want?"
A young, female voice answered, "Excuse me, miss, I am Wendy, a nurse at Appaloosa Plains Hospital, and your father, Tristan... he passed away a few minutes ago. He had a major stroke."

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